hey hey guys look at all my stuff

My room is coming along slowly and surely, though I guess it'll be changing all the time. JUST LIKE ME~~~! Real life.

The crown wall is my favorite. The thrifted wedding dress is a nod to Miss Havisham and my door is all glass so I hung up the superspecial dress Courtney Love gave me in front of it so the really strong perfume scent left on it (so strong that it's not even creepy for me to make a note of it) gets in the face of whoever walks in, since I obviously am hosting many a party up here all the time. I haven't taken down any of the sticky tack residue but I kind of like random spots of blue because it makes me feel like I'm in the Bluth home.

Also, after going through enough Powershots to add up to the cost of a Nicer Camera, I decided to buy a Nicer Camera that will last. Now I am more of a jerk with this insect-noise-making tool constantly around my neck. Probably looked especially bad at Pitchfork. I am okay with this. One day I will write about how the hipster stereotype is 1) boring humor, 2) too broad and applies to everybody, and 3) stifling of creativity because everyone is scared of seeming pretentious, but for now LOOK HOW PRETTYYYYY.
I hope this wall gets very cluttered with well-loved junk and treasures. The big necklace in the middle was a gift from Proenza Schouler but both the pink rock and the purple rock in the middle have come off. I know I said when I first got it that what's nice is that it's not super delicate, but it's not like I was taking it out every day for rounds of hammer darts!

Because I am a hopeless cliche and also because IT IS BEAUTIFUL, Lula has its own shelf.

I have my bookshelves and whatnot but on my special shelves and desk I have my very favorite things that go with the room vibes and I want to pick up and enjoy more often.

The photo of the little nekkid blonde girl is me when I was little. I was looking through old photos in our basement and I think I had a secret hippie upbringing I didn't know about. I started writing out all the other objects but it's so not interesting to read. Maybe I'll do a video of some kind another time, when my voice sounds less like a rat's butt.

Lynchian suburb vibes, minus the Mark Borthwick book? I don't know.

The best part, however, is the drawings on the bottom of my desk from the girl who had this before we got it at a thrift store.

I shall record more as it comes along. There's probably something to be said for the materialism in posting the things in your room (and, eventually, if I make a video, talking about them), but the reason all the crap I accumulate is interesting to me is the stories and potential stories that could be behind them. I'm materialistic too, of course, but I'd like to think I have some decent reason to be!

Lastly, I would like to take this moment to encourage my New Yorkers and visitors to attend the Talent Show on Wednesday, the 27th, at Littlefield. It is Sassy themed! And only $5! Just look at this table of contents:

  • Jane will video call in because it ended up being the one time she takes a vacation!
  • My rat's butt voice will be interviewed by Ira Glass about my top secret government project!
  • SUPERCUTE! will perform and be super cute (HEY!)
  • I don't know exactly what Elizabeth and Marisa and Kara and Jamie and Joe will be doing but they're all damn funny so count on that! And if they're not you can throw things at them and it'll be cool!
  • Janeane Garofalo will be judging people while I find ways to hug her without her noticing!
  • And more!
So please, join us!