What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Hi! I just got back from a trip with my dad to New York. It was enjoyable! We stayed here, and I got really angsty and "STOP IT GAWD YOU'RE EMBARRASSING ME IN FRONT OF ALL THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE OBVIOUSLY FLOATING FOUR STORIES UP IN THE SKY AROUND US" when my dad insisted on taking a touristy photo:
(I do a cat eye now, and my cardigan is Soft.)
Perhaps this would've been more acceptable somewhere blatantly meant to serve out-of-towners with a weakness for life-size Statue of Liberty snowglobes, but you're supposed to play it cool at the Chelsea! Stop freaking out about the fact that your radiator is pink! Don't take home those shampoo bottles to make into flower vases! Forget the a slight possibility you might encounter Patti Smith in the elevator! I would include a gif here of JamesFranco saying "be cool" to Lindsay in the episode of Freaks and Geeks where she helps him cheat on a test, but gifs are the mark of someone who spends too much time on the Internet, instead of outside being cool. I was even going to tell you that it is the fifth episode, on disc 2 of the DVD box set, and its official title is "Tests and Breasts," but admitting to such knowledge off the top of my head would also be uncool.

I'm obviously not embarrassed enough of that picture to not post it on the Internet though. Look! I'm at the Chelsea Hotel!!!!!

To redeem myself, here are pictures I took of myself alone in our room, without a parent to blame for their existence:
I was thinking of Twin Peaks for its colors and fall vibes and J.W. Anderson Spring 2011 for the pieced-togethered-ness.
Thrifted tee dress, American Apparel button down, random found gold brooch, patch from Poison Apple Studios, Laura Palmer pin from BookHouse Creations. That's Pennsylvania there on the patch, though I had to take what turned out to be an incorrect guess at the right way to rotate it since I'm not one of those people who can tell you the shape of Pennsylvania off the tops of their heads. (Also, Chelsea's internet was not helping. There's a reason no one ever wrote songs about the wifi at the Chelsea Hotel.) I can't tell you its significance, I kind of just decided it had some kind of witch trials connotation in a way that only makes sense in my head, but I have no intentions of finding out because googling "Pennsylvania" gets you a lot of stuff.
Also, I dyed my hair again! Or, Sheba did. There's something insincere about a false ginger but I'm okay with that.
I've been enjoying self decoration by way of stickers lately, and also rings. Jordan Catalano ring from Flamingo Cupcake Studios, vintage hologram Jesus/Mary ring, and gift from Meadham Kirchhoff.
Like a regular Ray McKigney.
Hand-me-down skirt, AA socks, shoes gift from Rachel Antonoff. (I'm a lucky person.)
P.S. These banana splits with Elizabeth and Laia were really amazing.


Mary Katherine Hofstetter said...

dont worry tavi, whenever i see someones parents forcing them to take some touristy photo, all i think is "god i know what that feels like!"


Kirsty said...

i'm a ginger who colours her hair a brighter ginger...so i wouldn't worry. also. the CHELSEA!?

northwest is best said...

Ha, your poor dad! I bet he's really proud of you.

CoryB said...

Wow, I wish I would stay at the Chelsea as well. Have you had Leonard Cohen's song in your head all day? I would. Your hair looks awesome. And hey, that pic isn't too bad, it looks very vintage. You're probably always going to love it. In secret.

Anonymous said...

cool outfit

xoxo, Laura

Lena said...

You look Amazing!

Kaitlyn Daze said...

Aww, the liner looks so cute on you, and I'm kinda going through a Shaggy from Scooby Doo phase where I'm eating everything in sight, so those banana splits look pretty amazing.

Unknown said...

awesome shots, love your accessories


RA said...

you look gorgeous in the first photo, Are you getting sexier or something? :D hahah :D

Anonymous said...

The photo taken by your dad, oh goosh, parents are annoying. But I liked the surroundings, even if its an extreme touristy photo

cachoo said...

That 'tourist' photo of you is beyond beautiful. And I am utterly jealous that you got to stay at The Chelsea!

The Fancy Teacup said...

You look so beautiful in the first capture, very cinematic. That's totally rad that you got room at the Chelsea, and love your sticker fetish.

