a hodgepodge, if you will.

Hi! These are random photos I've taken recently. Not exactly outfit photos but I guess they go with the whole "character" thing. My face is the same always but that's because moving it would take effort and muscle and energy.
I'm getting better at the beehive! My sister took this picture below. We only have a tree because my mom is Norwegian so we do JUL for tradition's sake, but I SWEAR it's TOTALLY DIFFERENT from Christmas and that I really am a good Jew. I want to make this clear because I'd hate to get kicked out of the meetings, where I get to see my good friend Woody, the Stiller boys, Sarah Silvs, Natalie, Nimoy (or "Nimgoy," our name for him ever since he let it slip that he laughs at Whitney), the woman from your babysitting co-op, and the whole rest of the gang.
The Sound of Music is on our television set.

Did you see the post on Rookie of Spencer's mom's diaries and stuff? Here are the photos I neglected to include of just how much stuff there was. Ahhhh!
So pretty and cluttered!

I've recently come to understand, on an inarticulate level, the perfectness of Heart.

I added junk to the Twin Peaks best friend necklace I'm wearing above. A Jesus charm and a scented rosary, both from friends.

I bought this vintage jacket on Etsy, which isn't the coolest back story, but oh my GOD who cares it's so cooooool. When I was walking to school in it this old guy with a really long beard gave me a peace sign.
Some choice phrases: Not Cool, Are You For Real, Outlaw Underwear, Encourage Nudity in Flowers, Hippies Are More Fun Than People, Give Adam & Eve Another Chance, and Rembrandt Painted by the Numbers. Lots of them are from Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. It's totally worth watching this clip of Goldie Hawn explaining time zones, if only for her crazy saucer eyes.
And while I have your YouTube attention span, I LOVE this video of a 13 year-old talking about slut-shaming and why it's wrong. She's so badass and smart and articulate and I'm really glad to see the video becoming popular. Of course, this means people are already calling her script plagiarized or written by her parents, discrediting and invalidating the girl's intelligence and only further proving that sexism still exists. Could people quit it with that? I don't really have to deal with it anymore now that I'm 15 and it's been a few years, but damn, I guess people are horrified by whatever they were like in their awkward phase and so they can't imagine that any 13 year-old could be well-spoken. "WHO TALKS LIKE THAT?" This girl, obviously! So do her friends, because sometimes when your friend calls someone a slut and you say that's dumb and explain how you feel, they identify with it. She and her friends all sit around and say smart things and then in the future some things will be as awful as adults say they will and some things will be better, and we'll all have her and her friends to thank for being the people who make things better. I want her to beon Ellen and stuff so more girls can be praised in our media for being smart and articulate and feminist.
We just watched Miss Representation in my women's history class (school is great when it doesn't suck) and I also recommend watching that. You can find it online free if you google it, and the trailer is below. I wish it was required watching for our whole stupid school (school sucks when it isn't great) because of that girls-ranking list that went around last year and because so many posters for our new feminism club were defaced. One was taken down by a teacher who said he was offended! Awesome. Whatever, I'm just gonna go talk to my friend Ryan about it, he totally understands.
This girl is great, too!
And the new Wes Anderson trailer came out, but you've already seen it and posted it to your Facebook with some variation of "awtiuehfkj" and cried about how the world will never look this beautiful.
I'M SO EXCITED! And I will present any audience member who cries "hipster" with my AM I SUPPOSED TO JUST NOT LIKE ANYTHING EVER? monologue, which goes like this: AM I SUPPOSED TO JUST NOT LIKE ANYTHING EVER? AM I ONLY ALLOWED TO LIKE THE REALITY SHOW ABOUT THE STUPID PEOPLE SO I DON'T SEEM PRETENTIOUS? WHY CAN'T I LIKE THAT AND WES ANDERSON? Ugh, stereotypes are so complicated. I like "graphic novels" because I can be a member of the cultural elite without having to know any big words. I've cracked the code, suckers!
Anyway, I've already taken screencaps, analyzed each one, and cried over how easily I can see myself throwing away everything I own after seeing the movie to reconstruct it all out of sticks and then remembering how much I love the reality show about the stupid people and then I'll look around with sorrow at a room full of poorly crafted handguns and books called .'--l because sticks don't have letters on them except sometimes on accident it looks like it because of weird marks like.'--l.

