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I've been meaning to cut my hair for a while but kept putting it off, contemplating how short I wanted to go. Yesterday (or the day before? Both were unproductive so I can't remember) I finally cut it. I am mostly pleased it isn't too uneven but I think I'll try to befriend a world class hair stylist to fix it a little. Okay, a lot.
Bad pictures...I'll get more later, but this should give you a small idea...here my hair looks like a loaf of bread/disney hair, its all floppy
I'm unhappy with how short I went but at least now I can wait longer until I have to cut it again. Over and over again, I would cut one side, cut the other to match, the other ends up shorter than the first so I cut the first but it ends up shorter than the other, etc etc. Oy vey.Belle said I look like this chick. This was the haircut I WANTED and FAILED at because my face is too round. I don't like how it looks when I wear my glasses (which is all the time) but my prescription needs an update, so maybe I can get different frames too.
Anyways, some of you wanted to know more of what was in my closet after I posted it in Total Mess Mode (or, its usual mode). I finally cleaned it up, so here are pictures for you curious folks...
The inside of the door to my closet which is always open has a rack of my nice shoes and all accessories-sunglasses, belts, jewelry, tights, purses...
Speaking of purses, this is one poem I wrote that I am rather proud of.
Friends are like purses
You drag them around
And take money from them
I am so profound
Inside my closet and to the right is a shelf-rack thang. Tops on top, pants/shorts in the middle, skirts on bottom.
Then my flava fave part is when you walk straight in, because it's all the things too nice to be folded. Velvet 30s dresses, Comme des Garcons, lots of lace, my grandma's old clothes, quilted dresses, and tacky jackets.[victoria chick picture via jak & jill]