I am annoying ruffle-thirsty child, hear me ROAR

The more painful part: H&M wanted Rei to do a kid's line but she "didn't feel like it".


Can you imagine how epic that would be? CHILDISH cdg?? Oh god...oh god....hyperventilating...breathe breathe breathe breathe.

But it's COOL though. No BIGGIE. Not like all the future of America are sitting in a hole clinging to each other and CRYING THEIR EYES out. But WHATEVS. While everyone else is stocking up on ReiK I'll just sit at home counting my pennies and playing the same Jack Johnson song repeatedly til it beats All The Young Dudes on my Top 25 Most Played list. I guess it's the same thing. Kinda. Except for that then everyone will be posting about what they bought and I'll just be sitting at home counting my pennies and playing the same Jack Johnson song repeatedly til it beats All The Young Dudes on my Top 25 Most Played list.

I guess I can settle for a couple sizes too big. That polka dot blouse is kinda cool, I suppose. Fine, fine, I give in. If it means that much to you I'll buy a shirt, but only for your benefit. I am being completely selfless here.

But once the collection is all sold out I'm kidnapping Rei and forcing her to design a collection especially for me. So there.

*storms off in a huff*

[photos minus the intimidating and snide model remarks: catwalkqueen]


Claudia said...

Why do they ALWAYS forget the kids, arn't we cool enough or what? Do they really prefer an old lady to walk in their clothes, I mean, we are such a cool/smart/AWESOME/fun/fresh generation, and she didn't feel like it?! Ouch indeed.
Would you like to exchange links?


Igor+andré said...

hi Tavi.
my name is danny roberts, i'm a fashion illustrator out of California. i love your blog, stumbled on to it last night. and ended up drawing a picture from your blog.

go to here if you want to see it:

email me if you want me to send you the high res version. hope your having a great day.

Anonymous said...

Tavi... for all the vertically challenged peeps, we need to just sabotage the whole campaign and shrink each piece to fit us!

Anonymous said...

wow you're just SO selfless, it's the equivalent of me wearing a Yohji Yamamoto outfit and burning it so I can go die in a hole. Which by the way, I already kidnapped Rei a year ago, it didn't work out well she doesn't really like to design when you starve her. It was Silence of The Lambs except with George Clooney and man-skirts.

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Thanks for the chuckle. The comment bubbles made me smile.

x said...

H&M sizes actually run pretty small; I don't know how big your local store is, but the one in Beverly Hills has XXS that are basically child-size. I'm just worried about the 39852935835 fashion bloggers who are going to be racing me for the same pieces! haha

Gabsterr said...

Those were halarious!
it wouldnt hurt to try and see if an XS fits?

Holly said...

H&M normally do quite small sizes anyway don't they? I'm sure you'll be able to get something thats only slightly too big

Ashlee said...

you can work the looks in oversize...

i really enjoy your blog!

Stranger said...

it's all right tavi!!!!! some day some famous designer will be all "I'M MAKING CHILDREN'S WEAR!!!!" how else would celebrity children get clothes??? haha, u kno the pants with the polka dot shirt, what is up with that crotch??? it's reminding me of a diaper. haha

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

major bummer! i say get some of her stuff on ebay, perhaps a top and then just make it into a dress since it'll be big on you! throw on a fabulous belt and some tights and you're good to go!

Psychedelic Mess said...

You're funny. And your writing is more mature and interesting than that of many people my own age, let alone 7 years younger. I saw the shout out from Urban Outfitters and I have just finished reading, like, all of your posts, so I wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog and I can't wait to read more from you :-)

Anonymous said...

Bummer about the kids stuff. I probably won't get anything here where I live anyways because our H&M is pathetic.

Also, you have really fantastic style. It's very refreshing.

Hanna said...

Oh well, at least you'll get to look at them up close. My nearest H&M is a six hour car ride away. Can you say fabulous?

Sahel said...

hey Tavi,
I'm new at blogging and I would like to say that I adore your blog!
I'm short as ever for being 16 =[ and my nearest H&M kind of SUCKS, but anywho - I'm stoked to see if they have any of the new stuff!

and you can check out my blog too,



Mary said...

even though im probably the only one is the whole world who thinks this, im actually kinda dissapointed in this collection.

i dunno, its missing something i just cant quite put my finger on...

Tavi said...

