i like "movie site" myself

Ugh, URL scare! In case anyone is accessing this from my blogspot address (ewww going back to that, ewww ideas I had in 6th grade), the new URL is stylerookieblog.com. At least the site makes it look like I have an in with J-Lo and that I am a girl being forced to look like I enjoy college for a picture in a brochure. She may be half-smiling, but I can see in her eyes that she wants to be rescued.

I can help you, College Girl! Perhaps you might be interested in some Watch Free Movie? The adventures of GI Joe? Or simply The Movie, if you are one for ambiguity?

Aaaaanyway, my uniform lately has been a tiara decorated one way or another and a sweater and a long skirt. Blah blah Meadham Kirchhoff blah Courtney blah blah riffs on femininity in the form of girl scout patches and jewelry with images from popular culture on them blahhhhhh.

I had to carry around a box of SweetHearts today when the heart stuck on top would get too worn down.
Duskin dress, Miu Miu collar, Bewitched necklace from Flamingo Cupcake on Etsy, and Cheer patch from Troop Moore on Ebay.

EDIT: More lies! Again! Back to http://www.thestylerookie.com/, yippee.