bluer than velvet was the night

I really hate wanting it to be school in the beginning of summer ("But Tavi, it's almost July!" "SHUT UP NO IT'S NOT I KNOW HOW TO READ AN iCALENDAR") but the suburban high school vibes in Autumn de Wilde's new video for Noah and the Whale are so good! Contrasty blue and red and white and cheerleaders and saddle shoes (Audrey Horne) and knee highs. I know you're supposed to hate high school but to me it's just what you make it and if I can pretend I'm in this or the Virgin Suicides or Freaks and Geeks or something I'LL TAKE IT. (Full disclosure: I have been graced with the good humor and friendliness of Autumn many a time, but if I didn't like the video, I wouldn't post it! So there.)

I picked up on some Blue Velvet vibes.

Then I got some other vibes.
Like Twin Peaks, only less green and brown, so really only the stuff that takes place in the school.
And the Virgin Suicides if it was a little colder, and this cell phone picture from Mobile Art.
SOURCES UNKNOWN! Who are these mystery witchy girls? Can I be their best friends? Would they hate me for posting their pictures on a fashion blog?
Edit: Mystery Witchy Girl #1 (on the left) has spoken! Her name is Heather Lynn and she conveniently linked me to a Facebook album of even more pictures of her as a child and teenager, because there is nothing unshadier than nurturing obsessions with strangers on the internet when they were children. Thank you, Heather Lynn!
Rinko Kawauchi.
Edie Campbell for Tank Magazine.
Chopped Cheerleader by Sarah Small.

And now, for a turn to pastels and ironic internet aesthetics, TEEN WITCH (you love it already) is a magazine started by Zain Curtis for teenagers I'm really excited about and want people to know about because it needs backers and I think it's a really important project. Mister Curtis's tumblr should tell you enough.

TEEN WITCH is a magazine that puts BOP and J-14 through a kaleidoscope, aiming to honor and give praise to the gay and trans youth underground scene. Essentially art-based, TEEN WITCH is inspired by sub-cultures, the Internet, Nickelodeon magazine and childhood nostalgia.

How exciting! If you pledge a little, not only will it be able to bloom and blossom like your favorite Disney stars struggling with coming to terms with their sexuality while in the public eye, but you may get yourself some treats named after said Disney stars! That was a sloppy sentence, so go look at the page for the chart of packages you'll get in exchange for whatever pledge and you'll understand. Go look at the page period! They've already reached their pledge goal but mo money can sometimes be helpful and nice. No matter what Biggie says.