i like "movie site" myself

Ugh, URL scare! In case anyone is accessing this from my blogspot address (ewww going back to that, ewww ideas I had in 6th grade), the new URL is stylerookieblog.com. At least the site makes it look like I have an in with J-Lo and that I am a girl being forced to look like I enjoy college for a picture in a brochure. She may be half-smiling, but I can see in her eyes that she wants to be rescued.

I can help you, College Girl! Perhaps you might be interested in some Watch Free Movie? The adventures of GI Joe? Or simply The Movie, if you are one for ambiguity?

Aaaaanyway, my uniform lately has been a tiara decorated one way or another and a sweater and a long skirt. Blah blah Meadham Kirchhoff blah Courtney blah blah riffs on femininity in the form of girl scout patches and jewelry with images from popular culture on them blahhhhhh.

I had to carry around a box of SweetHearts today when the heart stuck on top would get too worn down.
Duskin dress, Miu Miu collar, Bewitched necklace from Flamingo Cupcake on Etsy, and Cheer patch from Troop Moore on Ebay.

EDIT: More lies! Again! Back to http://www.thestylerookie.com/, yippee.


Unknown said...

why don't you paint a sweetheart with clear nail polish??

I once mummified a scorpion in that manner and I still have the thing lying around in perfect tact.

Anonymous said...

i kept on retyping your website with different variations (i got desperate) and mourned silently every time Miss College Girl popped out.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh i was SO confused! how did that happen?! shouldn't a little fashion prodigy get the rights to website versus a probably illegal website that no one will use?

sincerely, M

Tavi said...

Well that'd be nice, but Blogger didn't send me an email when my URL was about to expire so other people were able to snatch it up.

Mitchie said...

haha i saw on ur tumblr that u hate the internet. now i know why.
It was nice to see you at the Miu Miu Fall Winter 2011/2012 Ready-To-Wear show in Paris!

Anonymous said...

bahahaha! i literally almost had a heart attack when I couldn't find your blog. gotta love the inter-webs -_-

Tara said...

how annoying that you had to change your url! that college girl and fake site...cringe...

that tiara is perfect! and your miu miu collar goes ever so wonderfully with that bewitched necklace. (oh Bewitched-love that show. used to watch loads of episodes of I Love Lucy, Bewitched, and The Brady Bunch on Sunday mornings on the channel T.V. Land when I was little) I looked through Flamingo Cupcake's etsy and was astonished by the sheer variety of wonderful cameo necklaces she's selling! I might get one of Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby. her shop is glorious.

Linus said...

I got scarded when I saw the backpack lady, glad I found your site back! oh, and like the tiara too.

zoomslow said...

Hmmm...well I think I'm up for a bit of Fandango, actually.

I was a bit devastated for a while there :-( But it's great that you're back :-)) Bewitched necklace = <3

Ash said...

LOL. I had to google your blog before I found the new link :)

Love the idea of carrying around a box of candies the whole day. If I did that, I'd be all "Oh, is the candy on my tiara melting?"
"Excuse me, but what?"
"Oh. Did you want some?"

Denim + Cotton

Stephanie said...

You should dye your hair red. Like Claire Danes red.

That's all:)

Maria said...

Oh, boy. That was an interesting journey between google reader, college lady, google, back to college lady, google, and then here, all while being on the phone and pretending I'm 100% into the conversation while I'm actually kind of freaking out. Alas, Tavi, you have not disappeared into the depths of spammy pages. I agree with Leviathan, nail polish works wonders on preserving pretty much anything. I did it with pieces of paper... not that they would go bad, I just liked the way the blue glitter polish looked against the lined paper. I'd say just dip the whole tiara bow and everything in sparkly nail polish and hang to dry.

Alexi Frest said...

That smile does look like a forced one!

Betty Boo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ginger said...

i love you and this is the first time you could potentially see it! i've been reading your blog from the literal start. i follow you on tumblr. once i was going to go to chicago and do a total 80's move outside your window, with the boom box, playing miss world.

so yeah, thats pretty much it.

no but for real, i'm just a girl your age and i think you're an amazing writer.

brodie said...

The only word I can think of to describe these ACKsessories is FANDANGO! xo

anne b. said...

that miu miu collar continues to be amazing.

Megan Hattie said...

naked lady collar + SweetHearts on a tiara = excellence

Ro Furkim said...

Tavi dear! I got desperate _ the college girl _ ugh! Thanks God you come back, to inspire me! Love.

Houndstooth Bunny said...

Gosh, no wonder i couldn't find your blog. I like your collar:)
Read my blogg yala-yada.blogspot.com I'll be so honoured:D

Hannah May said...

haha! i got very confused!


