you are SO [insert condescending adjective here] for a 12 year old!

When I woke up this morning I took Laurel's TRIPLE DOG DARE and dressed as a Vivienne Westwood-obsessed early Kate Moss mixed with a lacy witch. I think there was some Lolita/FRUiTS inspiration in there, too.
Studded vest, plaid shirt, schoolgirl skirt, Hue socks, black and red belts, Docs, Victorian-esque vest, lace dress, lace blouse, lace headband. They're all some form of secondhand so I won't bother giving details on where I got them.The uh-mayzin Laia sent me kind of one of the awesomest blog buddy packages everrr. Lula magazine, 5 FRUiTS post cards, 3 pairs of Hue socks, a WICKED lace necklace she made, and the sweetest card.
My preciousss.Um yeah, I'm set on inspiration for my next 9 lives. I'm a cat, haven't you heard? I love you Laia! Heartz all ova.
I wore the necklace as a head band, it's very easy and fun to style in multiple ways. Maybe next time I'll tape it to the side of my face, like a lace sea urchin about to pick my nose. I'm writing that on my hand now, matter of fact.
TO DO: Email C, return library book, glue lace octopus to face.

I also wore the ridiculously comfy socks with my floral Docs (rhyme not intended but is kind of cool so I will not rephrase.) Yay clash!
Oh, and THANKS RAIN for murdering the snow.

It would have been more evil witch-like had I worn my cape, but today I really felt like freaking out my dance partner for gym with studs. Middle school gym is never good, and when you pair up kids to dance against their will, it's worse. So, creep people out with combat boots and sharp things sticking out of your back.

Now that I have a better view of the studs I think I'm going to redo them for the 3rd time, not feeling this pattern. Suggestions? Especially if your name is Jen or Yoncto, just sayin'...

I found a Flickr photostream via Sally Jane that has tons of old vintage mugshots. It's seriously fascinating, the photos date back from the early 1900's, and I was kind of bored so put my face on some of them. I didn't commit any crimes though, don't worry!
The unattractive and totally intentional faces? Yeah, I'm just getting bored of "cute" and "adorable" comments. Don't get me wrong, I'm unbelievably grateful for how sweet you guys are! But I would really like to hear what you think of my post, not my age. It's sort of like I get enough of patronizing adults at school, and normally it's kind of nice to come to blogworld and be taken seriously. I feel stupid complaining about getting really nice comments, but you guys catch my drift?


Unknown said...


you must text me your photoshop frame secrets. or whatever. just text me, prostitute.

Anonymous said...

Do u have a lot of studs... I think the center panel of the vest would look amazing. If not, then what about the center seams going down the back?
Your blog is great... But I must say, it is often cute. I'd be lying if I said it weren't. But its also funny, inspiring, impressive.
What state do u live in that it already snowed?

Soul Tanggg said...

"you sre so REVOLUTIONARY for a 12 year old!"

*and that is such a sweet gift! I wish I got gifts from bloggers! lol

kiran said...

tavi, i'd never ever call you cute or adorable- probably more like innovative or creepy or futuristic or something, pffft, what happened to age just being a number?

Anonymous said...

absolutely adore the vintage mugshots, and the photos you chose for them are perfect.

Kell-cee said...

You are the coolest 12-year-old I have ever (kind of) met. You fashion sense is so out there but so cool! I wish I had the guts to wear some of the stuff you do!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Fantastic MAgazine! So jealous.

How bout this,


(please get my project runway reference please get my project runway reference please get my project runway reference)

Oh! and I friended you on weardrobe. Hope you dont mind!

Crystal said...

Tavi, I don't think you're adorable. More like genius. Out of all the fashion blogs I read I'm always the most excited for yours. I feel, for once, that I am finally seeing something fresh and exciting in a fashion blog.

laia. said...

YAY!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the lace headband jawn on you. totally 100% awesomenes.


Ariel said...

you have a nice bite to you, i love your posts. the outfit is crazy, but you certainly know how to work it. its all very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I go to a school full of hipsters in san francisco and they wish they dressed as cool as you.
i love love the haircut by the way
your photography is really wonderful too (the photostream effects make them even more special)
and your witty comments make me laugh out loud (a lot) when I read through your old posts

Leah said...

girl youre the ish.

M said...
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M said...

Hello Tavi. I stumbled upon your blog at random.
I'm sure the comment you receive, certainly aren't age related. You are cuteee in a non 12 year old way. For me atleast.
I think you've got a killer sense of style for someone's who 12. Wow, I love how weird and quirky your styles are :) Hopefully to see you in the fashion scene!