THIS GIRL. Her eye makeup! Her hair color! Her kneesocks! Her collars! Her luggage! Her hand kisses! Her name is Suzy! I just know I'll try and emulate her essence for about half an hour after leaving the theater, my confidence shaken by a single fart. I'm sorry, I just refuse to believe that people like this fart. (Also, I'm obviously way into the love story as well. So glad those of us who never want to be in a position where you have to compliment or receive a compliment from the person you're dating now have a precedent for our dreams of a relationship that means just listening to records and trying not to be a dick.) (Omg, I'm such a Carrie!)

FRANCES MCDORMAND AND WARDROBE. It looks like all 60s prints and sweaters and raincoats. This is totally perfect.


THEIR WACKY ADVENTURES. I would be content with just a series of still lifes of carefully arranged pinecones, but we get a plot, too?! Enthusiastic foreign phrase I can't pull off in real life!

THE CAST. No caps for this one, but I'm really excited about all the possibilities of those two kids/Frances/Bill Murray/Jason Schwartzman/Bruce Willis/Tilda Swinton/Edward Norton interacting.

OK that is all, hope your January isn't sucking!


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Jessica said...

Really nice pictures, especially the first one.


Anonymous said...

I am so in love with that Suzy girl, the collared dresses/eye make-up/knee socks -awesome. Plus that section about the 13 year old girl was really interesting, why are people so cynical of younger aged people actually being articulate and having an opinion. Great post as always plus I loved the third picture of you with the beehive, looks great.

Elizaveta Guseva said...

I'm really excited) it's very cool

Kailey said...

Ooh the background in the second picture is fantastisch! I love looking at pictures of other people's houses and trying to work out the titles of books in the bookcases! Meanwhile, I am totally s w o o n i n g at how gorgeous those diaries are, and Frances McDormand is too fabulous for words - have you seen her in Miss Pettigrew Lives for Day? Such a qt fluffy movie :'3 ALSO, 60s Goldie Hawn is my FAV. Such a underrated talent! For a while I would watch her tv special with Liza Minnelli n o n s t o p.


Flower said...

I love these mish mash posts you have been doing lately. Its really interesting and like a diary. Your blog always make me like "God, why do I never watch any decent movies?!"

lizz said...

that movie looks really good! i'm so excited for it

Jola Shangri said...

WOAH! What a long post again.
I like everything in it: the pictures of you...and the movies.

Catarina said...

Amazing pictures, I really love the black and white one, so beautiful :) x

AVY said...

You're so damn cute.

/ Avy

Christina said...

why are you so fabulous always? x

Zoë said...

Just reading your commentary on the youtube video of the 13 year old girl talking about slut shaming... It really says something when I, a 23 year old university graduate reads the entire blog post of a 15 year old girl. It really gives me hope, as I enter a dire jobs market that articulate young ladies such as yourself, the same age as my younger brother have ambitions and fucking PREACH to the ignorant about feminism. I get really despondent when I see the girls in my brothers class and would love to tell them that its "cool" to be a feminist, but I'm a twenty-something, not a contemporary so therefore i'm "old". I learn something from you everytime I read one of your posts, or rookie mag and I'm not bitter because of the age gap. This is turning into an essay, so I'll end on a lighter note - GREAT beehive, and this was my favourite line of this whole post - "I just know I'll try and emulate her essence for about half an hour after leaving the theater, my confidence shaken by a single fart. I'm sorry, I just refuse to believe that people like this fart." Lol. The end.

Yuma said...

How cute 2nd photo on you! I can't wait for that movie release:)


fashion BOOM said...

you are so so so so so cute

Luna S said...

You look so lovely with the beehive! I was just in awe of that thirteen year olds little rant there-if I'd been saying, no wait, thinking those things at her age, I would have blown my own mind. She's incredible! Thanks for sharing x


Anonymous said...

i love the photos, trhe one which is your twitter profile is so gorgeous!
The videos are all great. I love the 13 year old girl talking about slut shaming! i wish I was as cool as her.
thanks for introducing me to the wez anderson movie, it looks really amazing and i so want to see it.


Unknown said...

can't wait to see that film!

Karina Dr▲amer said...

I like you.
Great Blog.

Please visit http://fashionarylifeofkarina.blogspot.com/

Áine said...

I frickin' love your beehive. It's so amazing!
I have short hair, but I would grow it for months just so I could have a beehive every day. (Except I don't have the patience).

