i sometimes move

Here are two moderately accurate representations of me in motion, save the absence of my tail, which I cleverly hid. First is this video lookbook for Wren's Fall 2012 collection:
We shot it on the one rainy L.A. day of the year, and it was cool outside, and the house we were in had wind chimes and rugs hanging everywhere, and we listened to Cat Stevens, and it was really really rad working with people I've admired for years, and I quietly wept about the realization that life cannot always be this PRETTY.

It also occurred to me at some point recently that most people don't love talking about OUR DAUGHTERS AND THE MEDIA at parties, so I took those thoughts to TEDxTeen instead:

I hope you like both of them, and that you have a good rest of your week.


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Celia Bow said...

I love the Wren video it's so pretty and kinda creepy.

Maren said...

Very cool, Tavi! You are so amazing and such an inspiration to me! Your singing is really good and pretty!


Anonymous said...

These are great, the Wren one is kind of beautifully haunting.
X Jane

Suzy said...

You look like Francoise Dorleac in the 1967 movie Les Demoiselles de Rochefort. Dorleac was Catherine Deneuve's sister, who was also in the movie.

Your blond boufant with the headband reminded me of them.

When you "do" the 60's, you do it SO WELL!

Michelle said...

This video is beautiful! The colors and vibes are totally my style. Your hair and makeup is so perfectly vintage looking! The shots of you playing guitar remind me of 90s music videos.


mardijane said...

Oh wow, the first movie is stunningly shot. Cheers to the director and those who filmed it, it is freaking gorgeous! As are you!

Also, you don't sound how I imagined. I have no idea how I imagined you to sound but that wasn't it.

Well congratulations on all your success, you truly deserve it! (Even though I'm totally jealous!)

xx http://becoming-urban.blogspot.com.au/

Luxus Finds said...

Tavi, you very often remind me of Michelle Williams.

I find you totally rad.

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Oh gosh, that video is just gorgeous. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Awwww. Thanks for the videos.

vegiebug said...

Wow. Your TED talk was amazing and really inspirational, even for a girl whose not a teen anymore! Beautiful words :)


Sarah said...

Loved your TED talk! (and your collar, whoops look at me ms. constantly aesthetic). You're the greatest, dude.

China Lily

Anonymous said...

Why do you hide your tail? :( I really like your hair in the first and your singing. That was a very nice presentation you put together. I love ROOKIE.


Stephanie said...

Tavi. I wish you were around, and doin' all the great things that you do, back when I was a teen. I actually feel a bit cheated! Regardless, you and your work is inspiring to me and just as relevant to me though I'm nearly 30, because I'll always be in the process of "figuring it all out"...Always. So thanks for being awesome.

Charmaine said...

Bah! You're so insightful! I loved your TED video. So smart and so true! As a Feminist who loves fashion I completely get where you (and many others) are coming from. Thanks so much for posting, and keep up the great work! This is very inspiring, short as it is :).



Joy said...

love the presentation. so eloquent. i can sense that you're getting more and more comfortable with your public talks :D

Saskia CH said...

i just watched your ted video and you're unbelievable, in a good way. i loved that you're also inspired by a lot of tv shows. love you to the moon.


Brittany Sims said...

I loved your TED talk. It was honest and true and I'm 20.


Shere said...

you're so unique :O and your whole image is like a professional "brand". or are you professional already...

Shere said...

the joni mitchell of millennium :)

Rebeccak said...

Great TED talk! I am going to have to play this in my classes for training teachers when we discuss gender. This is wonderful!

Libertad said...

I must say you look adorable on the Wren video's. A mix of a modern Nancy Sinatra and Marianne Faithfull-like.

I wish girls would look more like those artist (knowing who they are, of course).


Whittney said...

You're quite charming on film.
I simply adore the person you are.

TheShoeGirl said...

TAVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the video. What a pretty little song bird you are :)


allthebigtrees said...