♥, Jamie

jazz fututa sum hic said...

last night I saw the new X men movie and freaked the heck out because the Leland Palmer actor was very briefly in the film and I coudn't stop thinking 'Don't Trust Him! You have no Idea what he's capable of!!!'

fab rings grrrrl!

Anonymous said...

Tavi, you're amazing! I actually had the pleasure of meeting you during your stay (at the MET) hope you enjoyed the exhibit as much as I did! I really enjoyed everything you talked about during the seminar :) and your outfit is spectacular as always


Kdotorg said...

HAha, that little hiss (which i'm assuming was the beginning of a giggle) at the end of the video of your Jesus ring made me laugh!
Oh, and those banana splits.. YUM!


nicolette said...

you are so beautiful,tavi!

i wanna be yr penpal!

send me an email,and i'll give you mah address xxxxxxx

skflrez said...

I was for vacation in California with my dad once and he always "Yee-ha"ed at the end of the songs a man with a banjo played and was so embarressing!! So I know what it' must have been like. But the picture is absolutly awesome! And I think cat eyes suit you very well ^-^


Anonymous said...

Well, you are getting more and more beautiful when you grow older, while I am 17 years old and stuck with a child's face. (and a child's height...)

Madlen said...

wow! beautifully!
i'm from poland ;))

AVY said...

Such a cute post! :)

/ Avy

chelsey. said...

your hair looks great red.

Sasha Fay said...

Haha, PA is upside down, but for the sake that I live in crazy-ass Philly, the upside down PA is hilarious to me, like a very broad political statement. You should visit Philly sometime. It was the nation's capital at one time ya know?

Sasha Parker

thwany said...

love the shot of you at The Chelsea Hotel.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for coming to see US NEW YORKERS at the Met. You make me feel like a thoroughly incompetent person, which is always good.

Jake said...

Beautiful pictures especially the banana splits. I'm going through a phase of only eating food which looks plastic. I've been thinking about giving Freaks & Geeks a go for ages but I worry about the amount of time I'll loose.

nomi said...

so cute♥大好き

Chocolatier said...

damn! you visited my city and I didn't see you! oh well, i live really far uptown anyway, not quite in the Bronx but above Harlem, where no tourists visit.
That's great that you got to stay in the Chelsea!

Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

The Chelsea!! Aaah! I remember being younger, and asking in a whisper for my parents to take my picture, and then acting like I was embarrassed about it. Not that you did that.
I love the cat eye with the sweater. Uber cute.

Brilliant post Tavi!


Ashley said...

Love how you did your eyes.

As a kid, I'd always beg my parents to take pictures of me and I'd "model" but when they told me to just be "normal" and "smile" I'd be "GAWD. NO. WHAT AM I? A TOURIST?"

The Wardrobe Whisperer


omg, those banana split are like heaven! O_O


Cristina said...

I used to live right by the Chelsea Hotel. I always loved those balconies. It's ok to take pictures :) There's always someone dorkier than you on the street to distract the "beautiful people". Someone like me ;)


Ry said...

You look so beautiful in that picture! New York sounds awesome! I've been there once or twice in airporrts, but I've never had a chance to walk around the city :)
Parents are so embarrassing. :P Oh well, at least it's a good picture! But you can count on those floating people hating you now for getting a picture taken.
I always get so jealous when I see your awesome brooches and rings! I want some, but I'm saving my money for this amazing pair of floral Docs :3
I. Love. Your. Skirt. So muuuucccccchhhh!!!!


Mana said...

I used to be a ginger when I was small and it faded to brown but I still dye it sometimes.

Anonymous said...

"Script for Hologram Ring"

(Small jewelled white hand rocks back and forth in natural light)


moony said...

Now you're a ginger ninja *gasp*! I don't know what people have against gingers sometimes, orange is my favourite colour ;) Love banana splits but love those Rachel Antonoff shoes more!


Anonymous said...

great photos I love your rings! and the banana splits look delicious!


Ravenna Moreira said...

