purple hair and jaguars and retirees

I am now at Fashion Week, stalking people whose style I admire to take their picture for STOPS, the street style project of GARAGE Magazine, at which I am a contributing editor. It is one of my favorite fashion magazines ever for how interestingly it incorporates all other kinds of inspiration. I am pleased to work for any fancy publication that would let Edward of Meadham Kirchhoff and I curate our own section devoted to the work of young feminist artists and zinemakers and girls making inspiration diaries from their bedrooms. (I really need to make a video flipping through it soon.) Here are today's subjects, whose pictures I plan on compiling at the end of the week into a game of Guess Who, as well as a quilt, and a giant posterboard to hang in my room that says BEST OF FRIENDS.
I really appreciated MJ's rainbow pills with the black and white crazy pants print.
Arabelle, who also writes for Rookie, could wear sweatpants and still I'd be like OMG YOUR OUTFIT YOUR HAIR, but she also wears vintage lace collars that correspond with her Zana Bayne harnesses and by that point I can't even handle it anymore.
Kristin's very textured self understands my need to be constantly entertained and amused because I kept freaking out about each individual detail. KNEE ZIPPERS OK.
Nicolette was wearing jaguars and polka dots together and it needed to be documented.
And Erin said she hated her school uniform when she was in school and now she is a grown lady who wears that style by choice all the time. I recommend her coverage and lovely photos of Lauren Moffatt's presentation, which fits right in with her adorable outfit.

Here I am, contributing editing. Photo by Arabelle.
Sweater from Edward, skirt gift from Miu Miu, Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony shoes, and I borrowed the bag from Anaheed. The sweater has the little flying heart witch from the album art for Hole's Live Through This, my desert island album. This outfit is kinda like this combined with this.
The necklace is my mom's, the barrettes are all randomly accumulated, and the ring I made by gluing a thing to another thing. Lately all I do is sit at my desk and watch stuff and find things in my room I can glue onto rings or to pipe cleaners to then shape into rings. (I do this using my muscles.) The button my dad got at a retirement party. Little did young Billy (idk) know that he would one day be immortalized on a stranger's sweater! The mints just felt appropriate to include here.