let's do the time warp again and again please

The other night I went to my first midnight shadow performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was also my first time ever seeing the movie (I don't know how I considered myself a human being before either), and I can say with confidence that I've never seen so many thigh highs in my life. Also, Tim Curry's legs! Why is he not on the cover of every women's magazine with tips on improving your stems ever?
I only started taking pictures at the end so sorry for spoilers but YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT BY NOW ANYWAY even if I hadn't til Saturday night.
It was a good fun time, with lots of elbow sex.
And lots of TP-ing of my friend who made the mistake of falling asleep. Then the assholes behind me who stole my prop bag and claimed they "found" it (IN MY HANDS, PERHAPS?) (ok I left it on my seat but still) had the nerve to photobomb this picture. Then I wrote about them on the internet and felt better about myself! Ha-ha!
Also, the photobombing thieves should have had to clean up after everyone, since they like those prop bags so much.
Also, my friends looked rad, and I was like, man, we could totally be a really stylin gang right about now.
Since I'd never seen it before I didn't try a costume, but everyone thought I was dressed up anyway. Like that time my school didn't let anyone wear Halloween costumes but I did anyway because I'm a rebel. and got away with it because everyone thought it was simply one of my outfits because I'm just so QUIRKY!
I went for creepy Virgin Mary/Virgin Suicides vibes because I'm //edgy and because I'm obsessed with this crown Petra gave me in a CROWN EXCHANGE, which I think should become a national event or traveling van or something:
Ain't it a beauty! My eyeliner is Urban Decay and everything else is thrifted. QUIRKY!
~independent spirit~
*down 2 earth*

Speaking of cultural stereotypes used in teen magazines to tell girls which eyeshadow to wear, you know that thing I'm doing with Jane? If no, here. If yes, it is happening, I'm just not about to go gabbing about it all the time because then you get trapped in these ideas you said long before the bigger idea gets to become a reality and we don't want that. If "yes, I even submitted and wrote you a great email and sent some stuff I'd worked hard on," I would like to extend a long overdue thank you.

We (me, Jane, and one of our editors, so it doesn't sound all vague and creepy and like we're in some giant headquarters skyscraper somewhere) learned a lot going through those, and I feel extremely lucky we get to hear so directly from the audience what they want to see in this. I should've clarified from the beginning -- this was me expecting everyone to read my mind -- that the submission call was for regular contributors. So without sounding too much like I'm under the delusion that you're all waiting outside the door to our headquarters skyscraper with unbearable anticipation, whenever we want a different point of view on this thing or an artist to feature who does that thing, we still get to look into that plethora of 2000 emails. This also makes me feel very lucky.

Also, sorry it took so long. There were so many! Actually looking at them > saying no without thinking enough just to give a quick response. Also, man you all know how to write heartfelt letters. Is there a way I can be a penpal as like, a job?

Last thing I learned and feel lucky about -- we might end up with the coolest audience ever. Thank you again. It's incredibly life-affirming to know people care about this and want this to happen and want it to be good. We do too! I'm excited for you all to see.

And while we're on all this talk, I guest wrote something over at Jane's site, xoJane. OK, fine, I wrote all those paragraphs just now only so I could promote myself and link you to that post. You got me! It's like that time you got me for wanting to self-promote my foot. If you don't know what I'm talking about you should probably read the post I wrote before you can get in on the joke.


KARLITO said...

I'm just a sweet transvestite from transsexual translvania! Ah, I just love that song. And must I say, you look mighty ravishing as a ginger and those wings on your eyes, will take you higher.
Oh, and I hope you received my artwork, which I sent to you when you were taking submissions. Hotmail, I suppose, is just too v!ntAg3 sometimes when it comes to sending files.

Lia said...

haha glad you finally watched the rocky horror! Looked like a fun night!

Glass of Fashion

matthew roland said...

a little bit creepy, a little bit great. love the eyes though, such a fan.


Renata said...

Success! Another virgin converted!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on being a de-rocky horror virgined! Hooray! Looks like you guys had a fun time! I love your floral hair accessory and the fun eye liner!

Joy said...

Sweet. Nice, still looking forward for and you can find me waiting ardently outside your HQ skyscraper.

zoomslow said...