L O V E THE RINGS!!!!!!!!! LOVELY POST!!!!!! www.pulsacoesplanetarias.blogspot.com

Limey said...

banana splits?
and i am in love with the jesus/mary ring


ilikebiscuits2k11 said...

Oh tavi :') funny lil gal. btwwww just started a fashion blog- check it out? fanks x

Anonymous said...

Cool rings, awesome post! www.halftee.com

Claire said...

Why do I not have a Jordan catalano ring???? It seems like a necessity.
Your newhair colour is gorgeous! So perfect for fall...
Yum at those banana splits.

Unknown said...

love your hair, and your outfit!

Kacie - With Love said...

Looks like so much fun. Love the hair color.
A Collection of Passions

Tasha said...

haha my hair is that colour though I let NO ONE call it ginger. Anyone who tries will get scalped ..
And I'm wearing the cat eye a lot recently too, I've got some massive eyeliner going on today especially :D
and mhm banana splits. I'm seriously contemplating going to the ice cream parlour now. At night. No, they'll be shut. Oh but the supermarket isn't and they've got banana split ice cream tubs. You just made me obsess :D


you're so lovely, you have no idea



Rachel Cannon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel Cannon said...

I LOVE the Jordan Catalano ring! I think I will purchase one for myself in t minus 5 minutes......


Tessa G. said...

Love the hair color! I've been debating between going lighter blonde or red.I feel red will have to wait for fall. I don't know about going lighter.

Eline said...

Haha, I really understand what you mean with the story about your dad and playing it cool at the Chelsea. ;)

Shelley Noble said...

Love the photo your dad took.

And by the way, it's a pet hobby of mine, the Jesus ring, while way cool, isn't holographic. It's a Lenticular Image made by interlacing two images in slices under a plastic rippled lens. Each image is seen from a different angle through the ridges in the lens.

See that? Now you can be a Lenticular geek like me.

Unknown said...

love the rings!



pugpuppy said...

you look so different now!

Mariella said...

this post is just beautiful in every way. wish i could go to new york!
and i love the admittance of unreasonable angsty moments, been there! :)

Unknown said...

You look stunning in that first picture, and you totally remind me of Angela Chase in the second.

Sandrine et Marion said...

yum yum
amazing outfit !! :P


Kaiami said...

That's a pretty photo. Much better than the touristy photos I have. I kept thinking how you look kinda photoshopped into the picture.

. said...

Is that a little snigger at the end of the Jesus/Mary ring video? Well whether it was or not, I sniggered. I'm so glad you made that video. xx

Meg said...

YO GIRL. i'm making a zine this summer and it's all about teenager-y awkwardness and I would die a thousand death's if you contributed! ANYWAY I wrote more about it here

if you wan't to check it out. stay fly.

A. Hurt said...

Hi! I added your blog to my "blogs I haunt" on my blog roll. It's a new one, and if you like vintage, I think you'll enjoy it. Check it out here:


I the Writer said...

I"m going to New York as well! I love the thought of wearing whatever outfit I want no matter how crazy it is and people look and think 'Oh I saw that last week'. Or at least that's how I picture it. I can't say for sure because this'll be my first time in New York. yep that's me the New York virgin.

Marlena said...

I'm kind of in love with your wicked awesome ring collection! *.*
And you got to stay at the Chelsea Hotel?! AHHH SO COOL! I bet it was tons of fun.

Rachael said...

Love the color of your hair!

Paloma Rose said...

Oh man i probably would've knocked on every door in the building looking for Patti Smith. Even though she doesn't actually live there all the time...

Danielle Rodeo Warhola said...

Oh my goodness, Tavi, That sticker look is TOO GOOD, and I like the chelsea hotel shot personally. I have a few stacks of yellow and purple glitter easter crosses i was wearing for a big - they were kind of a weak adhesive so eyelash glue keeps them on. You've inspired me to pull them out again!

Alexi Frest said...

Lucky you! I have always wanted to see the Big Apple. One day I certainly will. Like Elfi Jelinek says, I would like to see its skyscrapers before I die. However, PLEASE, get your bangs back. They look so cool!

zoomslow said...

Great post! OK, OK (Leo Getz?), first let me just say how totally awesome you're looking with that new hair colour! Yay, Sheba :-) Oh and I love a good cardigan.

