Let's see Henry Holland make a t-shirt outta this

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The Wooly Momos

First off thank you with all my YSL-selfish heart to the people who left such nice comments on my last post. I'd been wanting to write that post ever since I saw the article but decided best just to ignore the situation...but I guess this ain't half bad. Right now I am hugging you all like a diaper. Calm DOWN, it was a joke! Get it? Huggies? Haha, did you actually think I hug diapers in my spare time??? No! Of course not!! *sweats uncontrollably, looks around nervously*

So yesterday was the first day of school. 7th grade. Gross. I'm no longer the "cute" little girl you all thought I was, now I'm just a catty loud pre-teen. WHAPAA. At least now I'm not the youngest (or shortest!) in the school.That's right. HOLD EM LIKE YOU MEAN IT. And if you refuse I'll do to you what my dog did to this random doll we had lying around (true story):And some type of metaphor for me improving my grades:*2nd picture-reason I do not do cross country

EDIT: Whoops, forgot the outfit details! (and yes, this was what I wore first day)
Top and skirt, thrift. Belt, childhood closet.

Sara brought up an interesting question about whether teachers read my blog. I doubt any of them know about it *cross fingers* but if they started reading it I would probably make a new one. That's reasonable, right? My sister said that her French teacher reads my blog because she found it from an article I was in and is actually into fashion. She even asked my sister to tell the class the URL! Thank you dear sister for keeping your yap shut for once.

Nice and Shiny asked what kids at school think of how I dress. There are the Abercrombie-brainwashed people who snort and look me up and down (one of which I am very ready to explode on. "YOU KNOW WHAT CAROLINE?-not the blogger one-I'M JUST GLAD YOU'RE ALWAYS TURNED AROUND FLIRTING WITH RYAN SO I CAN ONLY SEE THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD!!" that took me like 2 days to come up with. Sly, I know.) but I have actually heard some pretty nice things. Today this girl said my clothes are weird but I'm the only one who can pull them off, which is sweet I guess. It's mostly the douche "popular" guys who make fun though, and luckily the guys in my classes are mostly geeks who couldn't care less about appearances.

My superficiality has REALLY out done itself this time

Trample on a Ray of Sunshine, Why Don't You
By Tony Danza

It was a humid summer day. Tavi was cleaning out her dresser, deciding which clothes to keep and which to selflessly and generously donate to the Salvation Army. Tavi loved her clothes like they were an endangered species living off the coast of Zimbabwe (that is if it has a coast. But I, failed TV star, am too lazy to find out). This beautiful, gorgeous, smart, funny, kind, beautiful, considerate and among all things humble girl was getting ready to move into her sister's bedroom. Sister was leaving for college soon and Tavi would miss her dearly (cough cough), but was thrilled to finally get a room of her own. One that she wouldn't have to share, one where she could go to sleep when she wanted, one where she could tape up a magazine picture up on the wall spontaneously without having to consult anyone, one where she could....
"HOLY SHNIKE!" Tavi had come across her favourite (oh yes I did just go British) scarf that her mom had bought decades ago in France. The scarf had a certain warmth to it, it wasn't in the best shape; fringing, dirty, but Tavi loved it just the same. Okay enough of this crap: TAVI PEERED HER BEADY EYES AT THE LABEL. IT WAS YSL. Friggin Yves Saint Laurent! And Tavi hadn't noticed until now when she actually paid attention. Sure, the scarf wasn't Kimora's Prada or Soul Tanggg's Gucci, but it was still pretty sweet.
The little elf had to tell someone immediately-she's a chatterbox, which you might already know just because this story is really long. So Tavi ran to the nearest family member to express her joy.
"Sister! Oh dear Sister!"
"Yeah yeah whaddya want you little box of ugly?" Sister carelessly asked without even taking her eye off the television set or taking a little time to swallow her food or put down the stray puppy she was choking because she is just that cruel.
"You know how this scarf used to be Mother's?"
"That's my scarf."
Tavi was trembling. "T-t-tis?"
"Yeah. Where'd you find it?"
"Are-are you taking it to c-c-college?"
"Uh, I just realized i-it's a d-d-designer label."
"Oh sweet." Sister still had her eye on the TV.
Tavi helplessly walked out the room with her shoulders slouched and eyes watering, dropping the designer scarf behind her as she left. And she was never seen again.
Some folks say she went off to apply to that paid internship over at Yohji Yamamoto but was thrown out for strangling a mannequin out of anger. Others say she lives at the top of Very Huge Mountain, feeding woodpeckers and meditating, and people risk their lives to climb the mountain for her life advice. Some claim she became a hermit who lives with a bunch of cats in a house made out of a shoe. A Doc Marten shoe. The floral kind. And of course there are a few skeptics who say this is all some type of myth. No one knows for sure, but I have to go hold people closer because I'm Tony Danza.

