The wundaful Danielle over at Solestruck emailed me and was very kind to send me a free pair of Jeffrey Campbell oxfords! They're totez gorgz, and very very comfortable. And isn't that the point of shoes? The gorg part, not the comfy part. Hey now! Superficiality! I love them so much, can't wait til I can wear them out. I think I'll add em to my collection of inanimate objects I mother and nurture. Feel LUCKY shoes, that you are on my good side. Bear in mind I also have a collection of inanimate objects I hate and yell at for not performing miracles (computer, remote, microwave, stupid furby that won't shut up EVEN WHEN YOU TAKE OUT THE name a few).

Decided to play a little dress up. Mixed prints...I found this skirt lounging around in my house and it's HUGE. One night I think I'll set it up as a tent using sticks and pencils and sleep there for the night. And simplicity...Also, I think I need a new haircut. Either that or a way to style it so it stops looking like I am about to dreenk yoar meelkshaake (edit: so yeah, I got that wrong. But come on, 2008 Oscars were boring as hell and all the movies were basically the same. French singer, dying people, prego hipster? Identical. ONE CAN REMEMBER ONLY SO MANY MOVIE QUOTES):
P.S. Yahoo must hate me because it's been marking totally non-spammy emails as spam. I'm not ignoring you! I'll try to clean out my folder tonight and get back to you all. Sorry! Time to go separate the kind friendly people from the people who are cheating me out of my money to help them and their billion dollar estate that their great grandfather, Kdswa9few Pf@sdffsednvb, left for them. EAT MY DUST, SPAM WORLD.