hey hey guys look at all my stuff

My room is coming along slowly and surely, though I guess it'll be changing all the time. JUST LIKE ME~~~! Real life.

The crown wall is my favorite. The thrifted wedding dress is a nod to Miss Havisham and my door is all glass so I hung up the superspecial dress Courtney Love gave me in front of it so the really strong perfume scent left on it (so strong that it's not even creepy for me to make a note of it) gets in the face of whoever walks in, since I obviously am hosting many a party up here all the time. I haven't taken down any of the sticky tack residue but I kind of like random spots of blue because it makes me feel like I'm in the Bluth home.

Also, after going through enough Powershots to add up to the cost of a Nicer Camera, I decided to buy a Nicer Camera that will last. Now I am more of a jerk with this insect-noise-making tool constantly around my neck. Probably looked especially bad at Pitchfork. I am okay with this. One day I will write about how the hipster stereotype is 1) boring humor, 2) too broad and applies to everybody, and 3) stifling of creativity because everyone is scared of seeming pretentious, but for now LOOK HOW PRETTYYYYY.
I hope this wall gets very cluttered with well-loved junk and treasures. The big necklace in the middle was a gift from Proenza Schouler but both the pink rock and the purple rock in the middle have come off. I know I said when I first got it that what's nice is that it's not super delicate, but it's not like I was taking it out every day for rounds of hammer darts!

Because I am a hopeless cliche and also because IT IS BEAUTIFUL, Lula has its own shelf.

I have my bookshelves and whatnot but on my special shelves and desk I have my very favorite things that go with the room vibes and I want to pick up and enjoy more often.

The photo of the little nekkid blonde girl is me when I was little. I was looking through old photos in our basement and I think I had a secret hippie upbringing I didn't know about. I started writing out all the other objects but it's so not interesting to read. Maybe I'll do a video of some kind another time, when my voice sounds less like a rat's butt.

Lynchian suburb vibes, minus the Mark Borthwick book? I don't know.

The best part, however, is the drawings on the bottom of my desk from the girl who had this before we got it at a thrift store.

I shall record more as it comes along. There's probably something to be said for the materialism in posting the things in your room (and, eventually, if I make a video, talking about them), but the reason all the crap I accumulate is interesting to me is the stories and potential stories that could be behind them. I'm materialistic too, of course, but I'd like to think I have some decent reason to be!

Lastly, I would like to take this moment to encourage my New Yorkers and visitors to attend the Talent Show on Wednesday, the 27th, at Littlefield. It is Sassy themed! And only $5! Just look at this table of contents:

  • Jane will video call in because it ended up being the one time she takes a vacation!
  • My rat's butt voice will be interviewed by Ira Glass about my top secret government project!
  • SUPERCUTE! will perform and be super cute (HEY!)
  • I don't know exactly what Elizabeth and Marisa and Kara and Jamie and Joe will be doing but they're all damn funny so count on that! And if they're not you can throw things at them and it'll be cool!
  • Janeane Garofalo will be judging people while I find ways to hug her without her noticing!
  • And more!
So please, join us!


ihiacbasa_dd said...

YOU ROCK Tavi lol Well I really mean it, but it was kinda cheesy to say haha, Thanks for showing us some parts of your amazing creative world. Sending my respects from Japan.

Anonymous said...

Your the best Tavi,you always have something interesting to say. Your my style icon! Check out my blog: styledynamite.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

ugh i can only see a few of the pictures. That's annoying!

Dale Berning said...

tavi hey. been looking forward to seeing your wonder-room progress, but the photos are all messed up and not showing in any browser... no doubt it's just a bug.
been thinking that you will really like this, if you haven't already found them. afrirampo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPX33Paq-KM

Julia said...




laskje said...

You're so nice and amaaazing! One of your own. I love it. Check out my photoblog, that would mean a lot!



Jack Flash! said...