I absolutely love the video for wren xx

Anonymous said...

your stance on feminism is a very important one, one that more people need to hear. i'm sure that being in the position you are, you've dealt with enough sexism and ageism to span a few lifetimes (perhaps that wasn't the most appropriate usage of a euphemism considering the context...oh well). to know that despite all that bs you've maintained such a strong sense of self, and of what rookie should be, is very inspiring. i love rookie because it's a feminist publication that is also an incessantly sunny beacon of positivity. that is so important! why don't more people understand how important that is?? who knows, shit be crazy. anyway i really hope you keep pushing this message because honestly, if i had rookie when i was 15, i probably would have been happier, and slightly less alone in my in-my-headedness (not that it doesn't have the same effect on me now that i'm 20). someday the crazy ass media people will learn to shut up and listen for a change. until then y'all, let's all keep on keepin on, do what makes us happy, that'll show em. THE END

Beatrice said...

Hey Tavi, I watched your TedX video. You're so eloquent and charismatic, which I love, but above all, inspiring. Keep it up! You're a great role model for young girls and women :)

Boutique 73 said...

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Hanna said...


Stefania Rose said...

You are so intelligent and well spoken! I appreciate your realistic approach to feminism, and your desire to see more genuine female representations. You're doing amazing things for women and teens.
I honestly felt surge of confidence after watching you speak!

Kamila said...

I found myself uncontiously clapping by the end of TedX video - I really love what you guys do on Rookie and I've been reading it since the day it was launched (and I really need it to feel normal). Also it's such a pleasure to hear you talk (and sing, your voice is so deep and pleasant) - it's great that you show the world how real girls can be eloquent and funny and pretty and talented at the same time - you're the best example of that.
I probably sound like a creep but I just really wanted to show how much I admire your work.

Rachel Louisa. said...

Despite having heard of you for the first time a couple of years ago (I think it was in POP magazine?) I only just started following you yesterday. Your TEDxTeen talk chimed so perfectly with the post I just wrote on misrepresentation in the media that I felt I had to edit it to include it. Thank you for your insightful and heartfelt take on the issue.

Felicity said...

Both videos are fantastic (also, the first one's really pretty). I'm twenty-four, so I don't want to sound odd, but you are completely awesome. x

Anonymous said...

I love the pinch of darkness around the Wren video.
Greetings from Santiago, Chile.

@cristianpavezd on Twitter.
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/uywe6X

liluratu said...

not going to lie, I may have had a little tear in my eye listening to you talk about Rookie Mag (is that weird??? i'm figuring it out!).
p.s. a few days a go i was at this recording studio for my school production and this dude was like 'cat stevens was here yesterday' then i went around touching all surfaces and my hand now has the spirit of cat stevens ^_^ i regret nothing.

Anonymous said...

You're stunning and such an inspiration to other girls.

Emma x

Anna Saarinen said...


I just can't believe how you can be so great every way!!!
I admire you so,so much for your style, your smartness, your blog and everything I've seen from you! You really are pretty much like a perfect role model!

I just love those both videos. You sing really well and the video's clothes were lovely and the video was made so perfectly! And the sevond video was totally great. It made me admire you even more, if that's possible! I just wish I could have been in the audience...

Please keep blogging for a long time!!

Best wishes from Finland, Aduaa


Unknown said...

lovely videos! you look gorgeous



Hvit said...

I have to say that TED conference/talk thing was brilliant. I wish you'd started Rookie about 5 years ago when I had all those contradictions and more in my fuzzy teenage hormone riddled head. I know, like you said, it's not answers, but it's comfort, and it's kick-ass and inspiring too.

I have to say though, I didn't find 'bridesmaids' the film feminist at all, or particularly funny, or anything like that. The main character (yeah I know the actress wrote the thing too) was the same stereotypical cliché you get in so many other films, failed business- making cakes (non-threatening and feminine) and hey, she got the cute inoffensive guy at the end. Which is the aim of all our lives, right? Plus there was the really fat-funny/butch character that was such a painful cliche. Ouch.

Anyway, I agree with basically everything you've ever said eva... except that bridesmaids characters were that multi-faceted and that it was in anyway feminist. I kinda thought it sucked. I'm fully prepared to be wrong though.

On a totally different note, I like your outfit in the TED thing. And the first video is AWESOME. I love the melancholy creepy song and stuff.

A.D. said...