Cried all night til there was nothing more

(the last 2 are on Emily's account because I was too lazy to sign out.)

I am annoying ruffle-thirsty child, hear me ROAR

The more painful part: H&M wanted Rei to do a kid's line but she "didn't feel like it".


Can you imagine how epic that would be? CHILDISH cdg?? Oh god...oh god....hyperventilating...breathe breathe breathe breathe.

But it's COOL though. No BIGGIE. Not like all the future of America are sitting in a hole clinging to each other and CRYING THEIR EYES out. But WHATEVS. While everyone else is stocking up on ReiK I'll just sit at home counting my pennies and playing the same Jack Johnson song repeatedly til it beats All The Young Dudes on my Top 25 Most Played list. I guess it's the same thing. Kinda. Except for that then everyone will be posting about what they bought and I'll just be sitting at home counting my pennies and playing the same Jack Johnson song repeatedly til it beats All The Young Dudes on my Top 25 Most Played list.

I guess I can settle for a couple sizes too big. That polka dot blouse is kinda cool, I suppose. Fine, fine, I give in. If it means that much to you I'll buy a shirt, but only for your benefit. I am being completely selfless here.

But once the collection is all sold out I'm kidnapping Rei and forcing her to design a collection especially for me. So there.

*storms off in a huff*

[photos minus the intimidating and snide model remarks: catwalkqueen]

I love people

Ze otha day I received a lovely little gift from Suzanne and Rich, the creators of Weardrobe. Um, hi happiness! Weardrobe is a fun community where you can upload pictures of what you wear and tag your items as an online closet. They just started the site, and it's getting better and better, which is like beyond awesomeness because currently I can't think of it being any more awesome. Unless signing up came with like a free Miu Miu bag.

Anyways, the package was very very awesome. They had these special legos that had like flowers and steering wheels and EYES. Eyes! Such a treat! When I was little I had to use the really huge legos because I would've swallowed the little ones. I was 5. So, as you can imagine, I was very excited to have some conveniently sized lego for once.I built them a car.The package also had a Forever 21 giftcard. I walked out of that store in an air of success and accomplishment.
"Tavi, only you could manage to find this much crap."No, not crap at all! Thank you Rich and Suzanne!!! That was the first time I wrote in colored letters on this blog thang, btw. I love you that much.


These past few days have been good: Caroline came home and we partayed, I got mail for once and very fun mail at that, thrift/yard sale/f21 shopping, and the U.S. doesn't suck at swimming! Also, as some of you may have heard, I was in an article in T Magazine about [pre]teen bloggers. What's even better is that it was written by Elizabeth! I seriously love her and her muxtapes. And I snatched this pic from her blog.

Amazing bloggers mentioned in the article that I have memorized the URL to because they are, as I said, amazing:
Childhood Flames
Fashion Pirates
Fashion Robot
Fashion Toast
That's Just My Vibe

You can read the story here, but I think it would be a better choice to buy the magazine (hintidy hint. Caroline you'd better pick up that FamG reference). All the features are great, and the editorials are just fantastic. Hello, inspiration wall! Plus some kinda unknown newspaper called "The New York Times" comes with it so I guess that's a plus.

Cheater cheater! I didn't actually wear this outfit, just experimenting with this little tye dye number I thrifted. I know I could just as easily make one myself but I'm lazy, which you might know by now.

It's not like I'm gonna go up there and be like "IAN! GIMME A HUG!"

Um, long time no post? Long story. In short, I was house hopping and staying with different friends and didn't have internet access. Basically, my week consisted of watching Korean soap operas, killing -2 people on Star Wars, playing tag in an empty movie theater, having a sleepover with a preschooler, constructing fabric trees, clinging to dear life when the Joker was being creepy, riding 30 year old bikes, being mistaken for a boy, and chasing 2nd graders for not smiling.

And how are you?
Thrift thrift thrift thrift
Dress: Gap, everything else: thrift

Put those fangs away. Thrift thrift thrift.

I attached a hacky sack Caroline (WHO IS HOME! YESS!!!) gave me to a gold chain. Intense. Thrift thrift DIY.

That dress looks like the dangly earrings you buy at the dollar store

Dear Canon Powershot AbunchofnumbersIdon'tcaretoobserve,
I HATE YOU. It's called uploading videos, you moron. Hope you feel awesome.
The end.

