like endless rain into a paper cup

I was so excited to be featured on Teen Vogue as Blogger of the Moment! Thanks TV :) I'm honored. The interview is here in case you're interested.
Also, my tribute dedicated to younger bloggers was taken note of at the New York Observer, and a few people from the post got a shout out, too. Congrats guys!

So I was bored the other day and decided to try out a Topshop Unique adaptation. How they managed to mix my favorite things (80's, pastels, acid wash) into one line...I'll never know. Totez appropz.
Why do I look like I want to kill someone in all of these? Hm. I guess I hate taking pictures inside. Though one of these was taken outside (YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHICH ONE ALL THE LIGHT IN #4 IS JUST BECAUSE I KEEP A GIANT SUN WITH ME AT ALL TIMES IN CASE OF EMERGENCY).
Oh, here's my adaptation of Margiela, too:

I prefer this to my regular face. Very warm in the winter and can serve conveniently as a kleenex.