why I am not a talk show host

Some time ago Rich came to town and we met for coffee (hot chocolate for me) and discussed blogz and fashionz and Karl's reaction to the Central Park sculpture ("ees terrible"). I guess there's a lot to say about those subjects because we missed the closing time for the thrift store. Whoops.
Rich is one of the founders of the website Weardrobe, and I decided to interview him about it. It's one of my favorite sites and is about to get way cooler with some new features they have in the works which I am dyinggggg to tell you all but it will be more fun if it's a surprise. Check it out, yeah?
Yes, I do have the posture of a crotchety old hag...

weardrobe interview from Tavi G on Vimeo.

weardrobe interview 2 from Tavi G on Vimeo.