I love people

Ze otha day I received a lovely little gift from Suzanne and Rich, the creators of Weardrobe. Um, hi happiness! Weardrobe is a fun community where you can upload pictures of what you wear and tag your items as an online closet. They just started the site, and it's getting better and better, which is like beyond awesomeness because currently I can't think of it being any more awesome. Unless signing up came with like a free Miu Miu bag.

Anyways, the package was very very awesome. They had these special legos that had like flowers and steering wheels and EYES. Eyes! Such a treat! When I was little I had to use the really huge legos because I would've swallowed the little ones. I was 5. So, as you can imagine, I was very excited to have some conveniently sized lego for once.I built them a car.The package also had a Forever 21 giftcard. I walked out of that store in an air of success and accomplishment.
"Tavi, only you could manage to find this much crap."No, not crap at all! Thank you Rich and Suzanne!!! That was the first time I wrote in colored letters on this blog thang, btw. I love you that much.