Grrrrrl, your TEDxTeenTalk is amazing. You are destined for great things. Thanks for being you, Tavi.

Alix said...

Wow, you totally made ​​a video ... In addition you sing divinely and you looks very much like Catherine Deneuve, beautiful.

X said...

It was so great what you said at that talk/conference! Really, just thank you. It's so important that those issues are discussed.
Lots of love from Denmark (Europe)

lizz said...

i loved your speech. :)

Emma said...

Hi tavi, I loved the Still Figuring it Out video. I think I'll always be "still figuring it out" but that's the beauty of life, no one is perfect. I watched Freaks and Geeks when I was 14 and having a character like Lindsay Weir made me feel accepted in some way. I love reading Rookie and I'm 25 so you're all doing a great job and making something worth while!

Well done!

Emma x

Angie J. said...

You're a very eloquent speaker! Very admirable :)


nataliya said...

you are so well spoken and i love how you used pop culture and teen tv shows in your presentation!!! i grew up watching those shows and they helped me to see that everything i was feeling WAS normal! i love both videos, in the one for Wren you scared me a little, which means it was really good! haha keep doing what your doing girl, i wish you were around when i was a teenager!!!


Anonymous said...

i love ur speech. totally my thoughts!

Anna L. Roeder said...

Love both videos!
You have a lovely voice.
And I think you have an admirable message about femininity.

Anonymous said...

I love this video of you at TEDxTeen , especially all of your um's and like's because it shows me you're not a grammar robot. I definitely agree with you about the lack of good TV role models for teenage girls, so right now I am stuck re-watching My So-Called Life--which I love, so it's no big deal, but I just wish there was something else out there--and reading actual books.

The lost girls said...

this is the prettiest thing in the world. the Wren video. its beautiful. you are seriously so talented at all sorts of things. and that song. its so cool! did you make it up? im assuming. i didn't even know you sang and played guitar. i really do have that song in my head now though. and the pretty clothes and your cool blonde hair that i wish i had. also, the second video, i went back and read that post you wrote about wanting to be pretty and stuff. i feel you keep the balance pretty well. i love that you don't care so much about what everyone thinks in a society where thats all everyone is thinking about. i try my best to do so as well and your blog and website rookie are so beautifully curated and makes me feel like there are obviously more people like me who care about more than one thing and have obsessions! i really wish we could just sit down and discuss freaks and geeks and the virgin suicides. because in that other video you posted a bit ago, the interview by style like you, i heard you mention if your life was going to be made into a movie or whatever you said i can't remember exactly, it would be a mix of the two and i totally agree. im actually interested in cinematography so im trying to make some sort of film similar to what you described. anyways you are really cool and inspiring in my eyes and also i would love to be your friend even though you don't have time for things like talking with followers and stuff, it would be cool. also has anyone ever told you you look like michelle williams a litttle? actually a lot when you were younger too. well you do and you also have similar voices or something haha. Anyhow, also i read perks of being a wallflower and actually i have to say it was the first time i ever took advice from a book or actually felt ANYTHING from reading a book. it was pretty awesome and im glad you recommended it on rookie. i should really just make this an email but oh well, i already typed it here.

K.K. said...

my english isn't so good to describe how much I like your video and also the way of your artistry. Yes, you are an artist and i love the world you create.

Helen said...

You're an inspiration. That is all.

sophie said...

What a haunting song....I Love it!!!

Offbeat Follies said...

I have to say that I disagree with your comment about Catwoman (or using her as the example in the context you gave her) In the right hands (as in, with a writer that cares), Selina Kyle can be a very strong, multifaceted and realistically flawed character - more so than many of the other female "villains" because she actually walks a fine line with what she considers to be right/wrong. She is deep, complicated and definitely worthy of a deeper look into. It's just such a shame that all of these females in the DC Universe (particularly Batman) have given non-fans such a negative opinion because they've fallen into the clutches of writers who refuse to give these women a chance.

B. said...

I love the song, the video and the speech!
It's great that many american people can speak so an original german with "only" 8 years of english at school can understand it :)

Love, B.

Lory said...

