why I am not a talk show host

Some time ago Rich came to town and we met for coffee (hot chocolate for me) and discussed blogz and fashionz and Karl's reaction to the Central Park sculpture ("ees terrible"). I guess there's a lot to say about those subjects because we missed the closing time for the thrift store. Whoops.
Rich is one of the founders of the website Weardrobe, and I decided to interview him about it. It's one of my favorite sites and is about to get way cooler with some new features they have in the works which I am dyinggggg to tell you all but it will be more fun if it's a surprise. Check it out, yeah?
Yes, I do have the posture of a crotchety old hag...

weardrobe interview from Tavi G on Vimeo.

weardrobe interview 2 from Tavi G on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, your blog is cool and your outfights are great...but I don't understand how you got so popular. No, I'm not insulting your blog! It's great, really great! And I saw the thing on TeenVogue when your blog was in the thing with articles featuring peoples' blogs...but really. For every single stinkin' thing you write there are like forty comments! I've seen other blogs with pretty great things with...well...not so many comments. Close to none. And in the beginning of your blog, when you were just starting out, maybe not as committed, not as used to it, and not as into it, you still got quite a bit of comments.

I don't get it?
Again, I am really really not trying to sound mean or whatever. I'm just like, what the hell? Do you know what I'm saying? It amazes me.

Maybe I'm missing something?

Merry Christmas=D

?! ......Still amazed. Lol, obviously. And sorta confused. Hmm. Sorry for the supa-long comment.

Emily said...

I loved this, Tavi. It's great being able to relate your blog to an actual person. Great interview! Lucky girl =)

You never fail to capture my attention every stinking day! God bless you and your witty banter and creative posts.

Cheers, and have a very Happy Holiday!

Hazel said...


suzette said...

tavi you're such a little charmer! haha. i really like his cardigan thingy.

Sondra said...

Eee, I love Weardrobe! And it's so cool that you got to talk to him!

Seriously, you're so freaking...charismatic! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was not how I imagined you sounding.
Your american accent is sooo strong!

Anonymous said...

See, I always imagined you with a British or Australian accent. :o

Anonymous said...
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net said...

you should totally start a talk show. yes? yes. you're charisma is getting you far [:

Anonymous said...

Oh but even if you're not British or Australian that was a great post and your american accent isn't all whiney and annoying like some Americans, it's really nice.

Tavi said...

Anon #1-I don't get it either, half the press I've gotten has been without my consent but it's mostly because journalists like the idea of a 12 year old blogger. I have gone to other blogs that get 100 comments per post and though I don't care for the post myself, I'm not about to make a fuss over it. Those 100 people have different taste than I do and that's just nature. Some people enjoy my blog a lot and others hate it and some just don't find it their cup of tea, and there's no way getting around that so I don't mind. It appears you don't care that much for my blog, but that doesn't mean it's unimaginable or unfair that others do. People have different opinions, simple as that. It shouldn't be too difficult to understand, it's human nature.

anon #2-No, I suppose someone that is American would have an American accent and not a British or Australian one...thank you, I worry I sound too whiny most of the time.

Kassandra said...

wow loved the interview, I personally think you could make a much better talk show host than most already out there in the biz;)

Kassandra said...

p.s. I think i'll start using my weardrobe account! I made an account quite a while ago but never really got to it, but with the interview I'm sold for, thanks!

Kylie said...

Videos are way too much fun. So effing cute when your mom came in, her accent made my heart feel warm inside.
Your living room is so cool, who decorates?
Peace, happy holidays!!

style-magnet said...

Rahhhh this makes me so happy!

Unknown said...

Kudos for the interview, I am checking out weardrobe as I type (double tasking!). If I was hosting, I'd be like "Do over, Do over!" but that is just me, I tend to rip pages off nice notebooks because I think my handwriting is too ugly.

I see that you wurve marie antoinette, I'm in the midst of doing an ink painting of her hair stylez.

J.Yo said...

yeah, i agree that you being twelve attracts so many people, but yet, your humour, the way you talk which is, well, very smart and un child-like sometimes, really attracts ME as a blogger.

you're so lucky to be talking to Rich. i think i have a crush...
and you should do a tv talk show. what if someone really asks you to do it, Tavi? i mean, even the H&M PR contacted you a while back because the saw your rap..!

Tavi said...

Thanks guys! No talk show hosting for me any time soon, I don't think I'd be able to do it non-satirically. Or if I tried it normally I wouldn't be able to take myself seriously.

I just rewatched the videos-Had no clue I was rambling so much in the end! Hamburger purse? Wtf?

Nice and Shiny-Oh god, I forgot she was in it! My mom decorates our living room, the wove the tapestry and took that picture on the left and sewed the couch covering. My sister drew those strange portraits on the right when she was little.

