i dress femininely and not in the ironic way for once

Thank you guys for the unbelievably kind and non-patronizing comments on my last post. I didn't mean to sounds complainy or attack anyone, but you guys seem to understand what I was trying to say and it means a lot. Yay for awesome readers! Heartz x10000.
So a while ago, Rumi sent Stephanie a dress that was too small for her. It ended up being too small for Stephanie too, so she handed it over to muah. Look! We're like our own little blogger postal service!
Today I wore it for only like the billionth time and I swear it has magic Rumi germs on it. And I mean germs in the best way possible. Like fairy dust. This lovely little number put everyone around me in a good mood today-the teacher that normally hates me wanted to know how my day was going and said she liked my paper, and my friend and I won the swing dance competition for gym! I owe it all to the dress, the fact that my friend has been dancing for 11 years (5 hours a day, 9 in the summer) and that she led has NOTHING to do with it.

One thing that is so fantastic about the dress is that the color palette is pretty much the kind one leaves behind at The Children's Place in 4th grade-magenta, teal, and juicy orange-but the silhouette is more that of a 50's housewife. Can I hear a whoop whoop for age irony?
dress, rumi. grey cardigan, my sister's (from delia's.) socks, american apparel.