TAVI, that presentation was awesome, and so inspirational!I share your view on feminism. Please write a book about girls/ feminism/fashion/popculture! You are my blog superhero <3

kira said...

hah I laughed so hard at the MS paint powerpoint. The music video was very sixties (GOD, it's like you're living in this little sixties bubble. makin me jealous)

Constance said...

I admire the way your mind is!!! You're a gift!

Nell said...

You make really good points. As a person with feminist beliefs who is also into fashion and lipstick and everything that makes women 'soft' and 'too fragile to go on their own', it's really great to hear someone say it's okay to be like that.


Anonymous said...

Your Ted Talk was brilliant, Tavi! So inspiring. I love everything that you stand for and you express yourself wonderfully. You are so right about those contradictions that seem to be present amongst girls, like if you're interested in clothing, it has to be about dressing for boys, or you can't be a feminist and like fashion. Such double standards! Kudos to you!


maya.autumn said...

there are times like this when i wish i was from America so i could have an american accent,but i'm not:(
oh welllll...this is great<3


Trisha said...

I really appreciated your TED talk! I have been struggling with my identity and my feminism since I was a teenager and I think I finally realized I don't have to fit a certain bill, as you said. I can be multi-faceted. Even though I am 27, I love your Rookie mag, and will prob still love it when I am 40! :)

cartoonfruit said...

that was really cool of you.
yeah, if you believe that women should be equal to men, then you believe in feminism.
the definition of feminism is getting really weird, probably because of the media in some way.
like you said, feminism is not "a rule book". you can still enjoy "girly" things like makeup, you just also believe that yeah... women should be equal to men.
and if you don't believe that, well then... lol

Sabina said...

Aw wow, best power point presentation ever! But seriously, great motivational speech--and as always you are wise beyond your years. Very good points about feminism being a conversation rather than a rule book. I know that statement is not a recent one for you but that hardly makes it less valid or timely. Preach it! ;-)

Also, I loved that Wren video. As soon as I watched it, I sketched up a portrait from one of the stills, because, um, that's what I do I guess! Hope you like it.


Anonymous said...

I love your talk, it's amazing that you are able to get your views on a pretty serious problem in society across in such a funny, interesting way (with great paint skills!). I may not be a teen any more, but saying you're a feminist isn't something many people understand and it's nice to know I'm not alone. Keep up the good work with Rookie and well done!!

Maria said...

Tavi, you're such an inspiration to me! The talk was brilliant! I just feel like you are so wise and so good at everything you do. Honestly, you are a huge inspiration. <3 Thank you!


Unknown said...

Moi, J'ieme Tavi! Meaning I love Tavi! I mean I could have just said that in English the whole time but...yeah whatev's. Anyways, I'm Salmah but you can call me Sal and the first video (no, it's a film darling) yeah film, was wicked creepy. It was like someone went into my inner subconscious and brought all my fears and style drama's into one whole beautiful concoction. I love the sixtie's nostalgic vibe there. I'll follow forever girl! -Yours truly


my name is karen. said...

love the wren video. love your singing voice.

Alonso said...

The video is cool,congratulations for this great post.Daniela dedipendenti statali

Anonymous said...

Oh Tavi,
Bang up job. It's wonderful what you're doing and I want to say that I really enjoy your blog and your new magazine is fantastic. I feel as though I've gotten to know you which is kind of weird for me since you have no idea who I am and it feels like I have a weird fangirl situation going on (please ignore the Hey Arnold!-esque bubblegum statue of you in my closet). At any rate, I've never commented before and I just wanted to say that.. I'm a fan and you're awesome.
Keep on trucking!
Yep. I'm ending it like that.

Juanka said...

You´re incredible girl! I love your blog and the work you do. Thanks for bringing more colour and audacity into my life.


RA said...

how great!

J. Fedor said...

You are really lovely, cute and smart! love it :)


Christiane said...

The Wren videa was very beautifully.

I must say that I am pretty impressed of your talk. Even though you are "only" sixteen you are good at getting your point through and you have really thought about it. When I was your age I would never had been able to do the same. I was one big mess of confusion and contradictions.
I admire you.