Caitlin said...

To me you are a work of art!!
I need your bedroom, I love the Stevie vinyls, and did I spot Sonic Youth in another language??! Wow. You're super adorable with a beehive. <3

Sophie said...

I am totally going to buy white knee high socks ready for the spring! I love the whole aesthetic of the trailer

Anonymous said...

Nice post, let me say this is the best one of those posts, Tavi ! :D

Esmée said...

Bill Murray!
My January will be complete if I'll go see Moonrise Kingdom!

Luna-Muse said...

you've got such a retro look about you! really inspiring :)

Leanne Woodfull said...

I feel like I was swirled back into the late 60s/early 70s reading this post, love it - so much inspo! Your beehive is great, I fail at doing one all of the time!
Fab as always, have a great New Year. x

Nagore Gonzalez said...

you're pretty :) maybe you should smile some times hahah :D
the lasts pictures inspire me a lot!

Stephanie said...

Wow, Tavi. Thank you for showing me that feminism is not dead. You are so smart and cool- yea sounds weird coming from a 28yo. But being a post-grad and disillusioned with a feminism that produced no tangible changes in the mainstream media, I am really blown away to see such a difference in your generation and in voices so young! Keep spreading the good word, as will I.

Elena Lovecat said...
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Joy said...

Love all the different videos, you're awesome. Thanks for the heads up about the Wes Anderson movie!

Hannah said...

wow you are gorgeous! xx


soo cute!


Elena Lovecat said...

Hi Tavi, your creepy satanist cult that worships you as saint and savior/followers need to know of you more often (if not on daily basis). So please, come here more often and just fart if you want, but keep us from biting our (or other's) nails to the roots. We always end up biting our hands and arms, too, and you can imagine how unpleasant it is.

The Fancy Teacup said...

Your beehive look is totally retro chic, you are getting it down to the tee. And Suzy just stole heart, too. x


Unknown said...

That first photo is beautiful, and I'm loving the beehive.


Tabby H said...

Hey Tavi
I'm 14 (like you) and I'm blogger aswell (just not as good as you)
I love this post a little too much... a bit random but what brand of eyeliner do you use? I've been trying to perfect the winged look but it keeps smudging. Thank you SO much if you read this,
Tabby MTH

Leira Zetroc said...

You rockin' that 60s/70s hippie chic, gurl! I love looking at all these vintage stuff you manage to pick up!


Hazel said...

OBSESSED with your rainbow "coat of many colors" 60's trippy dress you have on there. And the beehive is seriously supreme. I love it.

Our Youth said...

you're so right about the girl on youtube. i love the video.
i remember ''people on the internet'' talking about you a while ago: ''i'm sure tavi's parents are forcing her to dress up and blog about fashion.'' sigh... everyone's different. not every 13-year-old is clever, not every 13-year-old is silly. some people really have no idea about anything...

lovely beehive by the way!

Anna said...

wahwahwahwah!!!!! the VIBES!!! so glad i just bought a portable plastic record player and if that makes me sound like a dick I REGRET NOTHING xxxx


Claire said...

Ahhh! I don't know where to start.... First of all both of those movies look absolutely amazing. Second, YOUR JACKET. Its also extremely amazing as is everything else in the post.

Sampada said...

Very excited for Moonrise Kingdom, GOTTA LOVE WE ANDERSON! And, what? Liking his movies is hipster now? Well, then...screw that :)



Yasmin said...
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Yasmin said...

Really cool blogpost. Loving the 60/70's vibes! Also dig the diaries, the letters, the record player - they're all cute items. Lastly, that 13 year old girl is so intelligent and so mature; she's brilliant.


Little Tree Vintage said...

moonrise kingdom is going to be awesome! and that video of the girl on slut shaming is awesome too!

Sarah said...

Ahh I'm obsessed with your beehive! And that little girl complaining about pink toys is adorable. Sexism sucks! I wish I was such a feminist at her tender age age. The Wes Anderson looks great! Why can't we all be as perfect as Suzy? *sigh* xxx

Ysabel said...

I see that you've been wearing rosaries and various christian paraphernalia. You publicly admit that you are Jewish, so wearing these things turns them into a fashion statement and kitschy when they actually have a spiritual significance to a lot of people, and you are using them to complete your "look". I'm not trying to hate, I've ben following you for some time and I love how rookiemag has turned out, I just wanted you to see my point of view.

thwany said...

smiling is so overrated anyways.