Lola said...

omg that was sooo confusing!! We all got college girl as the main search result, worrying! And the funny thing , I recommended your blog to a friend and she was telling me today how your site isn't coming up. I was v.v.worried! Annoying re:blogger, oh well though, your new url is similar and at least the old link comes up first!


JIM Designs said...

Phew, you're back!

Unknown said...

Ha, when Miss Default College Girl showed up all my friends e-mailed me like WHAT THE? TAVI'S WEBSITE ISN'T WORKING!!! I just typed:

So, then I tried all kinds of different wordings and even tried your old blogspot url but an annoying message from Blogger ('redirecting!') every single time.

MEHHH. Anyway, I'm glad your blog is running again! I love the patch and the heart in the tiara. Cute/witchy/schoolgirl/cheerleader look!

That college girl needs a dose of Ghost World and some John Hughes movies and she should start being an individual again rather than just a default College Girl. Yes.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
favio said...

love your tiara and outfit
i want to make a long "manly" rendering of a black witches outfit, but have yet to figure it out in my head.

i remember my brother eating wedding favours even after i told him they're usually sprayed with sealants. just had a flashback to those days there because of the cutie pie candy on your tiara, when i used to pop in by 7 eleven and eat sweethearts and pixystix.

in the words of my claustrophobic grade 7 french teacher

"tska tska tska"

- thefawnboy.tumblr.com

Isabella said...

haha i was wondering why the picture of that girl kept popping up on my "most visited sites" page.
The tiara's AWESOME.
I <3 you tavi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but i might actually have to eat your tiara

The Clothes Press said...

I'm glad to see you haven't been replaced with college girl...
She scared me....
Love the Sweethart addition to the tiara. :)


Anonymous said...

This is a rad post Tavi. You make me happy. You also rule.

Anonymous said...

No college girl on my computer, just a big, fat Google sign and a 'the site you're looking for does not exist'.

The first time that happened, my stomach curled into a ball.

The second time that happened, I began to twitch nervously and went to grab some coffee.

The third time, I literally got tears in my eyes.

By the fourth time, I was as good as convinced that you had shut down the page. Depression came, fast and hard.


I got on Twitter to see if that was possibly true. Then I saw your new link. I clicked it. And BAM.

Oh sweet relief.

....And I love your tiara, princess.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I know everything about blog mistakes made in 6th grade. Just take a look at my URL...

Daisy said...

That darn grrll follows me,
watching me for when i make a
lil keyboard related slip up and then

BAM there she is smiling away, happy at my typing failings


Laura Sherriffs said...

I love the Miu Miu collar. I have never seen college girl before (I think it may be a US phenomenon) but her perfectly even,ghostly white smile is terrifying!


Jessie said...

that collar is outrageous. your things are always so intricately amazing. thank you for sharing these wonderful images style rookie.


olivia said...

Looks like it's back to normal!

Anonymous said...

hey Tavi,
I want to know why I didn't got a email from you about the "magazine" ? You said that everyone will hear back! I didn't !
Have a nice day Love your Miu Miu !

Andrea said...

love the collar!!


Frockspotter said...

Aah good, back to Style-Rookie-normalness! I love the princess-y style you're going for (very Barbie, the MiuMiu collar definetly gives it an edge!)



Testing testing 1 2 3, if this comment works then its amazing!...(whenever I post a comment it bounces back saying it won't let me!?)

I love your blah blah style blah too bits blahhhhhhhhhh xxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hanna said...

What a fabric of lies! (Ovi referring to the Miu Miu collar.)

Hanna said...

But only slightly...

My Heart Blogged said...

I hate sites like that. Not only do they confuse you, they are weird too.
My Heart Blogged

Mana said...

HA! Ya I was wondering why that happened. I kept on clicking on style rookie and I would end up on that... Stupid URL

Anonymous said...

LOVE your tiara.


Lia said...

the collar of the shirt is so cute!

Anna said...

so funny! If you would like to help Japan and get a cute necklace visit my blog, theultraviolette.blogspot.com
thanks :)

Chocolatier said...

YAY you're back! I was so scared! Like WHAT?? what happened to Tavi? glad you're back <3

The Fancy Teacup said...

Haha, I was like what the heck? when that picture showed up yesterday when accessing your site! Glad you have made quick comeback. That Miu Miu collar is so delectable.

much love.

Cristina said...

Love the Mui Mui...and I agree with the comment on dying your hair "My So Called Life" red. It totally goes with your 90's vibe (very angsty) and then all you would need is a military style backpack which is easly found at army surplus stores or the easier, more hipster Urban Outfitters route. Do it!

Norine said...

Love your blog so much!


Maria Elba said...

this is really awesome!

Shaishalala said...

cool necklace!