Unknown said...

wow!!! You're lovely and very smart& funny!
You look stunning in first video and your voice reminds me on Bjork!!!
Stay cool

blahlah said...

so well spoken and smart. wish we were pals in the real world.

Jorge Quintero said...

Great prentation. You're so cute <3


Unknown said...

I love your blog so cute


Unknown said...

Hi Tavi,
I'm french and my english is not very good so ... I just want to tell you that you are so incredible !
Congratulations Tavi :)


Adults for RookieMag!
Adults for Tavi Gevinson!
You are so worldy, smart, inspiring, humble, and thorough in all that you do.
I'm constantly struck by your mind and capacity to do such wonderful things. And for being such a POSITIVE influence for young girls, teens and women everywhere!

chloe said...

Wow...i don't really read your blog because i thought its just some crazy kid or something..yea sorry. But now after listening to you...man you stole my heart.I can't belive how awsome you are seriously. Keep rocking!

Lizz Aubrey said...

I'm a whole 10 years older than you, and I'm incredibly inspired by your TedxTeen talk. Thank you for explaining yourself so beautifully. Also thank you for the thoughtful and lovely music video. You shine!
- LizzAubrey

Jelly Blog: http://www.lizzaubrey.com/

Uso Tópico said...

Hi Tavi! Your video is beautiful, really. It's a dream-teen children all at one time wanted to meet remote. I love your blog, because it is an escape, a healthy personal escape with which you express yourself with little stereotypical and many intentions to please everyone.
We are from very different cultures, different tastes and yet I identify very much with you.
I send you a big hug, Mariale from VENEZUELA


Anonymous said...

I think there's a lot of continuity between the music video and the amazing talk on feminism you gave.

I completely relate to craving my life to be as PRETTY as the video. I spent my teen years wishing I had been a club kid, living immersed in a fantasy land.

BUT ultimately that kind of existence or identity, is one-dimensional - much like the so-called "strong" female caricatures you described.

As i get older, i try more and more to relish in the fact that my life isn't even close to always glamorous. Unlike people in TV, movies, etc., real people's identities are contradictory, fluid, and complex. And i'm grateful that we get to be real.

x Peter

Anonymous said...

wow, tavi. I’ve been following your blog the last 2 years, and I never commented or anything.
those 2 videos are amazing. I don’t know which one inspires me more.
i finally started my own blog, and even though i decided to do it in german (it is about one of the contradictions you are talking about - mind vs aesthetics) i wanted to thank you for being you and sharing your thoughts and creativity.
thank you!

Mathilda said...

Tavi you are the most interesting artist of this century. And so are you followers. You're my best antidepressant. Thank you.
Mathilda Kóvak

Anne-Fleur said...

I really enjoyed both videos! It's so nice you have so much to say, while there are so so many people who don't. It gave me something to think about, being in a "I feel this, no wait, why am I then feeling this also?" mood.
When I wake up tomorrow I'll be Stevie Nicks.

By the way, that is you singing right? I really like your voice.
It reminds me a bit of Zoeey Deschanel and Jaymay :)

C. said...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sb-SVPJM4L4 (hey there, can't say much) *

cancercowboy said...

yep, eeriest raccoon ever ^_______^
but with a beautiful voice. seriously, is there anything you can't do or are at least really bad at? might be refreshing for the egos of your readers ^____^
second vid is interesting and kinda short but that corresponds with the topic in an odd way. made me just wish that people read more books. all these universes, all these characters, all those experiences up for grabs.

Thanh said...

Love these two videos of you. Thanks for sharing, Tavi. It's always great hearing your voice!

Kartunista said...

Amazing videos Tavi!

Annika Victoria said...

Oh wowwwwwowoww, I just found your blog through TED, and I wish Rookie was around a few years ago when I was maybe halfway through my teens! You're the best inspiration for young girls, and your talk made me feel all happy with the world :) and by the way, you seem to have figured it out much more than most people many years older than you!

Brigitte Bell said...

You have a beautiful voice, and you are extremely well-spoken. I love your blog and advocacy of girl/teen empowerment/self-esteem. You rock.

"Just be stevie nicks" hahah

Rosie Kethel said...

