2010...wait what?!

I write you from THE PAST. Meaning, this is a scheduled pre-family trip post. So what's happened? Has anyone else died?!
What a weird year. And I can't believe it's already a whole decade into the 2000's? I am not prepared for this! I enjoy the easiness in knowing if someone was born in the 60's, they are now in their 40's; 50's then 50's, and so on! But now everyone is old! You're old! I'm old! I hate it! Go away!
Anyway, my 2009 resolutions were:
  1. Read more. Okay, I actually did start to read way more.
  2. Learn how to sew. Nope.
  3. Get better at replying to emails (heh..heh..) Let's see...1400 unread...hm, yeah, NO.
  4. Practice guitar more often. Actually yes.
  5. Keep a journal of everything. Actually yes! Though I haven't written in my diary for a month now, and didn't even start keeping it until September. Hm.
  6. Stop procrastinating. Um.
  7. Stop procrastinating. Not really.
  8. Stop procrastinating. SHUT UP I GET IT OKAY.
So few of these actually stuck, and the ones that did I didn't even remember being resolutions until now.
And I'm not going to reflect on 2009 because you DON'T LOOK BACK, MAN.
No but really, I don't have much to say! It was weird and exciting and definitely a milestone year. Bat Mitzvah, first Fashion Week, Pop, Tokyo, the beginning of what is-so far-my favorite year of middle school.. most of all I'm really happy because of all the awesome friends I have been incredibly lucky to meet. And I'm lucky because I have awesome readers who email me with links to cool shoes and Youtube videos.
Any more reflecting and I'll have my brain in knots. This year was a good kind of weird and thank you for enjoying it with me.

Happy new year!

i'm bright orange and i love lasagna

Hello there!

This is what I wore on the day of Christmas Eve (when will I EVER post an outfit on the day I wore it again?) during shopping and wrapping and stuff.
I was expecting stores to be busy but they weren't. I felt like the only idiot that had waited til last minute and it was frustrating. A worker at Borders said to me, "So what, are you like, gothic?"IMG_4504
Flea market crinoline underneath Samantha Pleet skirt. American Apparel sheer button-down and lace bodysuit (looks like leggings.) Rodarte for Target sequined ribcage dress (Because of the new law, I am supposed to let you know that I received compensation and pieces from the Rodarte for Target collection for my collaboration with Target.) Dad's chunky socks. Pierre Hardy for Gap shoes. Joke shop sunglasses.

**Please note, MOST PERFECT SKIRT POUF EVER. This $4 crinoline is an all-time wardrobe favorite. Snookie would be proud.

Anyway, this was one of those outfits that went in a completely different direction than what I wanted to do initially. First I wanted to be a gothic (ding ding ding, Borders person) Circus freak -- crinoline, lace, sheer diamond-patterned button-down -- then I felt like wearing the ribcage Rodarte for Target dress and figured it was circusy enough because of the sequins, then I realized it would be perfect with these freaky reflective eye sunglasses I bought a few weeks ago at a joke shop. So then the outfit got like...sciency. Or something. Go x-rays.
Untitled 2
I love these sunglasses, they make me feel like a reptile Madonna.details
Oh chunky Pierre Hardy for Gaps, how I love theeeee.
The watch is a gift from Timex. I think I'm as excited about the case it came in as I am about the watch:
I plan on making it into a bizarre coffin headpiece and am currently on the search for the perfect dead-looking doll to place inside.

buzz, your girlfriend! woof!

Happy holidays guys!

Our family is Jewish, but my mom is from Norway, so we celebrate Jul. It is basically Scandinavian Christmas only instead of a jolly fat guy we Norsemen get an angry little gnome that beats people with sticks.
But we do other Christmasy things, like eat cookies.IMG_4651
And eat chocolate (mmm, chawklut.)
And decorate with mice and old ladies and more angry gnomes.
And with straw stuff.
And miniature figures.
And tiny plastic food bought in Tokyo the month before. (TINY! And so detailed and cute!)
And, of course, a tree.
Tomorrow afternoon we are starting on a road trip to see family for the rest of winter break, so minus a couple scheduled posts things'll be pretty blank here next week. Enjoy your winters and snows and presents! x

they deserve a nobel prize

Dang! I have not felt this way about a FLORAL in a while, guys. Or a wedge.
Fellow blogger Cathy emailed me the link to the Etsy store Woland and Moon and if you ask my friend EB, a pinata with whom I was skyping with at the time, he will tell you that I did indeed gasp when I opened the link.
Total Harajuku potential, super TALL. And prints like the plastic tablecloths your aunt in Miami always uses. And prints like those on tshirts of my sister's friends when they were in about 7th grade and also sporting butterfly hairclips and bandanas. And handmade, which is even more special (though frankly I would never give these away if I had the talent to make them.)
They sort of dance around that line between good and weird and feel slightly awkward, in a good way. I love it when one part of an outfit sets the whole thing a bit off...
I can't afford them so someone else buy them so I'm not tempted.
See you in my dreams, shoesies.

it's electric

For some reason, a 90's, cold, neon, electric mood is suddenly very appealing and fresh-feeling.

photo sources one, two, and three


Giles Fall 09.