Cool stuff! only managed to see some of it, most of the pictures wouldn't show :( but those drawings/notes on the bottom of the thrifted desk are really cool! :) wish IKEA/MUJI furniture came with sharpie-d wisdom from anonymous predecessors!


Also you should look up the CSM grad student Maarten Van Der Horst's collection at the fall Central St Martins show, its seriously cool, hawaiian shirts/tutus verrrry Kawakubo, I did a post on it on my blog too :)

Narita said...

I can't see the pictures, only a few of them. Can you fix that? I really like what I see, the crown wall is great, I want that too but I barely wear something on my head. I'm currently putting up pictures from magazines on my wall.

By the way, I featured you at the "My favorite blogs" page of my blog. You can check it out if you want.

Anonymous said...

Can only see a few of the pictures here but they look great! Love your blog and what you have to say, have listed you as a blog to read on my blog!! Keep up the good work :-)


Gia said...

http://yesgia.blogspot.com/ пост про тебя

prettygirlsmakegraves said...

the pictures don't work for me :(

Daniel said...

You should totally make a video !

Love ya Tavi

Emily M. said...

Unfortunately I couldn't see all thoughts of the girl that wrote on your shelf(I saw something like moon,god,friends)...other pictures wont show up.Anyways,I'm a 12 year old girl,and I posted my fashion designs on my Wacky Style blog.See it!:) the link is http://crazykidstyleemcks.blogspot.com but If you do the web search you will probably have problems finding it.Well,cant wait for the pictures,CYA!

tilly said...

hey it might just be me but the only picture that's working is the sassy one . . .
plus i love your blog xx

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

crap, i can't see all the photos :( shieettt. but i read it and tried to use my imagination



Lyann Marie PG said...

I cant see the pictures either /:


Flower said...

I was really looking forward to yhis, but only one of the images comes up :(

sajuki said...

nice :)


Narita said...

I can see all the photo's now, you have a really great room!

Tavi said...

Thanks for letting me know! Not sure what happened there. It should be working now.

Kathy Li said...

Love all the necklaces and trinkets you have hanging on your wall!


moony said...

haha, i love it. you're kind of like me, i don't like it too neat because it feels boring, empty and mainly there is no personality or story behind it. i like things with stories behind them, its interesting. i'm guessing you could call it 'organized clutter'.

loving the drawings all over the bottom of the desk, it made me laugh! maybe one day you'll visit my blog, you were the one who inspired me to start it.


Joelle Owusu said...

WOW Tavi, you have quite a collection of hair stuff! :)

Sarah Jean said...

It's sold out already :(

Unknown said...

How beautiful Tavi, quite a collection.

Much love
- Hadera xo


Laura Sherriffs said...

Loving the "wall of headwear" :)

Nice post, your room is like an Aladdin's cave of amazing wonders, yet it doesn't seem too cluttered, or as I like to call it..."creative chaos!"


Olivia said...

Noice stuff! I adore those "good sayings" scrawled underneath your desk! It's like a good fairy lives there.

Fi said...

i like ur room decorations and displays. very pretty. However - as i've learnt from experience - dusting around artfully scattered knick knacks is a real bitch! so yeah... good luck with that.

Megan Hattie said...

There definitely are some good excuses/reasons for being materialistic, such as your awesome room. The crown wall is amazing... lovin' all your zines and the dum dum girls cd! :)

--Megan//The Martian Tide

sooz said...

im in love with your wall of headbands..and that's kind of awkward.


Amy said...

Top secret government project? Intruiging. :)

Loving your room. The end project will probably be amazing. I'm going to steal your headbands.


Anne said...

I love your head band walls! Super prohenza schouler necklace.
I'll post few pictures of my new home very soon too!(doesn't it sounds like I'm talking to a virtual neighboor?!)

Sweet Palpitations said...

so unique^^

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just go to this link http://philosophycoffee.blogspot.com/2011/07/first-giveaway.html

-Philosophy Coffee

Kacrates said...