Hi Tavi,

I am 13 and I loved your TED talk. Despite what you said about not trying to be the perfect role model for teenage girls, I think you would have to be one of them so thank-you!

Lo que lleve la rubia said...

great tavi!


that's what she said said...

Funny that you posted videos, cuz I ran into this one http://www.ethelvaughn.com/ and reminded me of you blog, this sepia.. 70's atmosphere.
I used to envy cuz you're so young (and so much younger than me for my dispair) and have accomplished so much. First I thought it was so unfair that a 13-year-old would be recognized in the fashion industry and I who have majored in fashion design (by the time I "discovered" you I was still in college, but still...) can't even find a job. But then I started really reading your blog and saw that you're a really smart girl that desirves all the recognition(?). Your blog is completely different from all the undistiguish mass that fashion bloging became.
You're speech for TED is amazing. I've lived a little longer than you and still I had to watch your talk to understand some things.
Now I really admire you. I stiil envy too, but with admiration.
P.S.:Pardon my English, that's not my first languange.

Coocoo said...

You have an awesomely soothing voice (that probably sounds really creepy, oh well :3).

Anyway, I'm glad I found your blog.
xo, your new follower, L

Anonymous said...

Tavi, I am a feminist myself and i believe in empowerment of not only the heart but also the soul. Keep up the awesome work. Recently I have been struggling with the 'pretty' issue. Living in a society where everything is so mass produce it can be hard to not just fall back and be a random face in a crowd. I live in the south, Tennessee which can be so bad about being 'pretty' that one day I just had to tell myself that I was done living for the world, and for my friends (honestly.), for stupid boys, for magazines, and mostly for 'pretty'. 'Pretty' is everything I don't wanna live up to.

Jessicat said...

I totally just re-descovered your blog after some years. Your doing some awesome shit yo! It's totally inspiring and I think your Ted Talk is totally applicable to every woman all the time.

Your a star ^_^

...a start thats going to make me leave the bread rising too long, but I'll be listening to Galaxy 500 while I do that, thank for reminding me!

Jessicat said...

I totally just re-descovered your blog after some years. Your doing some awesome shit yo! It's totally inspiring and I think your Ted Talk is totally applicable to every woman all the time.

Your a star ^_^

...a start thats going to make me leave the bread rising too long, but I'll be listening to Galaxy 500 while I do that, thank for reminding me!

Unknown said...

This is fantastic! I love it


Question Mark said...

The TEDxTeens was amazingly inspiring.
I find it cool that there are young people like you out there who believe that it's worth it to stand up and just say out loud what we think is wrong with our society, but also what we'd like it to be.

Adriana F said...

I love the Wren video and your singing :) Your talk is really impressive, you are very smart and also very talented at communicating your thoughts both in oral and written form... congrats!! You are an example for everyone, not only young girls!

Anonymous said...

I really like then congrats!

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Planetzim said...

Dear Tavi

I wish I was that insightful when I was your age, I'm still figuring it out and I'm 36! The best realisation though is you are who you are because of your flaws. I love the point about women being multi facitted. I set up my own blog recently and have a little panic about it every day....what the heck to write about, I am interested in so many things.

I also set up my own company recently. planetzim.com

Bea Thompson said...

I LOVE the Wren video... And it is lovely to see how well spoken you are!

xo Bea


Anonymous said...

Well sung and well talked! You are a wise girl and I think you will be considered to have had a major influence on this time we are living in. And that is great! I am 31, a mother of two, and still figuring it out.

diandra said...

i'm turning 30 this year and when i was in high school and junior high i had riot grrrl, sappy girl, and canadian feminist indie punk to hold me together. i had a band and a zine and volunteered / worked at the womens centre. i had an ezine too. i've spent the entirety of my twenties "working with youth" and defending young feminist culture to stupid adult feminists who think young women dont care and aren't engaged. thank you for your tedxteen video. XO

Nikki B said...

You're a star.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to love someone who doesn't know you, and you don't know him? If it is - Tavi, I love you. I really do. You are like the voice of this garbage inside my head right now. And If you don't mind I will play a prophet now: you, Tavi Gevinson, will be one of these women we all admire, one of these women who I describe with simple "wow, this is IT", one of these women who will be remembered for really long time.
Greetings from Poland - Zosia

Tish.Tash. said...

