"daddy this is my friend Tai" "GET OUTTA MY CHAY-UH"

My, this weekend was full of non-internety things and it was rather enjoyable. Ella and I went to Starbucks, wiped two face-size circles of fog away from the windows, stuck our heads in them and acted like The Biggest D-Bags Ever. Meaning, I wore a beret and held a Diana up to my eye and pretended to take pictures of anyone that passed. And Ella put on huge black sunglasses and held a mystery stories magazine up to her face. We are so obnoxious slash pretentious slash very much like the stereotypical Wes Anderson fan hipster (I mean, I love Wes Anderson! My header font is the one he always uses! And I love it! But, you know. The type. I'm talking about.)

Oh, and Hanukkah! Happy Hanukkah, fellow Jews!
This is one of the dresses from the Rodarte for Target collection, worn last week I think? And since this dress was inspired by Rosemary's Baby, I tried to style my hair like Mia Farrow like I used to when it was shorter. And by "style" I mean "not clip my bangs to the side with some type of butterfly hairclip from the 90's." Beauty is hard work, I'LL TELL YA.I didn't realize it until I actually was wearing it but the silhouette of the bottom of the dress is a lot like the flowery ones from Rodarte SS07. This picture is from their studio in LA when we were trying to put together a look for the MOCA event ("I don't rely on mirrors, so I always take polaroids!" Or in this case, digital, lameeee) but I don't think it shows the bottom very well, herm.

Well, it's not like if I don't have a good picture of the bottom of the Rodarte flowery dress from SS07 anyone will DIE, or anything. This is my new excuse for my laziness: WELL, IT'S NOT LIKE I'LL DIE IF I DON'T [insert something having to do with medicine, turning off stoves, making sure our numerous tractors aren't roaming around our house sans supervision.] Well, that and: I WAS JUST IN TOKYO A FEW WEEKS AGO SO I'M KIND OF OUT OF IT. This one I will keep using for a few months, I'm sure it'll still work by May, right?

And on the back of the dress, my weakness: REDDI WHIP. Wait, no, my other weakness: REBA MARATHONS. Wait, no, my other other weakness: BOWS.

Allllsooo, because of that new law, I am supposed to let you know that I receieved compensation and pieces from the Rodarte for Target collection for my collaboration with Target.

Once I was home from school the day I wore this all plain I actually tried a more interesting outfit.
I need, need, need, need, NEED to just start waking up earlier. I miss being creative! Oh farts.
Rodarte for Target dress, blue dress kind of showing underneath, and denim jacket. Random buttons. Vintage belt and yellow necklace. Other necklace, hat, and ring from Monsoon Accessorize. Celeste Stein tights via mytights.com. Comme des Garcons shoes.

Inspired by this spread from the P.Y.T. issue of i-D this past September:
So basically, mixing blue, orange, yellow...a little red, a little black. And animal print. Argh such good styling.
Untitled 1
Details, etc etc. The hat is EPIC and has peaccok feathers embroidered on using sequins. Whaaat. The wonderful folks at Monsoon Accessorize sent it to me along with this chunky necklace and ring and some other goodies that will pop up here eventually because they are insane.

Time to find a baby picture for the yearbook. I was thinking of bringing in one of an old man, Y/Y/Y?