Brittney said...

Awesome post! I wouldn't know where to begin with a comment, so I'm just gonna read it all and soak it all in and say thank you! The marketing video is my favourite! ;)

his_girl_friday said...

I love how cranky you look in your photos. Keep up the good work and the beehive!

Melissa said...

i never find any cool vintage on ebay, but now i think its time to try again.

Domonique Wilson said...

I love everything about this post!The vintage is adorable!



Laure B said...

Omg omg omg, so exiting about Wes new moovie
but here, in France, we have to wait 16th of may ! finally, i kind of hate you now...

Celia Bow said...

I'm so excited for moonrise Kingdom to come out. I think I died when I saw the trailer.


Michelle said...

Wow, so many great visuals here. I love those diaries and wish I got to read them all! That pile of notes reminds me of the one I kept when I was younger and I really regret getting rid of it now. I wish I had a jacket that said 'Encourage Nudity in Flowers'!


Unknown said...

You + Wes = Awesome

ani said...

That movie looks like a total hipster movie, but i don't give a potato butt still gonna watch it!
Your eye makeup is so friggen cute!

Unknown said...

srsly????!! your mom is norwegian?????? :o holy macaroni, that means your norwegian!!!!! that's just rad ^-^

Lydia Armstrong said...

Ok, God, here goes: I love the 60's look you're doing, especially the eye makeup and the second "outfit" pic. I can't believe Spencer's mom kept all that stuff after all these years-- I love her little rows of diaries and how the notes are still folded in triangles. I've seen the trailer for "Miss Representation" like 50 times and cry every time I watch it, and it's great to know I can watch the movie online for free because I haven't done that yet. That girl's video on slut-shaming is awesome, and totally believable, because I was smart when I was 13 too. Makes me wonder about her female doubters. That little girl is amazing, and I totally used to work in the same toy store she's in (well, probably not the SAME one, but same company). And lastly, I think that Wes Anderson trailer just killed me. "No, what kind of bird are YOU?"

ninecentgirl said...

is the second look a vintage pucci? so must be... love the look.

CoryB said...

That little girl is so cool! And thanks to you, I spent my evening watching this documentary instead of doing uni work ;) Such an awesome documentary, I posted it on my blog too, obviously quoting you as a source! I am so happy that teenage girls are into feminism again, especially you, who has so many readers.


Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Wait, scented rosary beads? Brilliant.

Also, I definitely have to watch that film. RIGHT NOW!

WelcomeToTheMoon said...

Thank you for posting the Miss Representation video. I was not aware of this film, and I am so glad that you have brought it to my attention in time for me to make the screening in Richmond (Va) in two weeks. You are a force of nature! You bring a beam of glimmering hope to young females in America and the world. Thank you!

JakobSitterMidttun said...

Just wondering, have you been in Norway?

Anna said...

also can you do a beehive how to on rookie? i am such a failure at them but i love them. xxx

Lin Wan said...

Tavi, you are such an inspiration. Everything you posted send shivers down my spine and I love every single one of them! And Suzy, yes this girl we are supposed to discuss...Man she is such a beauty and did I mention how cool this movie looks! So gonna the movie now!
xoxo, Adrina


Tavi you look amazing adult! I like your choice of jacket!! I love these bright combinations of colors, because I live in Siberia, and we have all the people walking in the dark and gray dress !!!!!

zoomslow said...

Interesting that “The Sound of Music” is playing on your TV set. But was it on when you woke up? :-)

Stine Linnemann said...

Hey. Thanks for mentioning that Miss Representation documentary, I just watched it and really enjoyed it.

And yessssssssss, so excited for the new Wes Andersson! He's the only film-maker I PREFER going to the cinema alone to watch so I can just get totally sucked into the experience.

Happy that you find time to blog sometimes still. You know, I think you rock :)

Julia said...

Cool blog!!!!:)
Visit me!


Unknown said...

The part about Slut Shaming is probably the smartest thing I have heard all day. And this blog post is also the best/most awesome thing as well.

And I absolutely love Suzy's clothes. And suitcases. It always goes back to luggage and clothes... <3 <3 <3

Unknown said...

This blog post.
Made my day.
That is all.
Wait that's not all, I can't wait to see Moonrise Kingdom, a whole handful of my favourite actors are in it. And I need to watch that documentary. I'm 21 and nearly graduated college but men/other women still feel it's okay to treat me and my peers as silly little girls.

