they deserve a nobel prize

Dang! I have not felt this way about a FLORAL in a while, guys. Or a wedge.
Fellow blogger Cathy emailed me the link to the Etsy store Woland and Moon and if you ask my friend EB, a pinata with whom I was skyping with at the time, he will tell you that I did indeed gasp when I opened the link.
Total Harajuku potential, super TALL. And prints like the plastic tablecloths your aunt in Miami always uses. And prints like those on tshirts of my sister's friends when they were in about 7th grade and also sporting butterfly hairclips and bandanas. And handmade, which is even more special (though frankly I would never give these away if I had the talent to make them.)
They sort of dance around that line between good and weird and feel slightly awkward, in a good way. I love it when one part of an outfit sets the whole thing a bit off...
I can't afford them so someone else buy them so I'm not tempted.
See you in my dreams, shoesies.