Dear Tavi,

You're an inspiration, just like Caitlin Moran, an English writer for a british newspaper The Times. She is also a feminist. She's recently written a book called "How to be a Women" which I really think you'll like, as she too shares similar views as yours. I'm sure you've probably come across her, or have been told about her new book, but just incase you hadn't, I felt it a duty to introduce her into your life.

I hope you get the chance to read " How to be a Woman" and enjoy it as much as i did.

With love

Unknown said...

cool vid babes, it's really cool how u've achieved so much, u're such an inspiration dear! hope more success will be coming ur way, we all know u deserve it ;)

xx nathan.niche


Hassan Mir said...

what a Nice Post ....

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Anonymous said...

Your voice and you look like Scarlett Johansson. You sing so well. Your voice is deep and calm. Thank you for this nice video! xoxo Kseniya

Unknown said...

Tavi you into atmospheres that do not know ...

Anonymous said...

I think you're a very smart gal! ;)

Ina Vitale said...

Hi Tavi!

I thought your TED talk was great, but when you mentioned that you didn't know of any current shows featuring realistic multifaceted teens, I thought of the first 2 seasons of Skins (the UK version). If you haven't checked them out, you should, because I have found them to feature the most fair portrayals of teen feelings I've perhaps seen on television.

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Lydia Armstrong said...

There is a reason you have become such an influential person in blogging and teen feminism. You never cease to blow my mind. I LOVED your TEDtalk. I actually teared up a little around 5:49, where you talk about hopefully inspiring girls to give themselves the permission to find answers. You are so on the right path.
Also the first part of your talk reminded me a little series I do periodically on my blog called "What it means to be a girl" where I talk about sexuality and the "Cat Woman" type figures, modesty, gender roles, and how this affects how we dress, our self-image, and who we are.

If you want to take a peek, here's a link to one of the first posts I did:


bookworm9822 said...

I love the TEDxteen talk video; it's so fabulous! At this point in my life, I'm figuring out a lot about what it means to be me and to hold up things I support and believe in, so it's great to have that message in my head. Thank you.
And the Wren video: GOLLY GEE, that is so absolutely wonderful and haunting-but-in-a-good-way and incredibly beautiful.
Love Ellie

Elleaimelamode said...

I love TEDx event !
All talks are really interesting. I like yours because you're really funny with your draw and you speak clearly about what you thing about women. So thank you for share this video !


Angelina Clarke said...

That's a great post as well as the video.
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flonlis said...

Being creative is the glue that holds you together....whatever age/gender/financial status/belief/ethnicity you are. Loving life and knowing we are all going to die one day pushes us to discover, love, enjoy, seek out our truth. Kudos for living life to the fullest! -Lis xo

Anonymous said...

I really liked the first video! It was so nice and cute and beautiful and that hair really fits you!

Henrietta said...

You saved me. You are honestly the coolest, best person ever. Love you!

softersoftest said...

The Wren video gave me goosebumps. It's so hauntingly beautiful and heartfelt.

JojoStylee said...

you make me wanna wear more eyeliner

Jacqueline said...

I am a nearly 50 year old woman and I don't remember how I stumbled onto your site just after you began it. But stumble I did and I've been reading ever since. I want you to know that you inspire me all the time. Thank you.

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Bella said...

The Wren film is so eerie and haunting but nostalgic at the same time. The grainy film quality just adds to the awesome retro feel. Plus...THE CLOTHES. UGH. SO WONDERFUL. Your speech is great, too. Very funny and witty but informative. I totally agreed with everything that you said. As a Hispanic girl, I wish we had more Hispanic female characters that are powerful women without being stereotypical.

Jamshaid Ayaz said...

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La Clochard said...

You are just too amazing, girl!

Unknown said...

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Your video clip is beautiful and very professional.
Now in my blog the 90's.
I Invite you all!

her said...

Are you real? You're too awesome for words! Tavi for president!

cutey said...