Drea xo

Liina said...

My mom has a recipe book that is in the exact same dark-purple-rose (or whatever) fabric as the diary! neat!

That jacket is out of this world, and, I hadn't seen anything from the new W.A. movie yet just heard people freaking on it...now I may have to join in that.

Johanna Nilsson said...

I mean geeez, it's gorgeous!

ok, first of all, those diaries! I want one.
Then that new Was Anderson movie. Can't wait.

Emma Lavelle said...

Awesome post .....I cant remember the last film I was so excited about than the new Wes Anderson. it's going to be epic xx

Jennifer said...

I LIKE ALL THINGS IN THIS POST ~ there is no eloquent way of putting it, without going off on a rambling tangent. But yes, this is good stuff.

Cess said...

Tavi, I love all your posts and , even thought this wasn't an outfit posts, outfits... You make me smile alot, which is cool. And your funny. And fashionable. And I would say pretty, but being pretty isn't really (in my opinion) that important... Anyway you are rad! YES!!!

Madeleine said...

Whoa, huge post! Never heard of Wes Anderson before...oh well:) The film looks pretty cool though!

Mitchie said...

i like the post but its kinda offensive that you wear a cross just as decorative purposes.
Its not a toy, Tavi...

Anonymous said...

Your beehive is fab-ulous!

Juliette said...

i really want to see miss representation! a lot of the stuff about women in the media and in politics relates to what my country (australia) is going through at the moment. we have a female prime minister and every second article or comment about her is in regard to her appearance or whether people think she's a 'bitch' or wrong for being unmarried. this documentary looks great.
i also love the prettiness of the rest of the post, of course! great beehive.. i've been trying and failing at that one for a while, i can't seem to get the volume!

Katarzyna Zuzanna said...

wow, you look lovely. audrey it is. xx


E.N.H. said...

so tavi, I'm pretty sure I've never commented on this blog but i've been following it (and rookie) for months and ugh you post the coolest stuff and you're so lucky you have a women's history class and omg just eye candy/inspiring feminist commentary etc <3 ! also I've known about miss representation forever and I'm kind of a lazy butt for never bothering to watch it so that's what I'm doing tonight.

so uh, yeah just wanted to say all that.

Victor said...

I love your beehive, I always thought you did it really nice!

Anonymous said...

I really missed your posts!! Loved this one in particular.
Greetings from Santiago, Chile.

@cristianpavezd on Twitter.

Bee said...

Love the Etsy vintage jacket! I CAN NEVER FIND GOOD FINDS LIKE THAT! Now following!

LaMonda said...

sooooo sweet


cs0jk said...

Love your diary collection and nice eyeliner X

CULT style

CraftinessbyB said...

Your manner of speaking isn't that odd (or old fashioned). I was raised by everyone it seems, 3 generations of my family. So I was exposed to all manners of speech and movies and music (Sinatra, Marx Bros for example). Fun little blog you have young lady!

miss annie said...

especially the girl with her eyeliner , her dresses and her collar caught my attention! fabulous post! and by the way : the second photograph of you is amazing (not that any of these were not , but this one is definitely my favourite one!)
one more thing : rookiemag is really addicting and I guess that I spend my afternoons or evenings way to often with scrolling down the pages and regarding the stunning photographs or reading those really amazing texts!

Dagmara said...

Both an insightful and visibly pleasing post, as usual. Amazing video on slut-shaming.

Suzy is so damn beautiful it is, like, unbearable. And her outfits! Ah


Alina Hilton said...

You are pretty :)))

Miss Woody said...

WAW I just love the black and white picture of you <3

Unknown said...

too cute!!!


Maxens M. Finch said...