That was so cool, Tavi! Or maybe it was edgy? In any case, it reminded me of that spy trick, when you write on white paper using a clear candle, and then to read it, you brush over the paper with water-colour. Only this time the paper was my computer screen, the wax candle was your white writing, and the water-colour was the highlighting function of my mouse. Kids these days with their computer-thingys!

I guess you are all of those colourful words, but you know, words are just words. And no one can be defined by words or labels, especially someone as special as you!

You are Tavi. I am the walrus! :-)

† Faire La Gueule † said...

Actually it´s the one and only musical i dig

Jenna said...

Rocky Horror is awesome. Seriously, the songs coupled with the epic plot equals success.
Plus, your outfit is amazing. Very inspiring, actually.
Keep up the amazing work, Tavi.


Linda said...

I went to Rocky Horror every single Saturday night for 3 years straight. I still look back on those years as some of the best in my life (and I even got a Rocky tattoo to commemorate that).<3


et von roundaboutme said...

the lovely Rocky Horror..... one of my favourites :) the feeling will never die!
love, E.T.

The Fancy Teacup said...

I still have not see the Rocky Horror Picture Show...obviously I've missed out on at least half of my life! Added to bucket list.

And your wing-tipped eyeliner looks so decadent, love it.

♥, Jamie

Mihaela said...

Hahhahahaha :P

My blog♥mfashionfreak

CoryB said...

wow, Rocky Horror Show, looks like an awesome evening!
And also, looking forward to your magazine, sounds like a great idea! Have fun! Hopefully we'll get to read an online edition?
CoryB xx


Anonymous said...


Sophie Frances said...

Your right Tavs you totes look "unique" your such a "free spirit" I really like your crown. It reminds me of georgia o'keefe. sort of.Good luck with your magazine.

lizz said...

oh dear oh dear oh dear
at least you've seen it now.

♣icefox♣ said...

Love how you played with those stereotypical key words!
I've never seen it... heh heh

C said...

Rocky Horror changed my life :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Rocky Virgin being taken. It is such a lovely movie, and it seemed like you had lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Rocky Horror... geez I need to get on it. I'm 16.

Alex said...

my first time seeing a midnight showing of rocky horror was this past halloween, and i'm one year older than you. so y'know. when i went, the first-timers had to go on stage and pretend to have an orgasm. obviously i didn't really want to participate and run the risk of having weird facebook videos floating around the interweb the morning after.

Unknown said...

glad you had a good time.



Lydia Armstrong said...

I love these shots, especially the non-oufit-post shots of your outfit. I have not seen Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is really sad and embarassing.

Ashley said...

i have always wanted to do that. love the flower head piece


Larissa Blintz said...

sounds like fuuun!

Velvet Codeine

*ellimino* said...

Haha. To be honest, since I have never seen this show either, I must not be a human being...if I am not, then what am I? I loved the eyeliner and the crown. So cute and original!

Mickey said...

OH. MY. GOD! I CANT BELIEVE YOU'D NEVER SEEN ROCKY HORROR BEFORE!!!!! ok, I saw it for the first time in like, october, but whatever. Also can we still submit things? I have writing that I'd like to send you.


Yeah Rocky Horror PS...the original, the best, and i just really pissed off that GLEEech(whatacrap)ruined it. Seems you really enjoyed it there, really fun night!!:)


CS said...

I sent you an email about the magazine way back in November and I still have not heard back about it. Maybe mine got overlooked or sent to spam idk? :(


Tavi said...

Mickey - We're now done with submissions, but thanks for yer interest.

Caroline - I searched your name in the inbox, we replied but so many got Mail Delivery Subsystem whatever error replies, and unfortunately after that there's not much we can do.

Angie J. said...

I sooo want to go too but I don't know if we have those things in the Netherlands =/ on another note your hair looks good!

Audrey said...

The first time I watched that I was around 5 and by now, I've forgotten the whole thing! D:

Unknown said...

your on my aol homepage! http://aol.it/iA02gw

also, so glad you got to enjoy rocky horror it is a thing of great importance.

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a great night! love the crown


EmK said...

eep reading your locker post on xoJane made me think of my locker.. but nothing i found was something i could really recognize anyway...

Anywaays, sounds like you had fun and I'm glad for you. I am also very excited for this magazine! I hope it goes well for everyone involved.

Brittney said...