Oh, oh dear.
SUBTLE, guys. Very SUBTLE.

did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?

thrifted jacket and shoes. rodarte for target skirt. rodarte tights. ghibli store brooch.

This outfit is a few days old. Wanted to go for some weird, put-together but creepy vibe...I dunno, didn't really work but it was comfy and such. I got this little jacket number at the Salvation Army a couple weeks ago and had in mind the mustard skirt from the Rodarte for Target collection.
SPEAKING OF, who went yesterday? Was it nuts? Whadja get? Super curious.
SPEAKING OF SPEAKING OF, thank you to everyone who entered the contest. 838 entries so I'm not sure when I'll announce the winner but just stay tuned and keep checking your email. I'm really glad and already tired to see there are so many four-paragraph thesis essays on why some people love Rodarte, haha. So I'll get back to yous alls soon.IMG_3674
So back to this outfit, the jacket has elevendy squillion (copyright Sheba) buttons and I fully intend to look as though I am constantly keeling over whenever I wear it, thank you very much.
Oh ps, anyone have a guess as to when it's from? I'm no vintage expert but I am curious.
Oh and the tag is so cute, it says Saks Fifth Avenue (fancy!) and is all old-looking and such.
Untitled 2Untitled 3
Skirt is lovely, I am a fan of how half of it has the tulle pleats. I love two-tone schizo stuff and I love tullllleeee. And because of the new law, I am supposed to let you know that I received compensation and pieces from the Rodarte for Target collection for my collaboration with Target.
This little brooch guy is one of the spooks from Totoro! Got him in Japan at a tiny store that was ALL Studio Ghibli stuff (we went to the museum too...so nuts, SO amazing, more on that later...)

AHHHHH sooo cute I can't take it. I want a giant Totoro that takes up my whole living room. I loved my Disney princesses when I was a toddler but I loved Totoro more...it was more accessible, if that makes sense? And it made ghosts not scary. I am friends with ghosts, spirits, and orbs. Ella and I did the Ouija board the other night and it was scary as hale but nice to me.

And lastly...
Rodarte tights <3 old man shoes <3
It's been about a year now since Kate and Laura first emailed me...AND THE REST, AS THEY SAY, IS HISTORY. No but really, so weird to think about!! When I'm a batty old woman with furniture stacked up in my yard and lights strung through the trees, these tights they gave me will still be of my most special possessions.

Oh, I watched Heathers last night. So great. When Spring comes I will take a picture in plaids and a monocle and my head sticking out of the ground on a lawn.

and my buns, they don't feel nothin like steel

This is so weird and sad. I watched Drop Dead Gorgeous last night and Clueless earlier today.

And she could do Marvin the Martian!
RIP :(

ramblings, oops

This is something I've been thinking about for a while and my lovely wife Belle and I were talking about it on the phone yesterday and I'd like to just get it down on virtual paper.

Oh and be warned, I say "inspiration" 4943 times and sounds really pretentious but whatevs.

You know, it's weird because Belle and I sort of fed off of each other for inspiration for a while. Then I don't know how it started but we both began feeling pretty blah. It feels like for months I've had random bursts of inspiration, but it's mostly just been monotonous, formulaic, or making sure I just barely have a decent outfit so I don't feel TOO lazy. Sure, there is inspiration that is more direct...a color scheme of a photo that you want to incorporate into outfit form, a character from a movie...but the inspiration to simply just be creative is harder to hold on to.

Which brings me to this photo from FRUiTS magazine, a Japanese publication that is all street style:
Girl is walking around on the streets wearing a crown, pink streaks in her hair, a long flowing skirt and tabi boots. And carrying a birdcage.

People like Anna Piaggi, Lynn Yaeger, Julia Frakes, Isabella Blow, Daphne Guinness, Vivienne Westwood, Iris Apfel, Grace Jones, David Bowie, Little Edie, Diana Vreeland, Bjork, Marchesa Luisa Casati, Catherine Baba, Anna Dello Russo...these people that dress to extremes simply because of a very deep, pure love for fashion...are inspiring to me.

And then people like this girl in FRUiTS, or mad old women, or funny toddlers, who dress for the same reasons and may not even know it's called fashion, inspire me as well. They make me want to write a story using what's in my closet, or in a kitchen cabinet waiting to become some type of headpiece.

