The Wooly Momos

First off thank you with all my YSL-selfish heart to the people who left such nice comments on my last post. I'd been wanting to write that post ever since I saw the article but decided best just to ignore the situation...but I guess this ain't half bad. Right now I am hugging you all like a diaper. Calm DOWN, it was a joke! Get it? Huggies? Haha, did you actually think I hug diapers in my spare time??? No! Of course not!! *sweats uncontrollably, looks around nervously*

So yesterday was the first day of school. 7th grade. Gross. I'm no longer the "cute" little girl you all thought I was, now I'm just a catty loud pre-teen. WHAPAA. At least now I'm not the youngest (or shortest!) in the school.That's right. HOLD EM LIKE YOU MEAN IT. And if you refuse I'll do to you what my dog did to this random doll we had lying around (true story):And some type of metaphor for me improving my grades:*2nd picture-reason I do not do cross country

EDIT: Whoops, forgot the outfit details! (and yes, this was what I wore first day)
Top and skirt, thrift. Belt, childhood closet.

Sara brought up an interesting question about whether teachers read my blog. I doubt any of them know about it *cross fingers* but if they started reading it I would probably make a new one. That's reasonable, right? My sister said that her French teacher reads my blog because she found it from an article I was in and is actually into fashion. She even asked my sister to tell the class the URL! Thank you dear sister for keeping your yap shut for once.

Nice and Shiny asked what kids at school think of how I dress. There are the Abercrombie-brainwashed people who snort and look me up and down (one of which I am very ready to explode on. "YOU KNOW WHAT CAROLINE?-not the blogger one-I'M JUST GLAD YOU'RE ALWAYS TURNED AROUND FLIRTING WITH RYAN SO I CAN ONLY SEE THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD!!" that took me like 2 days to come up with. Sly, I know.) but I have actually heard some pretty nice things. Today this girl said my clothes are weird but I'm the only one who can pull them off, which is sweet I guess. It's mostly the douche "popular" guys who make fun though, and luckily the guys in my classes are mostly geeks who couldn't care less about appearances.