a hodgepodge, if you will.

Hi! These are random photos I've taken recently. Not exactly outfit photos but I guess they go with the whole "character" thing. My face is the same always but that's because moving it would take effort and muscle and energy.
I'm getting better at the beehive! My sister took this picture below. We only have a tree because my mom is Norwegian so we do JUL for tradition's sake, but I SWEAR it's TOTALLY DIFFERENT from Christmas and that I really am a good Jew. I want to make this clear because I'd hate to get kicked out of the meetings, where I get to see my good friend Woody, the Stiller boys, Sarah Silvs, Natalie, Nimoy (or "Nimgoy," our name for him ever since he let it slip that he laughs at Whitney), the woman from your babysitting co-op, and the whole rest of the gang.
The Sound of Music is on our television set.

Did you see the post on Rookie of Spencer's mom's diaries and stuff? Here are the photos I neglected to include of just how much stuff there was. Ahhhh!
So pretty and cluttered!

I've recently come to understand, on an inarticulate level, the perfectness of Heart.

I added junk to the Twin Peaks best friend necklace I'm wearing above. A Jesus charm and a scented rosary, both from friends.

I bought this vintage jacket on Etsy, which isn't the coolest back story, but oh my GOD who cares it's so cooooool. When I was walking to school in it this old guy with a really long beard gave me a peace sign.
Some choice phrases: Not Cool, Are You For Real, Outlaw Underwear, Encourage Nudity in Flowers, Hippies Are More Fun Than People, Give Adam & Eve Another Chance, and Rembrandt Painted by the Numbers. Lots of them are from Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. It's totally worth watching this clip of Goldie Hawn explaining time zones, if only for her crazy saucer eyes.
And while I have your YouTube attention span, I LOVE this video of a 13 year-old talking about slut-shaming and why it's wrong. She's so badass and smart and articulate and I'm really glad to see the video becoming popular. Of course, this means people are already calling her script plagiarized or written by her parents, discrediting and invalidating the girl's intelligence and only further proving that sexism still exists. Could people quit it with that? I don't really have to deal with it anymore now that I'm 15 and it's been a few years, but damn, I guess people are horrified by whatever they were like in their awkward phase and so they can't imagine that any 13 year-old could be well-spoken. "WHO TALKS LIKE THAT?" This girl, obviously! So do her friends, because sometimes when your friend calls someone a slut and you say that's dumb and explain how you feel, they identify with it. She and her friends all sit around and say smart things and then in the future some things will be as awful as adults say they will and some things will be better, and we'll all have her and her friends to thank for being the people who make things better. I want her to beon Ellen and stuff so more girls can be praised in our media for being smart and articulate and feminist.
We just watched Miss Representation in my women's history class (school is great when it doesn't suck) and I also recommend watching that. You can find it online free if you google it, and the trailer is below. I wish it was required watching for our whole stupid school (school sucks when it isn't great) because of that girls-ranking list that went around last year and because so many posters for our new feminism club were defaced. One was taken down by a teacher who said he was offended! Awesome. Whatever, I'm just gonna go talk to my friend Ryan about it, he totally understands.
This girl is great, too!
And the new Wes Anderson trailer came out, but you've already seen it and posted it to your Facebook with some variation of "awtiuehfkj" and cried about how the world will never look this beautiful.
I'M SO EXCITED! And I will present any audience member who cries "hipster" with my AM I SUPPOSED TO JUST NOT LIKE ANYTHING EVER? monologue, which goes like this: AM I SUPPOSED TO JUST NOT LIKE ANYTHING EVER? AM I ONLY ALLOWED TO LIKE THE REALITY SHOW ABOUT THE STUPID PEOPLE SO I DON'T SEEM PRETENTIOUS? WHY CAN'T I LIKE THAT AND WES ANDERSON? Ugh, stereotypes are so complicated. I like "graphic novels" because I can be a member of the cultural elite without having to know any big words. I've cracked the code, suckers!
Anyway, I've already taken screencaps, analyzed each one, and cried over how easily I can see myself throwing away everything I own after seeing the movie to reconstruct it all out of sticks and then remembering how much I love the reality show about the stupid people and then I'll look around with sorrow at a room full of poorly crafted handguns and books called .'--l because sticks don't have letters on them except sometimes on accident it looks like it because of weird marks like.'--l.

THIS GIRL. Her eye makeup! Her hair color! Her kneesocks! Her collars! Her luggage! Her hand kisses! Her name is Suzy! I just know I'll try and emulate her essence for about half an hour after leaving the theater, my confidence shaken by a single fart. I'm sorry, I just refuse to believe that people like this fart. (Also, I'm obviously way into the love story as well. So glad those of us who never want to be in a position where you have to compliment or receive a compliment from the person you're dating now have a precedent for our dreams of a relationship that means just listening to records and trying not to be a dick.) (Omg, I'm such a Carrie!)

FRANCES MCDORMAND AND WARDROBE. It looks like all 60s prints and sweaters and raincoats. This is totally perfect.


THEIR WACKY ADVENTURES. I would be content with just a series of still lifes of carefully arranged pinecones, but we get a plot, too?! Enthusiastic foreign phrase I can't pull off in real life!

THE CAST. No caps for this one, but I'm really excited about all the possibilities of those two kids/Frances/Bill Murray/Jason Schwartzman/Bruce Willis/Tilda Swinton/Edward Norton interacting.

OK that is all, hope your January isn't sucking!