It's not like I'm gonna go up there and be like "IAN! GIMME A HUG!"

Um, long time no post? Long story. In short, I was house hopping and staying with different friends and didn't have internet access. Basically, my week consisted of watching Korean soap operas, killing -2 people on Star Wars, playing tag in an empty movie theater, having a sleepover with a preschooler, constructing fabric trees, clinging to dear life when the Joker was being creepy, riding 30 year old bikes, being mistaken for a boy, and chasing 2nd graders for not smiling.

And how are you?
Thrift thrift thrift thrift
Dress: Gap, everything else: thrift

Put those fangs away. Thrift thrift thrift.

I attached a hacky sack Caroline (WHO IS HOME! YESS!!!) gave me to a gold chain. Intense. Thrift thrift DIY.