Let's run away and start our own planet, where goats roam free and people can wear tutus without having their motives questioned

FIRST OF ALL-Mamma Mia equals AMAZING. GO SEE IT. And when you're done please dance around in your basement to ABBA alone so I don't feel as lame. Oh, and Amanda Seyfried-I will gladly be your father. You have my nostrils, honey honey.

SECOND OF ALL-You know, I've been thinking. I am making a vow not to do any more posts dissecting runway trends because I am becoming a MINDLESS trend-follower and it's making me lose sight of what I myself like! And just, agh, DOGGONIT! THAT IS IT! NO MORE! I AM WEARING WHAT I WANT BECAUSE I LIKE IT, NOT BECAUSE THE PRINT REMINDS ME OF CHANEL OR THE SHOULDERS HAVE THAT EXAGGERATED SILHOUETTE THAT'S SO HOT THIS SEASON!! ROARRRR. OKAY? OKAY. OKAY. OKAAAAAAY.
Go on, applaud me. Pat me on the back. You know you want to.

So this morning, with this and some Japanese street style in mind, I tried combining different elements that IIIII like into an outfit. I don't know what I think of the outfit yet, it doesn't really feel "right". Still trying to master the clashing technique.Dress/gloves/glasses/key shoelace necklace/bloomers/tee/purse are all vintage. Belt, Claire's. Skirt, Gap Kids. Shoes, Converse.

It was actually pretty funny. Krea and I are bopping down the street, she's wearing one of our new tutus (we now have joint custody on 3 tutus-Claire's hunt successful). This lady, obviously dressed for work in a classy pant suit, stops us.

WOMAN: Are you dressed up for a school project?
WOMAN: So you just woke up this morning and decided to dress like this?
INNOCENT AND NOW A LITTLE SCARED CHILDREN: Yeah... (we're throwing in a couple laughs to seem polite and friendly, which we are not)
WOMAN: Oh, how cute! Can I get a picture of you two?
CONFUSED CHILDREN: Uh, sure....?!?!

So WOMAN takes a couple pictures of us with her phone, thanks us, and then walks away sort of shaking her head like "Ah, kids these days...."
We couldn't tell if she was commending us for having a little confidence or if she was amused, but we sure got a kick out of it!

Happy weekend! Posts might be rather sporadic for the next week or so because I'll be busy with End Of Summer Plans of Angst. I'll also try making a new Q&A vid because the one I made wouldn't upload to the computer and I accidentally deleted it from the camera o_o my new one will be better, though!