Um, you know that feeling when you see something problematic on a (say) feminist site and are still scared of being told off for talking about it? Then I don't know if I'm the good person to talk about that because I'm not the one "aimed" by "dumb" (I don't have mental retardation) and I never was and probably will not be, so it's not like talking about ageism. Still, I think it's problematic for the same reasons as when people use "woman" or "childish" or related-less-polite-words as derogatory because not everything women, children/teens and people with mental retardation do is negative (they can do positive and neutral things) and it may actually keep people from doing positive things or push them to do negative things, because of shame issues or because it's "not for them" or because they feel like it's what is expected of them. And in the end it hurts, also (that one was obvious.)
It happened I did things/didn't do things, sometimes not really "consciously" because I remembered somewhere in the back of my head age/gender expectation (that when I id as a girl or know other people identify me to be a girl/woman), and I know sometimes I have this thing because of expectation about autistic persons even with people who do not know I'm autistic. (it's the worst I think, because somehow the expectations about autistics includes them not talking about these expectations like minors or women might do!) So, you can apply all these reasons about the D-word, too. Neurodiversity and all...
Otherwise I've been really happy to see a new cool-aesthetic post :) Really inspiring!

Alba said...

you are more cute than i imagine :O so so cute


Flutur said...

Your looks, girl!! Picture nr 3 is impeccable!! x

Anonymous said...

Being here is like paradise, I just love your long lovely posts haha!

CURIOUS said...

http://thecurious-curious.blogspot.com/ :))

Dawn. said...

So much fabulous in this post. I feel the same way about beehives, Heart, Wes Anderson, and feminist teenagers. I'm honestly jealous of the badass 13-year-old girl for not only having the vocabulary to express something I wasn't able to formulate/express at that age, but having the courage to post it on YouTube. I would've never been able to do that 11 years ago. I couldn't do what you do either. So fuck yeah young ladies. :)

afi said...

luv you blog I'm following yours now follow mine too :)

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

You rock girl!! That's awesome you watched that in school, I'm def looking for it now, hadn't even heard of it. So awesome you have a feminist club too and are making conversation about all this, I def didn't have the courage to 10 years ago, keep it up. Oh, AND you completely look adorable (& just as cute as the girl in the movie)! Enjoy your weekend : )

Hana said...

You always give us the best things GOD. And yes, stereotyping is annoying can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

Wow you look like Joan from Madmen. Awesome. Check out my blog if you can!


Gina Ray Works said...

thank you for Miss representation.. ur very inspirational..beyond your years.. :)

Anis said...

Loves These Pictures !

The Hurting Fashion

How to Become a Famous Fashion Blogger ?


cancercowboy said...

hi there. i still remember the times when 'pretentious' was a real word with real meaning (not just a buzzword like 'hipster') and of legitimate use in a discussion. most people like what they like because of who they are. critique always tells you something about the critic. and yet there's plenty of valid criticism. sometimes the emperor has no clothes. thats how a lot of progress happens: punching holes in the traditional old way. rethinking one's beliefs.
unrelated note: pls don't dis comics; i started collecting when the term 'graphic novel' wasn't even invented ^____^
the youtuber has a good message but that stuff is too complicated and multicausal for a 4 min (or 40 min) video, imho.
and you continue to look mighty fine.

SK said...

A beehive looks really nice on you! and I love how you've DIYed the necklace


Anna said...

the Suzy-Girl is great :)
and i really like your third picture! looks wonderful! <3
Angie (meeresgründe)

Anonymous said...

Adore the vintage jacket! Etsy is such a great place to pick up really cool things from :)

Anonymous said...

I love the first picture, it's just perfect in its Sunday school vibe.

Thanks for sharing that first video! I love running into a well-spoken kid. Once I sat next to a 10-years-old who knew everything there is to know about WWII history, and he was so eloquent, more eloquent than many people my age.

Stefania and Caroline said...

hey tavi! i go to Lab (..........your dad is my english teacher) and this fall I started a feminist club, and although it sucks that there has been adversity against your school's feminist club, i'm happy my club isn't alone in that-- you wouldn't even believe how hard it was to get the club started at my school. we're so *~~underground~~* that we can't get a budget together enough to buy rights to MissRepresentation to have a legitimate showing of it. anyway, you're not alone and neither is my club so keep fighting the good fight!

Anonymous said...

Aggggggg! Love the third photo! tres chic

Catherine said...

I love this post, I enjoyed every minute of reading :-) And thanks for sharing that 13-year-old-girl-talking-about-slutshaming-and-why-it's-bad, she's cool. Oh and what I wanted to say: You are so pretty and I love the photographs of you and I would love to see you smiling. x.

Some Wear said...

I'm pretty sure that I will love, love, love Moonrise Kingdom based on the trailer you posted. I will get the DVD and will watch it over and over until long after DVDs become extinct.

Alexandra said...

what can I say? You're great!


Anonymous said...

tavi, your look is really great ! ^ㅡ^

Anonymous said...

