small things

Yesterday was the four-year anniversary of this blog! Congratulations to me for never pressing the "delete" button. I spoke at TEDxTeen, which was a nice way to bring it all full circle or something, and that video will be up next week. I couldn't think of a good April Fool's joke for today, but I will direct you to last year's and one from three years ago, both of which I am still very proud of, so proud that I don't know why I haven't won any Nobel Prizes or presidential elections or other fancy things for them.

Here is a photo I took with help from my dad (I'm never sure how to credit someone if it's just me being like LISTEN TO ME AND STAND HERE AND PRESS THIS BUTTON AND DON'T MOVE?) in L.A. a couple weeks ago. My coat was a gift from Wren and I got the shoes at a vintage fair.