Anonymous said...

i just want to say that i read your blog every day and i think you are the coolest person ever. not only are you extremely witty and hilarious, but you take risks with fashion and it seems that you are truly dressing to please yourself, never to follow a trend. and i really respect that :) <3

idle. said...
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Tani Abbott said...

I love your photos! You have a way of making them look artistic and also show-off your style.
And your posts are always funny and down to earth.

J.Yo said...

i'll say FIERCCEEE. eventho that made me sound like Tyra Banks, but yeah you still are fierce gurl.

love the head band, and must say i adore the studded denim coat, but at first when i opened ur blog, i kinda thought, 'hey isnt this the same post.. oh no it isnt! she got different stuff under the denim!'

so ya, kinda repetitive denim posts, but great outfit, still.

Hannah said...

Wow. Your outfit is crazy, but I love it.

Nellie Nonsense said...

you're so 12 for a 12 yr old... anybody'd think you were 12.

Anonymous said...

those vintage mugshots are just FABULOUS !!!

jessica lynn said...

how did creeping out your gym partner go!?

Anonymous said...

you are BRILLIANT HILARIOUS SMART CREATIVE AND SWANKIFIED PERSON IN TOWN ( Can't help but throw in a little Wicked vocab) Iwould read your blog if you were 12 or 112 because there are so many boring unoriginal people in this world but there are a few really original- seinfeld watching-arthur reference making-stylish-(insert passion here) nerds.
you are one of them
YAY! you enhance my day!

keira antoia rose said...

Your posts are always lovely!!! The lace headband/necklace is nice! Taping it to your face, would be creative.

xoxo Isbella Clarisse xoxo

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe you are 12. You have wisdom, wit and sarcasm way beyond your years. AWESOME blog by the way... I just found it through BlogLovin and yeah, your rants are very rad.

ayellis said...

i love how after you request no more age comments, you get more than ever!

today I am dressed like an uncreative college student. i mean, will retro tie + old blazer + jeans ever be cool again? thank goodness i set the standard here, so i don't have to worry about people calling me out on my lack of creativity.

i'll just tell them that cool blogland girl took all of the creativity i was once supposed to have.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tavi! I think that you're cool girl! And you have just 12 years old! Awesome! Kisses!

Movie Maven said...

Lace Octopus (Glue It On Yo Face) is going to be my next hit single.

style-magnet said...

HAY GIRL HAY. Is that an ENORMOUS stud I spy? I dig. I dig very much.

Laurie Stark said...

Those vintage mugshots just made my year. Your photoshopping skillz are crazytown. And I don't mean for a twelve-year-old, dude, so SETTLE!

Hazel said...

i definitely catch your drift. maybe you should turn the tables and come out and say OKAY GUYZ, YOU WERE RIGHT, I WUZ REALLY A 50 YEAR OLD MAN...

maybe then people would respect your insane blogging/phototaking/vivienne westwood dressing abilities.


Robin V. Chen - Yoga Teacher said...

I admire your work regardless of your age. I write for a living and your writing style inspires and entertains me.

Also, that second photo is fantastic! (As many of your photos are.)

Nadine said...

I don't CARE how old you are. I couldn't give a fat rat's. Sure you have fearless style. Other people do too. Sure you take amazing photos. Plenty of those around as well. I'm here for the brilliant writing and the BEST vlogging ever. And for 'glue lace octopus to face' written on your hand.

[But this made me pretty much fall down laughing:
"you're so 12 for a 12 yr old... anybody'd think you were 12."]

Anonymous said...

ok, so would i be too bold to assume that the first sentence and the last paragraph were because of my outreach yesterday? or am i too bold to think that i am the only one who posted about your dope video or asked you for an interview? it was not until a few days ago that i saw your video, which lead to your blog, which lead to me bookmarking you and then to me reading your post today.
first i will comment about your post. i like the outcome of your challenge. its a great theme. also, blogger swag rocks. your a cynic with a great sense of layout and flow. your self portraits are a true reflection of your individual style and that is what makes this blog so interesting. you have a better eye for design and writing skills than most designers and writers i know.
second i will comment on the fact that you are 12. its not because your cute or sweet, its the fact that you have such a mature appreciation for design and can articulate it as such. there are not many 12 year olds that can have the guts or mind to produce a blog and have such a finger on the design pulse. i have a 4 1/2 year old daughter that i hope musters moxie like yourself at 12.
so there miss tavi - i take you seriously ... and dont ever feel stupid for speaking your mind. wow. that was long winded. i cannot tell you the last time i actually commented on anyones blog.

tab1e said...
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tab1e said...