Такая красивая!

Brittney said...

Hi, Tavi. I think you would genuinely appreciate a post I just wrote about girls hating other girls. It's just one of those specific topics I've always been passionate about.

Miss Representation looks amazing. I absolutely loved your post on Rookie about not carin' what other people think. Awesome, as always. :)

CURIOUS said...

You are so adorable :) http://thecurious-curious.blogspot.com/

Jane Quigley said...

So much love for Wes in one place!

Eveliina Kanervo said...

this post is a perfection!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

You are so awesome Tavi! And it's so cool thst you're mother is Norwegian, that basically makes you scandinavian just like me.

Anna Saarinen said...

Lovely post! I love the pivtures, and Tavi you're so pretty!

I use to be very jeleaous of you, but now I'm just thinkin that you're so great! I love your style, posts and everything! How anyone so young can have so goos style??

You're inspirating me so much! I now have my own blog,http://littlesisblogger.blogspot.com/, but I'm not in so nice situation like you; I havnet find my own style yet. But someday! :)

Lovely greetings from cold Finland!

Jill M. said...

the first two photos look just like Margot Tenenbaum!

Hanna said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SO BEAUTIFUL. Anderson totally got inspiration from Camp Rookie! I just did about one screen shot/second for that trailer. AHAOUDHIpYAYAYAAYAYYaaa

Hanna said...

Also, youtube slut shaming girl is rad.

The Melting Pot said...

Hi, the 3rd photo is amazing. I could fit right into a photoshoot! You remind me so much of Carey Mulligan in An Education in that picture.


Unknown said...

Love the pictures and videos..... Please follow my blog guys I make outfit posts every week. I also super into fashion!!

Unknown said...

The one movie I long to see is Wes Anderson directing "The Magician's Nephew" by CS Lewis. That is never going to happen but omg it would be amazing.

Freya Pickering said...

The first photo of you is beautiful!i love the vintage quirk.

r.a.j.e. said...

I agree this 60's look is totally perfect! http://becomingraje.blogspot.com/ E x

Isabella said...


Aloysia Adinda Nareswari said...

love it! :)


Anne said...

I can't wait to see that movie!

Smell fashion said...


blueruby said...

OH MY GOD your mom is Norwegian? How cool is that!! Do you speak Norwegian too? Love your blog, btw, you're amazing.

esmeralda said...

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definately followed. XX


Anonymous said...

Great post!
I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but the character of Suzy is a little too reminiscent of Tavi...
but hey, I'd rather see teenage girls with Tavi's style and knowledge than the dime-a-dozen pop tarts they clamor to!

Tay said...

The world is more beautiful than moonrise kingdom because moonrise kingdom does exist in our world but so can other contradictory beautiful things and that is the supreme beauty of our world.

charlotte and sarah said...

Ok, I know I know I know, I'm commenting on the blog twice in one night LAME, my apologies, HOWEVER, I just saw this and got all jumbly/excited and wanted to say that I AM SO INCREDIBLY PSYCHED TO SEE THIS MOVIE. thank you and faretheewell,

Constance said...

You look soooo cute!!!


Céline said...

Hi Tavi,
I do like your random photos. I discovered your blog last year, and even if you are really younger than me, I was amazed. For me you are a kind of genius, a style/fashion genius. Your talent and your story are incredible.
That's awesome, you are so stylish for so many years.
x from France

Kim si yeon said...


dusty rose ryan said...

I auditioned for this movie and even got a call back, love the wardrobe, wish I had gotten the part :(

Luxus Finds said...

You are such a character. I love your words. And your beehive.

Alyssa said...

I love the pictures!


Unknown said...

Dear Tavi, I gasped (quite loudly) when I saw your jacket because I've seen (believe it or not) matching pants - I recognized the little man with the stoop. I discovered them in Richmond, Va., at a little thrift store, and regrettably left without them. But the jacket is just as cool! <3

Anonymous said...

The picture of yourself, the one with the Sound of Music in the background, that picture, well, it looks like your sad, or missing something in life.

Unknown said...

Miss Representation just made this blog way more than a fashion blog. You are awesome and every time I go onto this website I want to be more unique. You absolutely inspire me by doing what you want and just not caring what other people think.

Katya said...


Eileen said...

oh my gosh I love Moonrise so much! It totally reminded me of you when I saw it!

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