I really like your wall and stuff. Its cleaner than how i keep myself. I liked the photo with the drabbles and stuff. True character, reminds me of my middle school days, drawing on the desk was always a good pasttime.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tavi, I think your blog is really fun and quirky! Followed...!


Rhea Francois said...

one word! ....
three words...

definately a reflection of your style


Hilary said...

Decorating with your own knick-knacks is the best way to organize your things in a fun way. Looks great, girl! Have a great day.

XO Hilary Nicole

Sugartown Vintage Boutique said...

Love the way you group things. Great eye.

The Eye Behind the Detail said...

I love how you appreciate even the little things, especially the drawings from the previous little owner. I don't think many people would notice that let alone take pictures of it and group it among the decorations of a bedroom.
You keep amazing me every time I read your blog.

Maddie said...

I'm so jealous of that flower crown <3

Olivia Johnson said...

Wow. Thanks for finally expressing something I've been trying to put my finger on for at least a year now: "the hipster stereotype is [...] stifling of creativity because everyone is scared of seeming pretentious"

Wrote a little response about that on my blog: http://cawcrowlivia.blogspot.com/.

Michele said...

EPIC ROOM. I love that Dia de los Muertos mask thingy, and everything else! I love hanging up stuff on my walls too, some people think it's weird but I just love being surrounded by it!

Susie said...

I love the pipe cleaner crown with the icecream and the cake! I have a cake like that, and other sweet erasers, which I now think I should make into accessories. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Daxia said...

I love how you decorated that wall. If I tried decorating my room like that it'd all probably be destroyed a day later by my mom, cleaning.... Glad you're getting your room to how you want it!


The Fancy Teacup said...

I could get wonderfully lost in your room especially with the crown wall and that darling desk with a girl's in-scripted heart messages. Your room is turning out beautifully and so "you," which is the best part of all.

♥, Jamie

CDG said...

Completely envious of the wall with all of the pretty headbands. And the Lula shelf is a perfect shrine. Ugh love Supercute! and often wish I lived in NY so I could at least eat candy with them and hula hoop whilst playing ukulele.

decimal shoes said...

unique :D

damali said...

F***!!!! i was planning on going but it's already sold out. F!!!!

damali said...

talking about Littlefield, btw

lizz said...

looks awesome, i think you've succeeded

Ashley Marie said...

and since your in brooklyn, come eat wings at WingBar. You can walk there and pre-burn those calories!! (20minute walk TOPS)


Kim Eagan Woods said...

Whoops...i left a post on an earlier one of your blogs!!!

but thats my desk!!!! =D

Im so excited to see it again, it would mean the world to me if you messaged me back so i can tell you about it!!!

Hannah said...

I want to come to the show! But I am stuck in Canada, working like a dog. Ugh!

And gurl don't get me started on accumulating weird kitschy bizarre things on shelves, I used to work in a thrift store so it was neverending. This used to be next to my bed: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2107/2266305220_e5c55c8eda_z.jpg?zz=1

But I'm starting to curate better, I think. Can't wait til I move out and sort through it all.

meagan said...

gahhhh, the whole hipster/hipster hate thing is so played out. it's not 2004 anymore. can we stop dissecting people and placing them (without their permission) into overgeneralized subcultures?

that being said, your room looks beautiful. that crown wall is pure eyecandy, i MUST see it in person one day. i especially love the writing under your thrifted desk - here's hoping that its previous owner grows up to be one kickass girl. it seems she's already well on her way.

justinmanning said...

I totally have that Dum Dum Girls CD. And the only reason I bought it was because the cover looked so good and I know they say never to judge a book by the cover, but it is the opposite for CDs. That CD is reaaally good and if it had a shitty cover, I never woulda bought it!

Anywho... Liking the room, however, that is really shitty that the Proenza Schouler necklace is falling apart... at least you didn't pay $800 for it like some suckers. Lucky you got it for free!


Alexi Frest said...