Thanks for not telling us about where one might find the part where James Franco says "be cool" to Lindsay. Not only might it have been a bit uncool, but you would probably also need to be in possession of genius to know it ;-))

I love the outfit and all of the accessories. The thought and detail is fantastic on its own, but the fact that you've linked it up so much with the things that you're into at the moment... (exploding heart).

And those banana splits look very yum :-P

P.S Brett Whiteley once spent some time in the 1960s at the Chelsea Hotel. One of his paintings used to hand behind the reception desk. Or perhaps it's still there? Apparently it's called "Portrait of New York".

PPS. I think you are in possession of genius, so you probably would know!

Sydney said...

it doesnt really look like you in the 1st picture Tavi but i still like it! the cat eyes kills! :)))

btw your skirt looks comfy. like fleece? is it?


K. D. said...

your shoes are amazing! and you're a lucky girl since you had an opportunity to visit new york and c. hotel! :)

Anonymous said...

Tavi you are the coolest ever! I love that ring. I agree with you about parents and touristy photos! you're brilliant!
Nemo x


Wow...!Chelsea Hotel, mecca for the 80'-90's cool culture. Wish i was there (a hundred miles away, even 24hrs time seperated), HOPEX. That banana split really revert to original 'old-skool-cafetaria' one, love that pict!Yum!
Your picture at the hotel's window somehow represented Warhol' muse adv.(not eddie sedw, only you Tavi):)



Charlie said...

reminds me of that photo of the clash on broadway and those banana splits look unreal!


Isabella said...

awwwww, the first picture is so pretty!
i hope you didn't actually wear those clothes outside. It was so hot in the city this week!

20thCgirl said...

Eee I'm a big fan of rings, pity I have such teeny tiny hands so can barely find any that fit.

You look really pretty in the first picture - I came over all "Oh my look what a pretty young lady you are" like an annoying older relative when I saw it :P

Anonymous said...

its so cool that you got to stay at the chelsa. i havent heard of that place before (yes, Ive been living under a rock) but any place with a pink radiator is awesome!
meeeh, those banana splits make me drool <3

Anonymous said...

Om nom nom, those banana splits look GOOD. :)

And a holiday isn't complete without a touristy picture!

Dani said...

I read your blog all the time but never comment. I was giggling at your photos, thinking, "Oh Tavi, your scowl is so wonderfully teen," but then my mister leaned over and said, "hey, that's how you look in all your photos."
derp. It totally is.

Lydia Armstrong said...

You sort of look like a totally different person in the pic your dad took. And you look super super gorgeous.

Clairedontcare said...

I went to New york last summer and loved it. I love your hair and i do my eyeliner cat eye too. Wow!

Marta said...

TAVI I LOVE YOUR BLOG:) Kisses from Barcelona.

Kacrates said...

Your hair is wicked cool :)

vollsticks said...

Those shoes are fa-aaab-yewel-USS!!!

Anonymous said...

Great striped top I love your customization :)


Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;



NavajoDisco said...

best stickers

kate said...

i would die for the jesus ring


Quique said...

Little miss Tavi, I really find your personality fascinating. I'am more involved with animation and illustration than with fashion but I wanted to do a little present for you.


I hope you like it or at least read the comment. I really had to study some of your photos and interviews. At last, I hope we can know more about you!

fairy on acid said...

So lovely!

Would you mind checking out my blog, and maybe follow/comment it? :)


hellobombshell said...

Oooh NY! Looving it :)

Anonymous said...

A hologram of Jesus is simply gorgeous!
I wonder how you, Tavi, dressing and writing.
I do not understand the styles, but you - obviously not the glamor:)
Hair stunning! : D

Anonymous said...

my stars :D

Mihaela said...

Love it.

My blog♥mfashionfreak

Sonia said...

You look really really pretty, I like your new hair.
And the cringey-parent-taking-photos angst... omg that's me constantly :')
Your posts always make me smile x

ps. need. those. banana. splits.

Anonymous said...

your father is right, tourist pic are important!
but yours are more! so have fun!

M.k said...