Have your studs concentrated on the right side, (actual under the arm side) and make them creep around to your back. The vest seems plane jane in that area.

Jessica said...

wow that identity card is so pretty :)

Anonymous said...

hey i'm just curious where do you go thriftshoppang? i love your style by the way!

Andrea Eames said...

Haha, that makes complete sense :) How about 'innovative'? 'Adventurous'? 'Experimental'? Those come to mind more readily for me than 'cute'.

I can't get the idea of a lace octopus out of my mind.

Liz C said...

OMG those hue socks are so amazing. i want some.

lol and you seem to be wearing a lot of layers- good for the winter, i guess.

oh and btw, i wish i had dancing in middle/high school gym- all we ever do is play lame kickball lol.

Gabby said...

Tavi, you are amazing. Your posts are witty and creative and make me smile. I've been following your blog for a bit and must admit I sometimes have "What would Tavi do moments?"

Ok, I sound like a bit of a creeper, but if someone created a Tavi In Your Pocket keychain my life would become significantly better :].

Dreamy Girl said...
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Isabel said...

Ahhhh, you look so badass Tavi! Don't hurt me, we can be riot grrrl buds!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I seriously wish i was like you when i was twelve.
You have an ah-maizing imagination and the fact that you know who Vivienne Westwood is, just made you my hero!

Anonymous said...

god, your writings are hilarious. and they're so mature for someone who's only twelve!
i mean, my sister is eleven and she can't even spell properly yet.
definitely pursue something in writing Tavi, you actually have a great talent (and i'm sure you have many more aswell)
oh, and your faces make me LOL too

emily said...

i love yah tavi :D
and yer vest!
how bout do the whole middle panel of the vest with studs. you know, about a four inch wide section, just cover it? but use british cone studs (google it) instead of pyramid ones, it'll look way better. that is, if you have the patience to do all those studs... i never seem to. i can sew on patches just fine, but studding, NO WAY. it hurts my fingers D: lol ah well.

Anonymous said...

Hi this is the first time i have read your blog and I absolutely love it. I have just started my blog: you should check it out, as I often refer to other things that take my interest.

Anonymous said...

Hi this is the first time i have read your blog and I absolutely love it. I have just started my blog: you should check it out, as I often refer to random things that take my interest.

Anonymous said...

that is a bomb outfit. I love those floral doc; I've been searching ebay myself for a pair of em. Very 90s, very nice!!

Anonymous said...

cute? sure.
adorable? sure.
the funny thing is, im 12 years old too and i kind of look up to you.
you have an amazing blog and i dont think that age should change that. inspirational and original, keep it up girrrrl! xxxxxx

Sally Jane Vintage said...

I love the way you've superimposed yourself on the mugshots. Doh... why didn't I think of that?! ')

warren said...

Still love the photography. The commentary's a bonus, to my mind.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with Gabby on the "Tavi-in-my-pocket" idea, which reminds me of Polly Pockets...and therefore "Tavi Pockets".

Rhyming is fun (socks, docs).

I will admit I was one of those "OMG you're TWELVE" peeps, and I know I e-mailed you something along those lines, but I have since gotten over it, and honestly, your age is no longer a factor in my checking out your blog. It all comes down to the simple fact that you inspire me, and that is neat.

Anonymous said...

Hey Taaavi! I love love love the mug shot/I.D. pictures! They are so cute! I also like your socks! Anyways, keep bloggin

<3 Sarah

Anika said...

Haha, I'm going to be typing an obnoxiously cute comment, sorry. But I discovered your blog recently, and I like.
P.S. That lace necklace/head piece/face piece is divine. I must try to d.i.y. myself one of those...hmmm.

Enfievre said...

yay tavi! i have the floral docs too and it makes me happy to know that i was wearing mine when i was your age. oof, did i really just say 'when i was your age'??!?! i swear, an old grandamama i am not. props on this outfit. a +

Anonymous said...

I think you act, dress and talk like a typical 12 year old....

Anonymous said...

Just to be a pessimistic meany, I don't think that condescending cute thing will go away when you get older. Just last summer, I was almost sixteen, and working at a summer camp along with many older people. Not that much older, like max 6 years older. I asked this one girl for a pair of scissors, and she mimicked me! I was like, what? "oh sorry you're just sooo cute." It isn't even as if I'm that cute or anything, either.

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