you are SO [insert condescending adjective here] for a 12 year old!

When I woke up this morning I took Laurel's TRIPLE DOG DARE and dressed as a Vivienne Westwood-obsessed early Kate Moss mixed with a lacy witch. I think there was some Lolita/FRUiTS inspiration in there, too.
Studded vest, plaid shirt, schoolgirl skirt, Hue socks, black and red belts, Docs, Victorian-esque vest, lace dress, lace blouse, lace headband. They're all some form of secondhand so I won't bother giving details on where I got them.The uh-mayzin Laia sent me kind of one of the awesomest blog buddy packages everrr. Lula magazine, 5 FRUiTS post cards, 3 pairs of Hue socks, a WICKED lace necklace she made, and the sweetest card.
My preciousss.Um yeah, I'm set on inspiration for my next 9 lives. I'm a cat, haven't you heard? I love you Laia! Heartz all ova.
I wore the necklace as a head band, it's very easy and fun to style in multiple ways. Maybe next time I'll tape it to the side of my face, like a lace sea urchin about to pick my nose. I'm writing that on my hand now, matter of fact.
TO DO: Email C, return library book, glue lace octopus to face.

I also wore the ridiculously comfy socks with my floral Docs (rhyme not intended but is kind of cool so I will not rephrase.) Yay clash!
Oh, and THANKS RAIN for murdering the snow.

It would have been more evil witch-like had I worn my cape, but today I really felt like freaking out my dance partner for gym with studs. Middle school gym is never good, and when you pair up kids to dance against their will, it's worse. So, creep people out with combat boots and sharp things sticking out of your back.

Now that I have a better view of the studs I think I'm going to redo them for the 3rd time, not feeling this pattern. Suggestions? Especially if your name is Jen or Yoncto, just sayin'...

I found a Flickr photostream via Sally Jane that has tons of old vintage mugshots. It's seriously fascinating, the photos date back from the early 1900's, and I was kind of bored so put my face on some of them. I didn't commit any crimes though, don't worry!
The unattractive and totally intentional faces? Yeah, I'm just getting bored of "cute" and "adorable" comments. Don't get me wrong, I'm unbelievably grateful for how sweet you guys are! But I would really like to hear what you think of my post, not my age. It's sort of like I get enough of patronizing adults at school, and normally it's kind of nice to come to blogworld and be taken seriously. I feel stupid complaining about getting really nice comments, but you guys catch my drift?