I loved the coloured necklaces (without a cross, of course, as I am a heathen). And that vibrant fluorescent green-blue nailpolish, wow! That was the kind of nail polish that I used in my teens.

zoomslow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zoomslow said...

It’s all beautiful, Tavi! I think you’ve done really well. To me it’s kind of like, from the early days, you’re starting to clarify the aesthetics/visual styles that are most important to you, and that’s interesting to see (so thank you for giving us the opportunity to observe this process).

I particularly like the floral head-pieces – the colours, shapes and textures are very pretty :-) And is that a Catwoman bookmark I see? This particular Batman DVD is the only one I have bought, solely because it has Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in it.

P.S The Talent Show sounds so amazing! Have a great time, Tavi :-)

Julia said...




Anonymous said...


Katarzyna Zuzanna said...

nice hairbands! xx


Ravenna Moreira said...

:O) *


thwany said...

stuff galore!

Alex said...

Your Proenza Schouler necklace makes a smiley face on the wall hee.

20thCgirl said...


I have so much stuff in my room, although I've got to admit it isn't as nicely displayed as yours.

You should totally write about the "hipster" stereotype as well - I've never been on the receiving end of hipster-related sarcasm (or indie as we call it in the uk) but I agree that it stifles creativity because people are scared of seeming pretentious.

Unknown said...

Woa. What great timing. I just moved and am also in the process of designing my room! Love the blog. Sharing the same sense of desire to clutter up the walls with stylish decorative articles! (Currently putting pictures on my wall and hoping to get a hat rack for my own headgear!)

Lots of love,


Bianca said...

damn. its sold out.

BUT YAYAYAYAY like the layout of yer stuffs


Zara said...

i love this.Can i be your sister?Hahaha you rock Tavi!I think you're the best blogger ever.Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

I love this blog, i follow you!
(Follow me and comment if you like it :))

Me said...

Brilliant stuff, I love the desk! I remember I covered every inch of a massive desk I had in four lines of lyrics from each of my favourite songs. It has since been turned to fire wood :(

EmK said...

At a time like this I wish I didn't live in Canada... but a wonderful post nonetheless.

Lydia Armstrong said...

MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THING about this post is the stuff that girl wrote/drew in your drawers!!! What an awesome find!!! I love the "good sayings" in the first pic.

Rose Patterson said...

How pretty!!!

For fashion, sample sales, beauty and music follow


Anna L. Roeder said...

Such pretty things just could not be shoved in a drawer somewhere. What a nice way to simultaneously store, display, and let them serve an aesthetic decorative purpose!

chelsea said...

I wrote on the underside of my desk when I was in junior high. Little notes about what I liked ("I Love Waterfalls" was a line my best friend still teases me about) and whom I liked. I hope that the current owners treasure those little lines as much as you do. One of my worst fears is that they were painted over and forgotten.

Sandy Joe said...

The bottom of the desk is pretty much the best part. Child drawings are the best, I unearthed so many ridiculous ones when cleaning my dads desk. Every piece is more genius than the next. Ahh the archives.

x The Pretty Secrets

Guille Rubio said...

I lovv all your inspirations!!!
You're an inspiration for everyone!!

My blog

http://guilleo.blogspot.com/2011/06/style-rookie-feat-tavi-givenson.html Style icon ♥


Jisu Jung said...

Wow Is this your real room?
sometimes i can't belive when you're posts about room or something accessaries photoes.
Is this real?or just deco photoes? But now i don't care!:) I think they just your mind:)
Do you know Korea? I'm Korean. So i don't use English.Maybe this comment is a little bit strange..ㅠㅠ(←this is sad)

Camille said...

Lovely the wall with headbands !!


- said...

your room is so inspiring and awesome!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

all your necklaces are so beautiful, especially the one from Proenza - i'd even wear it to bed!
the writings on the desk are hilarious, i remember when i used to write down things like that.

if thats just one part of your room, i'm sure the rest will be brilliant.

Bookworm Bitch said...

so cool! Please check out my blog, i'm new xxx

Anonymous said...