You guys are great! Danny...that illustration is so cool! I'll be sure to post about your site.
Mary-I feel you. I love the collection but when I looked at all the CDG collections from the past I was expecting something a little more "out there", that special CDG aesthetic that makes the collections always really exciting. But I guess they have to have something that is still toned down H&M, right? It's kay. My personalized collection will be extra spectacular anyways, and I'm sure people everywhere will be making knock-offs that you can pick up xD

Mary said...

I feel like no child other than you would ever be good enough to wear that collection though. They'd just get it covered in booger.. and... chocolate... and whatever else the kids are doing these days!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Ahhh! That's so unfortunate. I can see you in these pieces. Is anyone in your family good with a needle?

Unknown said...

..why are more kids not as funny and fashion-savvy as you? i live in manhattan and most of the kids i know think Miu Miu is someone's cat's name. hot messes, i know.

anyway your blog is adorable (awesome). you should visit nyc just to make people blow chunks of jealousy everywhere.

emily said...

wow, someone painted you. on your sidebar. that's freakin awesome, you lucky girl!
i personally hate the comme collection. i seriously don't like it. but that's just because i probably couldn't rock it and i dont dress like that.... but you and stephanie would be like awesome little fashion minions. seriously, don't kidnap rei, just call her and nicely ask her if you can walk in her next fashion show. you're pretty, i bet she'll let you, and you could possibly get free clothes!!
hahahaha that comment made almost no sense im sorry i'm like half asleep right now
but yea two things i was tryna say 1. you could model i think bcuz you're pretty and fashiony ahah
and 2. i hate the collection personaly but i can totally see it on u

Lopi said...

Even I she did make a children's collection, are you sure you would want to bitch-fight all those bad-ass fashionista mamas grabbing Rei coolness in form of a t-shirt for their spoiled brats? It sounds scary...

Rebecca Jane said...

I guess you'll be having to rock the xs sizes, and even if those are too big you'll still be fabulous.

As always, a highly enjoyable post - too great!

Squishybubble said...

Must. Kidnap. NOW!!! XDD

Hannah said...

Your commentary is really funny... I'm sure that's exactly what she's saying. I too am sad that Rei didn't want to do children's stuff... it would have been awesome, even if I would have had issues fitting into it... and also the problem with these collections is as far as I can tell they only stock it in major cities I think... but if they have it at my little local H&M I will totally throw a party for all my other friends who would like this collection! That is, none of them... never mind.... I like, that's what's important.

Alright that made no sense as usual. But thanks for putting my picture in the sidebar :)

Tavi said...

Yoncto- Yeah, I mean this didn't really SCREAM your name when I saw it...that would be if like Rodarte did an H&M collab xD You St Marks girl you. And me? Model? Girl, please. A type of model that steals candy and Japanese designers maybe...haha, thanks <3

Lopi- Good point. I guess I'd just crouch down under the racks instead of trying to fight THROUGH the mob...then I can also get a good look at some hot Jimmy Choo heels trampling the little children.

Hannah- I know! I mean, I already love CDG, and it sort of has that childish thing to it...so an even MORE childish CDG would be, like, wow. Like HI. Like HI can I shoplift this. And only major cities? Laaaaaammmeee. Let's hope my city counts as major...
Ha, the picture. It's inspiring! Only you can do that much silver.

Isabel said...

Dude, I tried to get the dish on this collaboration from Fashionista.com, but when I checked the site said 'Images Removed at H&M's Request'. Bitch what? So thanks for showing the pics. They do look a bit like midget pants, don't they?

achotendência said...

hey tavi,
i've been going on and on about u in class to some friends, so today i finally put up ur link and they'll be visiting u soon!


Anonymous said...

hello tavi, this is ben from fashion pirates

indaaaaa said...

how holy is it? hahah. i started my blog a few days ago and I hope to get as famous as you are. check it out if you want although i only have like 4 posts. hahaha. i'm going to start taking outfit pictures as soon as i can get ahold of my camera, so keep checking back.

killer outfits, btdubs.
from india

Tavi said...

Hi Benjamin! How's that scrapbook comin along?

Anonymous said...

Go to burger king, ask for rodney, he'll take you to a back room, the password is "chafed doorknob", answer your question? message me on aim.

Tavi said...

roger that

HumanAdult said...

Tavi, you can always buy theReiK accessories. The scarf looks pretty cool and style-able into many forms.

Anne Rettenberg LCSW said...

Could you be more shallow if you tried?

Sydney Marie said...

Haha Tavi. In reference to the above comment your not shallow your reasonable- you see I want to lock up
Jean Paul Gaultier in a cellar until he makes me 8000000 dresses. =]
Oh I'm back blogging again- hooray!!!

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