H J L said...

I haven't watched the videos yet, but I love your blog and your style of writing and your outfits in general.

I wish there were more people like you. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Bahaha I love how you get up at the sound of the alarm in the middle of him answering your question!

rae said...

Just found your blog and I think it's fascinating. Can't wait to read more!

Anonymous said...

Very cool interview Tavi:) - and being a satirical talk show host is just fine - can make things pretty interesting. I did like the "rambling" at the end - very interesting and shows the way your mind works - which helps make your blog so fascinating.

Faith said...

I agree with the others in the answer to the question Anon #1 had...the popularity of the blog is about both your talent and the fact that its packed into such a young package. I've said it before, sista, but the fact that you are this witty, smart, interesting, and so good at writing/getting your personality across through words is NOT the standard deal for someone so young.

Its very refreshing! :D That's why I like you, anyway. Also, you've helped make me feel more adventurous with my own style since I stumbled across this here blawwg of yours. So thanks for that as well.

Zany Style said...


I agree!

(not being mean!)


ps. why in ALL your videos you are wearing your glasses?

Miss Lix said...

Aw hun, you're super adorable! You should do more interviews like this more often. You sound incredibly intelligent on camera (something I have trouble with, lol)!

Eli said...


Tavi said...

zany style-I can hardly see without them! I don't like wearing them in pictures because they usually don't go with the concept of my photos and I don't need to be able to see much for posing, but in my videos it just helps more.

Anonymous said...

I want to be you when I grow up! You're AMAZING.
(If I could change my major to Tavi-eqsue awesomeness, I would.)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas from France.

sadie said...

holla, nice post, just wondering, did you know you got a mention in the january 09 issue of the australian magazine Cleo? you got put in the same sentence as go fug yourself and facehunter [bloggers in general got a shout out as 1 of the 80 reasons 08 rocked. in case you couldn't tell this magazine is kind of corny.] anyway...

the maisies said...

hi tavi
your blog is like a big jar of jellybeans- very exciting!
we put you in our blog roll, i hope that is ok :)
i love how you take your outfits to extremes, either with huge shoulder pads or by drawing on a theme such as a really good book.
anticipating more jellybeans from the jellybean jar!
love, maisie #1 and #2

Anonymous said...

hello tavi!!!i loove how you drape your red dress in the Blanche DuBois look. can you link me on how to drape and cinch dresses? thank you

ouh and by the way, once i read your posts i totally forgot that you are twelve. means i am awed by your content.

Emy Augustus said...

hahah the first comment is funny. And I like your reply too.

btw, how did you get to interview him? Did you email them?

Typhaine said...

I'm uploading now photos on my weardrobe account. You convinced me to sign up :D

Well, it's my first comment on your blog too. I love it, you look like my little sister and of course I love your sence of style.

Sorry for my bad english, i'm french humhum. I have a lot of stuff to say about your blog but it's too difficult in english and i'm not sure you could understand. Just, keep going :D


My weardrobe if you want to see : http://www.weardrobe.com/people/show/3299 :)

fred said...

I saw U at Ragazza spain magazine.
I think you are so talented, and I´ll add you to my links.
kisses and merry Xmas!

Rozie said...

Tavi - loved your interview. And your moms accent was too cute.

Rebecca said...

Most coolest 12 year old ever?
I think so! x

Nadine said...

Love the tights/skirt combo - gorgeous blue.

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious. Your mom was okay with you getting coffee with Rich and then him coming over your house? Is he a family friend?

Anonymous said...

sushality! great!!

Anonymous said...

i love your outfit in this post.. your blog is so cool and inspiring.

i cant believe how different you look in your glasses!! its amazing!! HEY can you do me a super big favour? in your next video take off your glasses for like a second? i really want to see what you look like on video without them.. lol :) sorry
ciao for now

Anonymous said...

tavi, UPLOAD 2 YOU TUBE! its the obvious answer! u can have videos on there for ages with out having to pay anything!
check my blog 2!

Tavi said...

Thanks guys <3
Barnie-yep, I tried a sad number of times, youtube just hates me x_x

Anonymous said...

Woah, do you really sound like that? I didnt think you would.

Tricia said...

Oh my goodness. You sound like a 12 year old. Even though I realized that's what you would sound like about 5 seconds before the video loaded, I always imagine you with this sort of smooth, semi-deep, sarcastic 18 year old voice. (and i promise i mean that in the best way possible. like you sound really worldly and stuff in my head).

I promise I didn't comment just to say that. I also love your blog! You have the most outrageous style, and I love the way you write. I'm so glad you kept it up for three (and counting) years.

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