oogum boogum

Long time no talk! I am currently enjoying these final summer days before school starts and my brain has to function properly, as well as working on that teen gurlz site I've been babbling on about. When I finish working on something for it I don't really feel like spending more time on the computer so posting here will now be less frequent. This makes me sad because of my obsessiveness over recording everything and nostalgia and things, but I'm also really, really excited about the site, and I love working on it, and it feels natural to be spending more time on that now.

Offline, I have been doing things such as summer reading! You'll never believe this, but I found a way to transfer something on the Kindle into real life, like, being in my hands. Right now I am enjoying this 3D Kindle in particular:
I am a big advocate for decorating and writing in books and lending and giving them to people. This one had a nice letter from the person who gave it to me on the inside that I didn't find for months until I started reading it, which was quite a nice surprise, and I support stickers of any kind on anything. The last time Ella and I did the Ouija board I needed somewhere to write the answers, and I like having them on the inside of the back cover:
(Bigger, more readable version here.)
Isn't that the best weirdest thing ever?? I thought it would be cool to try to make an outfit of what Bobby or her ghost would wear. (And I got her permission too, I just didn't write it in the book because the answers are so pretty right now and it would add some kind of insincerity.) (As Ella reminds me, Bobby probably doesn't know what a blorg is, but I'm just gonna take her enthusiastic "YES" and run with it.) (And in twenty years when I commit some terrible crime, it will be noted by an Internet Expert [a real occupation in 2031] that I was always going on about a "ghost" named "Bobby" as a youngun, which should have acted as a sign of my emotional and mental instability.) (Then I will join a cult!) (And John Waters will want to be my friend.)

Anyway, it was hard to get all those facts about her into one outfit, so I did two. This one is about how much she loves Ella's garden (the flower crown), and her age and ghostliness (the creepy dress). The inspiration for my hair being wet was that I had no reason to shower before 7 PM that day. Why would anyone shower early in the day during the summer? Other than because they, you know, have lives and motivation and hygiene and stuff?
Petra made this crown and the flower girl dress is thrifted. I've been wanting to take some kind of creepy Shining picture with it in our school locker rooms for forever because there's this one hallway of stalls and mirrors that's really eerie, but during the changing time for gym I'm usually too busy trying not to inhale any air to set up a tripod.

Then for this one I was thinking (very deeply and intensely) about red as Bobby's favorite color, being a kid in Kentucky in the 30's, and that this lil punk stole a gun from her big brother to go hunting.
Thrifted shirt and boy scout shorts, crown gifted to me by Meadham Kirchhoff, and American Flag bead pin found in our basement.

I think Ouija-interviews-as-outfits could be fun to do more often. These next coming months, as we revel in our fall witchiness, I think we will try the board in the woods for the first time. We probably got a little girl who likes a garden because we decorated the board with plastic daisies from my room, real flowers from Ella's garden, tiny jewels, and a pink plastic unicorn. Maybe next time we'll try all of my Twin Peaks memorabilia to actually get Bob.