And that, in the end, is all I want to do. Use my resources, and just have fun with dressing. Weirdly enough, it's when people anywhere-outside, in school, online-don't understand my outfits or style that motivates me to just be stranger. Not that I think I'm Bob Dylan or some type of ENIGMATIC ARTISTE or an artist at all, but this refusal of others to try and understand why somebody dresses a certain way (for which the real reasons are, in the end, nothing complex) just makes me want to dress more obnoxiously. Be more difficult to understand, more over their heads.

Or, I'm a malicious and spiteful teenager!

But really, I love it when I love my outfit and I walk from class to class and feel like I'm practically floating. My head is bobbing around like Bjork's when she walked for Jean Paul Gaultier and I just feel very confident in myself, not because I think other people will like my outfit but just because I do. And maybe even because I know other people won't like it because it isolates me and I can be in my own world for a bit. And it makes me feel good, and being creative makes me feel good.

And I think that is all I really want to do, and have ever wanted to do. The idea of being a mad eccentric who is constantly slipping into different skins is so appealing to me. I started this blog because I wanted to explore my style. Now I have more of an idea of what it is and will just continue to try and apply it every day.

Now, another reason I started is because I wanted to be part of the fashion blogging community and because I think fashion should be discussed. So let's get a discussion going: What inspires you? What keeps you in love with clothes? What makes you stray from sweatpants every day? Tell me.

Rodarte for Target Giveaway

I would like to announce a Rodarte for Target giveaway! Party time!
Here's how it works:

1. Write in the comments what you're most excited about for the Rodarte for Target line. It could be a specific piece, or just something about the feel of the collection you like, or anything. I've made comments anonymous-inclusive so anyone can enter. Leave your email address in the comments too so we can get your mailing address if you win.

2. I will pick 40-45 winners (but don't try to make the answer suitable to my tastes or anything. That's no fun!) We will email the winners and the pieces will be sent out.

The giveaway item is this mustard lace cardigan I said I would wear every day if I could in the collaboration video.

It's also here:I haven't taken any pictures of myself in it but it's super soft and nice to stare at when you're bored during gym WHAT WHO SAID THEY ARE BORED DURING GYM NOT ME.

Now get cracking!

EDIT: I will stop taking entries at midnight Central Standard Time on Saturday, December 19th.

EDIT AGAIN: The contest has ended, we will be emailing the winners this week. Any new entries will be ignored. Thank you to everyone who participated!

EDIT AGAIN AGAIN: Please do not email me about winning. I am basing my choices off the comments alone, emails will be ignored.

Because of the new law, I am supposed to let you know that I receieved compensation and pieces from the Rodarte for Target collection for my collaboration with Target.


This week was very pink, and my face matched because it is SO COLD, WTF CHICAGO. Cold but no snow, i.e. the worst part of winter. Grumble grumble.
This week was the last before winter break so also lots of schoolwork, which also means crappy posts I don't even like in retrospect. Once again, grumble grumble.
ON THAT NOTE, this week was the last before winter break! Yay! I can go sledding down a grassy hill and pretend it's white and make a snowman out of sticks. It will probably look a bit like this picture from a recent US Vogue Patrick Demarchelier story:New DIY idea? via.
I have been working on another DIY however...
90's girl heroes! Kim Deal not included (sorry Kim.)
From left to right: Daria, Courtney Love, Enid, Lydia Deetz, and Kim Gordon.
I still need to paint them and figure out what I'm even going to do with them. Probably play dolls or something. It would go like this:
Daria: If you want to take a model's picture you'd be better off asking my beloved sister Quinn.
Lydia: I'm sorry, it's for a /personal project./ Top secret. MY WORLD IS A DARKROOM.
Enid: Your hat reminds me of umbrellas I once saw a couple satanists carrying.
Kim: I am completely and totally epic and my Rodarte I always wear is epic.

The end.

Man I've gotten so off topic. Pink! Right!
hand-me-down button-down. labour of love capelet. old navy tights. rodarte for target skirt. monsoon accesorize headband.

I looooove this capelet, it was an (amazing) gift from the folks at Labour of Love. Must do a glove-on-head/Dolce AW09/Schiaparelli thing with it soon.
The skirt is another piece from the Rodarte for Target collection. The light was being bipolar when I took these pictures but its color is closest to the shade in the lace detail below. The way the lace sort of rises is so weird and creepy and I totally love it?
Untitled 1
HINTIDY HINT-later tonight I will have a giveaway going up so...STAY TUNED. Don't go out with your friends. Be anti social! Like me! *world domination to make humans stay inside all the time because I dislike humans and I dislike seeing them*
JK LOL kind of.
Untitled 1
uniqlo sweater. same hand-me-down button-down. rodarte x target dress. walgreens tights. monsoon accesorize headband. vintage doc martens, gift.

