human league

Tonight was the bestest. I held a party with my pal Jonah for a short film he made and I voiced a character for called Cadaver, and after the screening, we danced to the music of a fantastic Jean Ralphio-esque DJ whose name was actually DJ Martial but who myself and my other fashion blog buddies and Rookie staffers referred to as DJ MRAHHHHHH. He asked us for bands to check out and we gave him awful fake band names. Then he was mad at us and apologized for not being cool enough to be in our "pin frown club," because Anaheed was wearing a brooch and I guess we were all frowning. Despite our differences, we bonded over the beauty of Dexy's Midnight Runners and the Spice Girls. MUSIC REALLY DOES BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER.

Here are more photos I took for STOPS, GARAGE Magazine's user-generated style catalog where you can submit your own look and enter in gifting contests for the most creative interpretation of whatever brand or style you're wearing.
Jenna from Jezebel had a really great collar-necklace thing happening, and Claire's dress has faces on it, and the color of the faces' necks matched her socks perfectly, and she has red hair like the faces do, and I freaked out a little bit.
Brodie did a stripes-and-floral situation, also known in all circles that matter as the BEST kind of situation, plus schoolgirl shoes. Meagan was a beautiful witch. Watching her dance was an experience.
Laia solved the problem of wanting to be comfy and dance freely but still look awesome, and her event-appropriate HEART necklace was perfect and looked so good with her tattoos. I wore a vintage Wednesday Addams dress that has 20 buttons on it, tights given to me by the Rodarte sisters, shoes given to me by Rachel Antonoff, and my Twin Peaks/rosary necklace.

For real though, the best decisions I have ever made were starting Rookie, doing Reading Olympics in elementary school, and being on my "Language Arts" teacher's hip hop team in the 8th grade. That footwork is probably the only thing I learned in middle school that I have found myself using often.