what use am i as a heap on the floor

I started putting this outfit together subconsciously channeling Luella. When I came to realization that my cyberstylestalking was taking over my BRAIN, I added and changed a few things to make it more obviously Luella. Clearly, my color scheme is different, the few baby floral items in my closet are all in red. It would be more Luella-esque without the tights, but I was already wearing them and it was ass cold outside. Plus it would be a wee bit short without em. I know, like, Tavi has morals? Whaaa?

But hot DOG, Luella Bartley...I want to stick you in a sweatshop and force you to make me frilly and beautiful clothes at the cost of 2 cents an hour. My love for you is that genuine and sincere and caring.
Intense runway walking right herez. By the way, I might be Christian (proj christian, dur) for Halloween...any ideas on how I could do it without getting new glasses/hair cut/hair color/sex change/suddenly develop ingenious design skills?The weird cherry thing I tied it on the side like an apron was my favorite dress when I was a young gnome. Basically everything here I thrifted or found somewhere in my house (well duh, not like you can buy doilie coasters and green bouquet ribbon at the mall) but the glasses are from Forever 21 and the tights are from American Apparel.I didn't wear this outfit anywhere, seeing as it took TEN MINUTES TO PROPERLY ASSEMBLE and all I did that day was watch bad tv and eat. One of my teachers whom I am not incredibly fond of is always pushing us to eat healthier and exercise 24/7. I know it's supposed to motivate me, but it really just makes me want to eat fried dough and sit on the computer all day in spite of him.

That's as far as rebellion goes in my book. God I'm suburbian.