Love the haunting quality of the Wren video.

the 90s will never die said...

totally random: I've been watching Daria lately, and I'm surprised you said it's your favorite show when they did an entire episode criticizing Jane Pratt and her interpretation of "youth culture," and you've collaborated with her and love Sassy too. just a random observation -- I was curious how you felt about that episode :)

zoë fau said...

your so awesome tavi!
I just started blogging and my blog is quite new, it would mean a lot to me if you guys would check it out :) thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

You have a very lovely and surprisingly mature voice! Keep on singin'!


Shakilaaa said...

There should be more people like you in the world. Your just full of inspiration :D

DSTONE Magazine said...

Love it!


Lyndsey said...

Neat talk. I think what you were getting at in your talk is that real women are bound by limitations, whereas superwomen archtypes seem to not have any (limitations, that is).

Alyssa said...

Awesome blog Tavi! Everyone check mine out! Only 1 post so far but stay tuned. :)

bruises and bellcurves said...

love you tavi!


Leeda Johns said...

You are just brilliant !!!! Congrtas for the twos videos : i love !!!!!
You are just a "fashionizer", your blog is famous and but I know you'll say probably not but I just want to express my admiration ... You are still a girl and you made ​​and lost fashionable ! Your outfits are always inventive, we do not expect them necessarily but that's what I like because the fashion is primarily a means of expression and creativity :)
I'm not interested in your blog because you're famous, no, I just want to tell you again : Bravo ! You did a magnificent course and you have not finished with fashion ... Good luck for the future Tavi !!

Pris HT said...

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Unknown said...

You go girl!!
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Amy ♥ said...

Both are amazing! You're so talented. And the second video is brill, so inspiring. I love how you're so passionate about what you're talking about. Keep going! :)x

Anonymous said...

Wren vid! Yes!

Anonymous said...

Loved the first video, it is so scary but still beautiful. And continue being a feminist!

Jean Stranquist Design Studio said...

both Stevie Nicks and Angelina Jolie are Geminis - good twins

good talk young lady *

Carolyna's world said...

awesome. Btw happy b-day :-)

Mamma's Chest said...

The second video is hilarious, you've got a great sense of humour. And obviously, loads of talent.

pulchritude said...

WOW. Just wow.

lizzhatfield said...

It was really a great job, as you can see you have been a great inspiration to some.
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Margo said...

красиво, интересно...НРАВИТСЯ!

Anonymous said...

fricking beautiful in the wren video.I love your singing voice , I'd love to hear it more.and your speech was great but not as great as the ending.I mean to be stevie nicks is just the best thing I have ever taken away from anything xx

melissa said...

You are so talented, great to see you are still giving it! Love the music videos x

Polly said...

Congratulations - you are truly an amazing person. Best wishes.

Meredith said...

Everything about this makes me happy and hopeful.

Anonymous said...

didn't know you had such a magical voice! keep it up.

Stinky said...

I love all of these photos! I just came across your blog, its a definate follow


Matilda Delaporte said...

ray of sunlight.

Linda said...

This is an absolutely nice blog.

Helen Neely

Anonymous said...

Tavi, you remind me of a young Michelle Williams.

honeynettles.blogspot.com said...

Tavi, I am almost 30, and constantly, to myself and out loud, ask myself how did the women's movement go so wrong that a whole generation of girls (born in the 80's to late 90's and maybe beyond) feel the need to speak like morons to make themselves attractive to men and likable to other women (Like.... um... yeah he was totally like not into it and whatever). You are not one of them. I congratulate you for your eloquence and thank you for giving me a little more faith in humanity :P.

Michael said...

Tavi!! Congratulations! I just watched that TED video which brought me here. You are very incredible, wish you well

Cat Bell said...

I really loved the TED video! And I am 30 and still figuring things out (;

Selina said...

Your words were great, love your style and you are such a great role model! greetings from Finland :-)

Pam Nagourney said...

Tavi, you are wise beyond your years and your TEDx video was such an inspiration. I never leave comments like this but I'm truly blown away by you.

harmony guy said...

I agree with Pam. You are really wise beyond your years.


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NadNotes said...

You got brains. I like.

Unknown said...

Tavi, you are an amazing girl! <3

hugs from brazil

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