You are awesome!! I love your inspiration :D

Anonymous said...

I've been hanging my necklaces/hair things/scarves/random junk on my walls with pins like that for years... somehow it just feels way "neater" when the stuff that would be in piles on the dresser/floor is uh, in spread-out-piles on the wall.

Anita said...

You know what they say...A post isn't a post w/o Proenza.

Yeah, fine. No one says that.

But seriously, that necklace is ridiculous!

Also, loved the Arrested Development reference...


Clairedontcare said...

WOW! your room looks like an amazing clash between everything amazing on this earth.
go chicago and our amazing music sceen.


i love the wall and all the lula mags!!
but my heart is with the drawings of the previous owner, is so intriguing all the stories it may have!


William Brower said...

murray street on vinyl? that's badass!

Amalie said...

Tavi, it would have been really nice if you could have dedicated one of your posts to the victims (and their families) of the massacre at Utøya and bombing in Oslo.

(especially considering your partly norwegian)

Rose Patterson said...

wow! i heart lula!!! check out my blog for sample sales, street style, fashion and beauty :) please let me know what you think x



Anonymous said...

Been putting together all kinds of shrines in my bedroom because your posts don't make me feel super weird and creepy about it anymore.
Specially proud of my shrine to Kojima's genius. Oh boy it still sounds creepy when I think about it out loud.

Avery and Rheanna said...

That Dum Dum Girls album is literally ALL ive been listening to for the past week. I have the lyrics to Jail la la, Oh Mein M, and Blank Girl memorized practically.

Unknown said...

Beautiful girl's room~~

karen millen dress

xx said...
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Rosie said...

I love your blog!! So many pretty things :)


Anonymous said...

I love your blog.ususally i shop with Amazon Coupon and i have bought mostly things which are in these photos.

yuyu holickova said...

WOW! Desk notes are so clear and childly truthful. I love top 4.

Kassandra said...

Maybe you like this music and/ or video because of the occultism in it:


the funky fashionista said...

Tavi, your blog is amazing! I love how you decorated your room, it's gorgeous! I love how its cluttered with so many important pieces of your life. That's how mine is,too! I think you are an inspiration to all fashion bloggers out there! Keep up that great work, girl!


chica arcoiris said...

I love it !!!


a fashion blogger said...

loving the new room!
reminds me of cinco de mayo celebrations.
shrines and skulls.

check out my blog?

~N. said...

Cool post. I have the exact same little tin box as on your Lula shelf! The one with the little girl hugging the rose. Haha I know that's completely random and inane but I've always treasured that little tin, its so pretty and innocent.

Unknown said...

this is my blog


Unknown said...

Your wall looks like a mexican graveyard and that proenza neckalce it's like a horse rope, it's neat.

Laura Rodgers said...

this is a teen girl's bedroom that doesn't aspire to be an adult's woman's, because the person living there understands that a "teen girl's bedroom" holds a lot of cultural currency. which makes it wonderful. love the riot grrl and francesca lia block-ian influences.

010 said...

what a nice collection

deborah said...

hi tavi! i have two rad crowns(pink sequins) that are just alike and i'd like to share one with you. can i send it to you? my email is:

Raymi Lauren said...

wow that event sounds phenomenal. can't wait to see what you and jane have going on.

ninam said...

You have such an awesome room! Compared to my 4 bare walls...
Anyway, since I love your blog, I've given you an award!

Emily said...

I am nothing if not inspired - i went up stairs and looked at my room . I swapped by little brown bed for a vintage fourposter thats way to big for my room... but thats just the sort of person i am

Anonymous said...

I look forward to a post on the whole hipster thing. I agree with you, anyone who's every liked anything remotely interesting for some time fits the "hipster" mold. How many times a day do I complain about how good video games used to be "in my day"? We're all a bit pretentious like that. If freedom to shamelessly indulge in my quirks makes me a hipster, then I'll go buy me some plastic Wayfarer knock-offs right now.

