Rodarte for Target Giveaway

I would like to announce a Rodarte for Target giveaway! Party time!
Here's how it works:

1. Write in the comments what you're most excited about for the Rodarte for Target line. It could be a specific piece, or just something about the feel of the collection you like, or anything. I've made comments anonymous-inclusive so anyone can enter. Leave your email address in the comments too so we can get your mailing address if you win.

2. I will pick 40-45 winners (but don't try to make the answer suitable to my tastes or anything. That's no fun!) We will email the winners and the pieces will be sent out.

The giveaway item is this mustard lace cardigan I said I would wear every day if I could in the collaboration video.

It's also here:I haven't taken any pictures of myself in it but it's super soft and nice to stare at when you're bored during gym WHAT WHO SAID THEY ARE BORED DURING GYM NOT ME.

Now get cracking!

EDIT: I will stop taking entries at midnight Central Standard Time on Saturday, December 19th.

EDIT AGAIN: The contest has ended, we will be emailing the winners this week. Any new entries will be ignored. Thank you to everyone who participated!

EDIT AGAIN AGAIN: Please do not email me about winning. I am basing my choices off the comments alone, emails will be ignored.

Because of the new law, I am supposed to let you know that I receieved compensation and pieces from the Rodarte for Target collection for my collaboration with Target.