Despite all your super serious stereotypes, this only upped your cool. ;) If I were out at midnight watchin' Rocky Horror all dressed up, I'd be much less of a, uh ... homebody. ;) Love the crown!

firefly said...

Yay! I'm looking forward to your project with Jane!

Visit my blog!

Kacie - With Love said...

I love that. I heart the RHPS. Glad you had so much fun. P.S. Your blog is awesome.


Anonymous said...

Aaahh! I can't wait to go see the RHPS, I'm going this summer!!! SO. EXCITED. :D :D :D

This pointless and thoughtless comment was brought to you by Ruby Book.

Ariel Rose Vigil said...

Don't feel bad about not having seen it sooner. It took me 18 years for a good friend to finally notice that I was RHPS deprived.

emilyoea said...

The new line is absolutely stunning! I have been so entertained by your blog,keep smiling and take care! Christian Louboutin Sale

Kdotorg said...

I love that floral crown! I'm going to attempt to make one similar.


Dani said...

But are you ready for THIS time warp? ARE YOU?


Alexi Frest said...

This is fine. I am sure I would dress up as a witch...
AS for the site, good luck - it will be great. I am happy for you. I was not selected, I do know my English is still imperfect, perhaps it always will be. And I think I am a tad TOO peculiar for a teen magazine...

Unknown said...

hey tavi !
so about your magazine : where is it going to come out ? or is it only sent to the people that got a submission ?
cause i guess France is gonna be deprived of your awesome project. :D
hope you'll post pictures of it !

TheBaldSpot said...

Love the Music Box! Almost love Rocky Horror just as much. You should check out The Room showing they usually have at midnight. It's so bad, it's good!

Anonymous said...

OH MY!! I had such good time watching that movie; SWEET TRANSVESTA!!!!!


Unknown said...

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thanks! kisses marti ;DDDD
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Caroline said...

This movie is the best! I went to my fist time showing this year as well and I don't think i had really lived until that moment. haha. You are wonderful and I enjoy your blog thoroughly.

Rich Hippie said...

hahaha love it dude, your so amazing, sorta wish i was as cool as you when i was thirteen...or now

cancercowboy said...

lol, i almost forgot about the cult-like rumpus round the movie. as a first-time viewer didnt you have do to something embarrassing and shameful? also, you might enjoy Hedwig and the Angry Inch. looking good, as usual. but now get back in line, you damn libertine, and get that mag rolling ^______^

Anonymous Girl ... said...


anna said...

You know, I still haven't seen Rocky Horror on the big screen. My friends have gone plenty of times and I'm always like "I'll go with you next time!" but then...its so late? And I like to sleep?

I read your interview on Refinery29 about slutwalk, and I'm so proud of you!!! I don't know if I ever say that enough. I wish there were people around as I read it so I could point to the screen and say "that's my internet friend!!"

Natalie said...

Check out my blog please! Comment, follow, and spread the word please!

Emma said...

Love the QUIRKY vibes. I've been wishing with all my heart for years that my city would have Rocky Horror Show performances, but I've had zero luck. Very excited to hear about the magazine (another long-time wish of mine) !


the outfit diaries said...

anticipation lol

Julia said...





rkillakam said...

do you know who made that red skirt with the buttons

Clairedontcare said...

I just saw this movie a while ago and its hiliarious i love it. You look amazing by the way. Your top and bag are great. I wish i could have seen it in theaters.

NAILS said...

I love your blog! I saw you in teen vogue a while back and I've been in love with your blog since! I decided to start a blog today haha! It's not much yet but please check it out!

Afra Klinkenberg said...

Oh wow! I really would like to have a international crown exchange event!!!!
Who wants to trade a crown with me??


Anonymous said...

oh, at least you've seen it right now.
voodoo spells

hannah said...

great blog. I like your style!

Sam said...

Tavi Gevinson, I'm a french 15 year old girl and I live in Bordeaux ( the city of wine.) You're the most amazing person I've ever seen ( yes because I didn't meet you already ..)

Please marry me !
( It 's a joke of course, but If you want to make an exchange with a french student one day you know that you can have contact with me.)

Salome Dijoux ( we-hope.tumblr.com)


Ugh Tavi you are just too sweet, you know that? :D

Theo said...

The sticker on your hand is a nice touch, the "rebel." at the bottom of the photograph making it just THAT much better.

Anonymous said...


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