i'm bright orange and i love lasagna

Hello there!

This is what I wore on the day of Christmas Eve (when will I EVER post an outfit on the day I wore it again?) during shopping and wrapping and stuff.
I was expecting stores to be busy but they weren't. I felt like the only idiot that had waited til last minute and it was frustrating. A worker at Borders said to me, "So what, are you like, gothic?"IMG_4504
Flea market crinoline underneath Samantha Pleet skirt. American Apparel sheer button-down and lace bodysuit (looks like leggings.) Rodarte for Target sequined ribcage dress (Because of the new law, I am supposed to let you know that I received compensation and pieces from the Rodarte for Target collection for my collaboration with Target.) Dad's chunky socks. Pierre Hardy for Gap shoes. Joke shop sunglasses.

**Please note, MOST PERFECT SKIRT POUF EVER. This $4 crinoline is an all-time wardrobe favorite. Snookie would be proud.

Anyway, this was one of those outfits that went in a completely different direction than what I wanted to do initially. First I wanted to be a gothic (ding ding ding, Borders person) Circus freak -- crinoline, lace, sheer diamond-patterned button-down -- then I felt like wearing the ribcage Rodarte for Target dress and figured it was circusy enough because of the sequins, then I realized it would be perfect with these freaky reflective eye sunglasses I bought a few weeks ago at a joke shop. So then the outfit got like...sciency. Or something. Go x-rays.
Untitled 2
I love these sunglasses, they make me feel like a reptile Madonna.details
Oh chunky Pierre Hardy for Gaps, how I love theeeee.
The watch is a gift from Timex. I think I'm as excited about the case it came in as I am about the watch:
I plan on making it into a bizarre coffin headpiece and am currently on the search for the perfect dead-looking doll to place inside.