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I haven't posted pictures of this...shrine? of mine before because it's almost a bit too precious, but it's so relevant to the vibes in everything I'm posting right now. I am definitely going through a phase with vomit pink and Laura Palmer's Secret Diary and black swans and white swans and girls. It should be noted that I don't equate "girl"with pink and red and bows and dolls and babies, the entire aesthetic is more about mocking those connotations, though I would be lying if I said I never really just wanted to indulge in bows and glitter and sickening cheesiness.

In Real Life terms, it's like how I'm really into high school drama and talking about Taylor Swift ~pwoblemz~ because I love how funny it all is, but I think it's perfectly natural and healthy to sincerely enjoy that stuff too. Obviously, there's much more to teenage girls and the thoughts of such than boys with noteworthy eyeballs, but I resent the idea that such thoughts are, in our culture, considered vapid because they're also considered specific to young females. Larger scale examples of "girl=dumb," or, "what we deem as 'girl' even though a lot of girls don't fit that stereotype=dumb": "Twilight fans are so lame and dumb and sad!" (see also: Justin Bieber fans), "Joanna Newsom's music sounds too delicate, by which I mean, feminine!", and Kathleen Hanna being told that she couldn't be A Smart Feminist who also said the word "like" in the excessive way that is typically thought of as specific to teenage girls.

The fact that "smart" and "girly" have to be mutually exclusive gets in the way for someone like me who would like to go to school wearing an outfit I obviously spent time on picking out or with my classmates knowing that I spend a lot of time writing and thinking about clothes -- since fashion too is considered a "girl" thing-- and still be taken seriously when it comes to class discussions. It's also worth noting that in all the times I've been accused of being an adult posing as someone younger and writing this blog, and considering that we live in a society in which women are not always judged solely based on merit and so criticisms towards women should be examined for sexist stereotypes, I'm going to take a wild guess that some suspicions stemmed from the idea that a teenage girl who likes fashion can't also do something that requires some very basic knowledge. Do you like how I passive aggressively added that in the end there?

With all that said, let's indulge in some bows and glitter, yes?
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