Wore this today for a field trip to see The Blind Side. I am worried I don't have a soul because the classmates in the row ahead of us kept saying "awww!" whenever the camera would show Michael and eventually I told them to shut up because he's not a kitten or anything. I did bawl like a baby at some parts though.

Anyway this Uniqlo heattech sweater came yesterday and it is totally epic. The material is ridiculously soft and the color is so rich that I will take the trouble to click the italics button. I noticed when it came that it was practically the same color as the flowers in this Rodarte x Target dress so had to wear them together of courseeee. The dress is painted lace and makes me desperately want Spring. It's halter with a black ribbon at the neck so one day I'll take a creepy picture with it where my neck is all bloody or something. Does hanging Edward Gorey posters right next to your bed affect your thoughts on everything? Perhaps.
Untitled 2
And because of the new law, I am supposed to let you know that I receieved compensation and pieces from the Rodarte for Target collection for my collaboration with Target.

Aaaand a pair of my favorite shoes! Spencer's mom gave them to me forever ago but they're sort of secret special things I don't like sharing but here they are anyway.
They look super rad with this blue gingham coat I have.

Once again...stay tuned for a giveaway this evening! And happy happy friday!

"daddy this is my friend Tai" "GET OUTTA MY CHAY-UH"

My, this weekend was full of non-internety things and it was rather enjoyable. Ella and I went to Starbucks, wiped two face-size circles of fog away from the windows, stuck our heads in them and acted like The Biggest D-Bags Ever. Meaning, I wore a beret and held a Diana up to my eye and pretended to take pictures of anyone that passed. And Ella put on huge black sunglasses and held a mystery stories magazine up to her face. We are so obnoxious slash pretentious slash very much like the stereotypical Wes Anderson fan hipster (I mean, I love Wes Anderson! My header font is the one he always uses! And I love it! But, you know. The type. I'm talking about.)

Oh, and Hanukkah! Happy Hanukkah, fellow Jews!
This is one of the dresses from the Rodarte for Target collection, worn last week I think? And since this dress was inspired by Rosemary's Baby, I tried to style my hair like Mia Farrow like I used to when it was shorter. And by "style" I mean "not clip my bangs to the side with some type of butterfly hairclip from the 90's." Beauty is hard work, I'LL TELL YA.I didn't realize it until I actually was wearing it but the silhouette of the bottom of the dress is a lot like the flowery ones from Rodarte SS07. This picture is from their studio in LA when we were trying to put together a look for the MOCA event ("I don't rely on mirrors, so I always take polaroids!" Or in this case, digital, lameeee) but I don't think it shows the bottom very well, herm.

Well, it's not like if I don't have a good picture of the bottom of the Rodarte flowery dress from SS07 anyone will DIE, or anything. This is my new excuse for my laziness: WELL, IT'S NOT LIKE I'LL DIE IF I DON'T [insert something having to do with medicine, turning off stoves, making sure our numerous tractors aren't roaming around our house sans supervision.] Well, that and: I WAS JUST IN TOKYO A FEW WEEKS AGO SO I'M KIND OF OUT OF IT. This one I will keep using for a few months, I'm sure it'll still work by May, right?

And on the back of the dress, my weakness: REDDI WHIP. Wait, no, my other weakness: REBA MARATHONS. Wait, no, my other other weakness: BOWS.

Allllsooo, because of that new law, I am supposed to let you know that I receieved compensation and pieces from the Rodarte for Target collection for my collaboration with Target.

Once I was home from school the day I wore this all plain I actually tried a more interesting outfit.
I need, need, need, need, NEED to just start waking up earlier. I miss being creative! Oh farts.
Rodarte for Target dress, blue dress kind of showing underneath, and denim jacket. Random buttons. Vintage belt and yellow necklace. Other necklace, hat, and ring from Monsoon Accessorize. Celeste Stein tights via mytights.com. Comme des Garcons shoes.

Inspired by this spread from the P.Y.T. issue of i-D this past September:
So basically, mixing blue, orange, yellow...a little red, a little black. And animal print. Argh such good styling.
Untitled 1
Details, etc etc. The hat is EPIC and has peaccok feathers embroidered on using sequins. Whaaat. The wonderful folks at Monsoon Accessorize sent it to me along with this chunky necklace and ring and some other goodies that will pop up here eventually because they are insane.

Time to find a baby picture for the yearbook. I was thinking of bringing in one of an old man, Y/Y/Y?