Rachel Cannon said...

It looks like your room is coming along great! I love how you have created an overall look while still maintaining the integrity of your individual items. Bravo Tavi!



miss annie said...

Do you know how inspiring this post or better your room is? Someone should write a film script with you as the protagonist and your room as the main-filmlocation !

The Immigrant said...

i love the you have your separate lula shelf. i bust WAY more money than the magazine costs just to get it shipped to india and my mom was like what did you with my credit card. totally worth it!

Aleksa said...

gorgeous headband wall, your photos are so inspiring!


Sissy said...

Love the sugar skull!

Sissy von Modern Snowwhite ♥

Megan said...

I have the same Dec/Jan? Lula, never noticed the spine of it, how cool!

Have you seen the new Marc by Marc ads?? Some serious Tavi vibes from it... I'm sure it's no coincidence.

Maxens M. Finch said...

I'm french, keep reading definitions of what an hipster is and these all seems too board or to self-contradictory.
Some makes me think "an interesting movement", others "that's nothing".

Anonymous said...

Your room looks really gorgeous <3
I must admit that I am a massive fan <3

Anonymous said...

hi girl,great blog you have. I'm following :D And you? Can you follow each other? :)


Lorie et Laurine. said...

What you makes is great!
Iam a fan , sérious.

Unknown said...

ooooooooufubsgbibglsiuegfihgierh <3.
thats how awesome your room looks o_0

cancercowboy said...

well, you know the drill: push a hipster down the stairs, see who's tumbling now ^____^ whats the difference between a hipster and a try-hard? no idea, but i know that exclusion is as relevant to building an identity as finding things to really dig, like a floral cross and this skull mask ;) btw, wouldn't pin too much on that wall; stuff needs room to breathe, and it will make dusting & the occasional vacuuming way easier.
that time capsule that masquerades as a desk is a highlight, like a weird bottle post. ever thought about offering guidances? ^_____~
oh, and i demand that you go on a European tour some day ;)

pills.heart said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawww I want room like this...

heatherheartsfashion said...

so sick of hipster humour and so jels of your proenza schouler necklace! its coming along great


sara tardiff said...

that's the gnaaarliest daisy cross! did you make it or buy it? daisies are my favorite, so simply pretty.

Rosie said...

I was so inspired by this that I mentioned you in my blog :)

Lula said...

Neat bedroom. Some very creative ideas there Tavi!

~ Eve

Carmen Coello said...

Hola! De bkog en blog me acabo de encontrar cib ek tuyo y lo cierto es que me ha encantado! ya me he hecho tu seguidora! Te dejo además mi blog y si te gusta agradecería que me apoyaras tb ya que ya sabemos lo difícil que es despegar al ppio en esto de los blogs! Un beso enorme


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Vita T. said...

I love how you put the dress up as like a reminder of Miss Havisham (:
I have to read the book over summer before school starts! I am almost done with it, it's a great book.
And then I will have to write an essay on it the first day of English :/

Unknown said...

Perfect !


Daria said...

Gosh, Tavi....anytime I come to your blog I end up being really stressed. In a good way, I mean things you do are...no, I don't have any word for it sorry.
and what I mean is...your room, every day at school, clothes, posts, everything - they seem so full of this little tiny sparkles of everything, there is such a LOT of whatever the world is and...
how can a person like me, who really is a style rookie, survive this? I mean I really have no idea how to do such things with my room, how to dress this impossible way, I just go with things everybody wear and that's it.
Tavi, I don't know who I am and what I like and what I want to say. And I'm so impressed by you, who while being younger than me knows exactly everything and even more

Heather said...

so rad! That little girl seems like such a bitch but I'm pretty sure I had the same sort of lists :P


DSTONE Magazine said...

Love this post!
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Marieka stylz said...

i really love your blog and style keep up the good work. habe u listed on my blog.

Nicci St. Bruce said...

Tavi, you rock.