The other day I was watching a movie called "Me Without You" starring Michelle WIlliams, and can I just say Tavi that the two of you look so alike! Throughout the movie I felt like she reminded me of someone and It was you! The first picture looks so much like her character from the movie.

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Just. All awesome.

thepinkmateproject said...

i so love the shoes!!!



Confessions from the Hairdresser said...

You're in New York right now?!? Isn't it funny how the universe works out like that? I was there until Tuesday and I totally thought of you because I went with the soul purpose of seeing the Alexander McQueen exhibit, and leading up to it I kept thinking...

...a human made this...

It was very strange, it resonated in my head. I remembered it from your post and I just kept hearing it before I saw the exhibit.

I also thought about building a snowman out of the sticks in my yard the other day too.

Yago Richelly said...

hello all well ... I really liked your blog, I invite you to visit my blog, I'm following you please also segi-ma ... xx


lizz said...

you write wonderfully.

lizz said...

you write wonderfully.

EvieT23 said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! Love your outfit and accessories!


Sairasmieli said...

You look stupid.

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty awesome shoes! Looks like you had a lot of fun.


Raymond Suny said...

Tavi! I think you are beautiful and very smart!

margaret cruzemark said...

You look great. But i love the banannasplit also!!!
miss Margaret Cruzemark

Anonymous said...

So so jealous.

Gramily said...

Have you found Bill Cunningham or he you yet?

Vivien C. said...

delicious. that looks really tasty.


cancercowboy said...

you're lookin lovely; you can even compete with that dessert ^_____^
being embarrassed by one's parents is an important part of learning how to not give a damn about other people's opinions later on. but don't learn too well or you'll grow up a social menace ;)
anyway, i'm kinda jelly of your stay in the Chelsea, famous place of song. link somewhat related.
oh, and fuck coolness.

Lula said...

Hey Tavi! Started blogging because of you :) Your fashion sense is totally awsome and you are so lucky to go to all the fashion shows. Love your blog. Hilariously funny!

Sandra said...

I really like the first pic! :)

Anonymous said...

I totally love/get the Twin Peaks inspiration, and think it's a little Log Lady(in a good way). Where did you get that RING?!!!!!I love it. I was hooked when I first saw your blog and am still loving it. Keep up the good work!

Comic_Cat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michel Ghanem said...

i dont even like bananas, but i would eat one of those splits they look delicious :') your style is impeccable!

Unknown said...

I like best ice cream

Fabrício Pereira Da Silva said...

You're so cute, I love your rings!

if you visit my blog would be an honor!!



Anonymous said...


S Y yang said...

wow banana split ...!!!!!!!!!

Mertxe Hernàndez said...

love your blog!!! are so much diferent thingss..!!! very fashion,, nice NICE!!!

Anonymous said...

ohmygoshhh! the Banana splits look absolutely deliciousss yumm <3 .
amazing blog btw <3 i dont know how you come up with things like that!.xx


Soccer Star said...

nice outfit :)

GoddessAphroditi said...

i got the same skirt .:)

GoddessAphroditi said...

i got the same skirt .:)

Gabrielle Evelyn said...


I believe your summer vacation is wonderful enough,right?

herve leger

Izumihiiiflower said...

you become a true little woman! :)
you are more and more pretty!

mmmmh banana split look incredible! Ice cream is a dope for me!! But if i eat too much, i think I'll become fat! XD it's hard to keep the line!
I guess you have not yet such problems! lucky!

I'm a little jealous of your glory, I must admit. but you full of energy and creativity! I think the glory you deserve!

Looking forward dear Tavi!
love your blog!


thehistoryofmyfuture said...

I must say you should be very happy to have your photo taken on that balcony. It was just sold to a new owner, and the rooms will not be rented out to guests any longer. The residents who have lived there for decades may stay (for now), but we'll see how long that lasts. The future plans for it are still unknown. So, be happy you survived the embarrassment of having your photo taken on that storied balcony!

Unknown said...

Love NY!!


Unknown said...

Stunning, I wish I might stay at the Chelsea besides. Have you had Leonard Cohen's melody in your mind throughout the day? I might. Your hair looks wonderful best places for summer vacation .

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