Still trying though! I haven't really been thinking about dressing lately since I've been at our cottage, where I usually focus on just being comfy, wearing shorts and a tank top. So while I'm here and feeling deprived of good clothes, I've decided to do a fall wishlist. Yes, it's that time of year my friends! K-Mart starts airing their back-to-school commercials starring that annoying little blue lightbulb, CVS workers are hanging up signs in the windows with deals on the "hottest binders" (is there such a thing?), and the leaves are starting to change colors. I made up the leaves bit-but MAN don't you wish it were true? Not that I want school, but this sticky weather is making me retrieve my boring clothes! Anyways, here we go. Alas, my paint skills will never be as tight as Bianca's!
1. American Apparel sunglasses. These are magical. That model is lucky she can even be in their prescence, let alone get her picture taken with them, not to mention get to WEAR THEM. I bet sunshine is radiating out of her tush. LOATHE.

2. Fredflare romper thing. It's so cute and girly, but would also look awesome all ragged up. Could wear this Sam or Yoncto style.

3. FF 123, ABC sweatshirt. How theme-perfect is this? Fate, I tell you. If I got this I'd want a huge baggy size rather than tight and fitting so I could mess with it.

4. FF space shuttle backpack. I'd use this as an actual backpack, fr srs fr srs holmes.

5. FF neck-in brace. You seriously need to go to the link and see all the different ways this baby can be worn. Also doubles as strangling device.

6. FF roller skates. Complete with toe-stops (as featured in the Archie comics!).

7. FF colorblock headphones. Forget those pretentious earbuds that come with your iPod touch, colorful inconvenience is wear it's at!

8. AA sheer socks. Not like EVERYONE has these or anything, not like they're a tad overPRICED or anything, not like they wouldn't FIT me or anything. I need these.

9. AA lame leggings. *See spiel at #8*

10. AA windbreaker. It looks like candy. Really, really, shiny candy.

11. Luella bat mask. Hey now! Luella? That's ambitious. And delicious. And nutritious. Oy, the pun opportunities....can't....resist....AND MALICIOUS.

12. Jonathon Saunders dress. On sale for $1,376.25! Get em while they're hot!

13. Modcloth vintage pullover. So what if this top is sold out? It will always be in stock in my heart.

14. AA fanny pack. And you thought I was done with my 80's obsession!

And last, the ultimate-CAPS AND BOLD AND ITALICS ULTIMATE- desire: THE ALEXANDER MCQUEEN TRIGGER SHOULDER BAG. It's duh-maz-ing. See that shadow under it? That means it's HOLY.


Let's run away and start our own planet, where goats roam free and people can wear tutus without having their motives questioned

FIRST OF ALL-Mamma Mia equals AMAZING. GO SEE IT. And when you're done please dance around in your basement to ABBA alone so I don't feel as lame. Oh, and Amanda Seyfried-I will gladly be your father. You have my nostrils, honey honey.

SECOND OF ALL-You know, I've been thinking. I am making a vow not to do any more posts dissecting runway trends because I am becoming a MINDLESS trend-follower and it's making me lose sight of what I myself like! And just, agh, DOGGONIT! THAT IS IT! NO MORE! I AM WEARING WHAT I WANT BECAUSE I LIKE IT, NOT BECAUSE THE PRINT REMINDS ME OF CHANEL OR THE SHOULDERS HAVE THAT EXAGGERATED SILHOUETTE THAT'S SO HOT THIS SEASON!! ROARRRR. OKAY? OKAY. OKAY. OKAAAAAAY.
Go on, applaud me. Pat me on the back. You know you want to.

So this morning, with this and some Japanese street style in mind, I tried combining different elements that IIIII like into an outfit. I don't know what I think of the outfit yet, it doesn't really feel "right". Still trying to master the clashing technique.Dress/gloves/glasses/key shoelace necklace/bloomers/tee/purse are all vintage. Belt, Claire's. Skirt, Gap Kids. Shoes, Converse.

It was actually pretty funny. Krea and I are bopping down the street, she's wearing one of our new tutus (we now have joint custody on 3 tutus-Claire's hunt successful). This lady, obviously dressed for work in a classy pant suit, stops us.

WOMAN: Are you dressed up for a school project?
WOMAN: So you just woke up this morning and decided to dress like this?
INNOCENT AND NOW A LITTLE SCARED CHILDREN: Yeah... (we're throwing in a couple laughs to seem polite and friendly, which we are not)
WOMAN: Oh, how cute! Can I get a picture of you two?
CONFUSED CHILDREN: Uh, sure....?!?!

So WOMAN takes a couple pictures of us with her phone, thanks us, and then walks away sort of shaking her head like "Ah, kids these days...."
We couldn't tell if she was commending us for having a little confidence or if she was amused, but we sure got a kick out of it!

Happy weekend! Posts might be rather sporadic for the next week or so because I'll be busy with End Of Summer Plans of Angst. I'll also try making a new Q&A vid because the one I made wouldn't upload to the computer and I accidentally deleted it from the camera o_o my new one will be better, though!