... said...
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... said...

ouou!!!! Your room it´s really pretty!!!! I like to show you this...

ania said...

yep, drawings on your desk are definitely cool. ha.

especially that one:


Nicole Peeke said...

Dude, you are an old soul! I admire your observation and appreciation of things that were around before you were. You inspired me to re-read all of my Sassy's (But only years 89-94).

Mihaela said...

haha. love this!

new post♥mfashionfreak

Unknown said...

why you dont post so often? whats going on? we miss your postings.. xo

Anonymous said...

love it! especially the desk, to have a different story added to your life is fascinating! blog more frequently pleaseeee! (god i sound desperate!) x x x

emily said...

Omg! you have the Proenza Schouler necklace! I remember wanted it so badly.

Disneyrollergirl.net said...

Love the friendhip list... adore shit like that

Katie Smith said...

I'm in love with this! Be sure to read my blog/watch my webisodes on
katieknowsmusic.blogspot.com :)

Aidan E said...

awe think its amazing you still have your Lula shelf that's dedication! I LOVE LULA

Thornharp said...

Stealth-Tavi could take the time to read the manual for new toy and turn off the insect-noise.

Or maybe you could work up a new look to go with the noise. (Google 'Dance Party' and 'The Bug' -- late '50s / early '60s group dance thingy.)

Cess said...

Wow! your room looks great... Your crown wall rocks! O my god I cant tell you how much I love your blog, its great to see another teenager who dresses strangly (in a good way, strangly as in out of the ordinary and totally awesome!).
Please check out my blog:
Thank you so much!


Whoa...that's a wham/cool room you got there. I love the festival-of-the-dead-slash-kinda-like-cheap-mondayeux mask, it's like centre art-piece. Oia, the sketch to-tavi-posse just brilliantly draw, like a nymph.




Anonymous said...

Great room! Puts mine to shame...!
*room envy*

Sophie said...

You are my inspiration for revamping my room! i need a change! xoxo

Emma said...

I've been reading your blog for so long, I absolutely LOVE it!!

Just thought you should know.



the funky fashionista said...

I love your room! I would love to be able to redo my room like you are! Love the idea you are going for! You are truly an inspiration Tavi! I feel like young fashion bloggers like myself can definetly look up to you!


Bella Donna said...

i love stuff, you're so interesting!

Unknown said...

so cool♡

Meirav Seifert said...

i thought the following is sort of tavi-inspired:


J said...



Charlie Chique said...

i love your style!! x

peachy, http://peachycharliechique.blogspot.com/

lauralots said...

love everything ya do ! xxx

Chloe Moreau said...

Wow! I love the crown wall, it's so cute!


kate said...

really love your room!!!


Anonymous said...


Erin Foltz said...

All your decorations and knick knacks are so cute and quirky! Love it mama!

I am following you now please check out my blog as well and follow me if you like whatcha see :)


lifeisamaze said...

That's great, I love the headbands on the wall !

Ivy said...

Lovely ♥.

Sam said...

A crown wall and a proenza schouler crown... u teen witch princess

Anonymous said...

Reading the blog lately has been even more of a pleasure than usual, what with all the work you're putting into creating your space. I can't wait to see the wonderful things you'll create when you have your own house! I just rented my first apartment and have so many ideas I don't even know what to do with myself. It's very exciting :)

Anne said...

I love your blog!!
Thanks for the cool and funny and nice and cute pictures!!



taylor said...

zooey and franny is my favorite book! Check out 9 stories, by him, too. And if you like him, you might like Herman Hesse, too

JIM Designs said...

Love your croqui!

Cristina R said...

your posts are adorable, i love your blog

flutterberry said...

cool blog!!!

Saara said...

I love this blog! It's so fresh and special. You absolutely got a new reader!


Violeta said...

hey!i`m writing you from argentina,i got to tell that i love you soooo much!!!!am,can you tell me,what were those book named Lula,you seem to love them,and found them interesting thanks =D


sick room!

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