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Tavi, why haven't you blogged about the earthquake in Japan? How are all your designer friends? Did they make it back from Paris safely? What are their thoughts about the situation there? thanks.

cancercowboy said...

gee, what an odyssey... ^__^ glad the site is back up.
i really like the [probably unintended ;)] irony that the heart wears out fast

Michelle Lee said...

cute crowns :)

want to hear your thoughts on Jean Fares Couture @http://pinklemonincrystal.blogspot.com

Gabriela Wildrose said...

i like your bloog. :) i'ts amazing. i really admire your inspirations . Salute Gabriela. ;*

Anonymous said...

Those fake sites that are the misspelled word of a popular site scare the hell out of me. It's so culty........

Unknown said...

adore that collar, so unique!!
www. styleisalwaysfashionable.blogpsot.com

Anonymous said...

Did you made that crown yourself? Looks pretty creative kind of like a trashyprincess :P

oh that's so stupid when suddenly your URL changes, I experienced it before to go to sides that suddenly were like trying to sell something or just searchingmachines, that's so annoying! & then you keep retyping the URL because you think you mistyped it, totally get that!

By the way, where did you get that MiuMiu collar? It's adorable!

Zany Style said...

love love love the tiara, it also gives it more character that the candy heart is upside down.


Francisco said...

I really like to read Ur blog...
UR STYLE and ur sense of humor...


style meerkat said...

awesome Miu Miu collar! I want it :D
I love your style


Paulo Alwes said...

I love your blog! Here in Brazil, it serves as inspiration for many fashion bloggers! I'm your fan for sure! kisses


Atomic Bettie said...

Love ur blog! And thanks for mentioning my shop, FlamingoCupcake!!

Anonymous said...

i looooove the miumiu collar !!!!!!


Claire said...

The whole url thing really confused me, but your outfit/accessory shots make up for that. SO perfect. I love the whole pastel 5 year old princess thing. So magical.

Afra Klinkenberg said...


So confusing! Also kinda funny now I read that more people were confused... haha!

Lovely post by the way,

chloé said...

oh movies ! never knew you had 2 faces tavi (:

Masha said...

I like so much this collar!!


Ruby plusG said...

gorgeus post!!!Very beautiful!


Cradle of Colours said...

I saw the movie site also when i tried logging into your site - i was like omg! the movie site used to be under www.stylerookie.com until i realised there's supposed to be a "the" in front ... few days ago, i checked both sites thinking i may have clicked the wrong url - was i shocked to find out your site has been snatched?- YEP!! It's like as if they were waiting like a hunter :P

Anyway, it's a good thing you've sorted it out coz you have such wonderful story going on onto your site & alot of peeps (esp me) would still want to know more of your views on fashion!



Fiorella Valera said...

Good blog, visit http://lookymoda.blogspot.com

mike said...

it's good to know you were able to defeat this apparent Synonamous Botch imposter who would otherwise have created a nightmare in your world.

firefly said...

Good, your site is bad. Had me scared for a while. :)


Ingrid said...

Shame on blogger!!! :(( Warning to us all!

Would love to see a post on all your tiaras worn and decorated!


P.S. If you're in NY, it's Macaron day on Sunday!

Frederik said...

I think it so cool to se you style your outifts with so girly stuff, and not making it look tacky!


girls who love fashion said...

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Mana said...

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Sam said...

You need to see this artist's work: http://www.parkerito.biz/
He did a whole really really weird thing with that ubiquitous college girl.
It's half-creepy half-really cool.

Zayin said...

Dear Tavi,

Just discovered your blog. I love it. I'm 26. I love that you write what you think, and wear what you like untrammeled by trend or convention. You're teaching the masses to dress! :) You know what "cool skinny bitches" are? Basically people who ignore everyone that isn't "their friend". Pathetic folk. Don't ever become one of them.

Anonymous said...

totally love in it!!!


Tanja S. said...

Tavi?I love your blog and your amazing outfits.Keep on doing your blogger-job so cute!

In Love,Tani


Gisela Ayala said...

hahaha wow to that girl. :) lol

natt rodriguez said...

I was one of the many people that went onto "College Girl's" page. I was so freaked out and obviously soooooupset your blog post are the only thing that gets me through each day. I immediately googled your blog and i found you!!! It made my day!
You are such an inspiration to me and after of many months of silently stalking you ( in a non creepy way) I decided to start my own blog.
Seeing as I am being truthful I might as well tell you that its not the best but from my posts so far think that I am definitely getting better!
please check it out if you can find the time to, I'd lurve for you to have a look at it!


- said...

How did you end up buying the URL back anyways?

jessica january said...

miu miu collar. <3

january, x

Anonymous said...

always such a fan!
keep the inspiration coming!


gabi said...

glad your blog url is working again, although you're not really a rookie any more haha. rad collar!!!!!!!!!

http://highfashionisdead.blogspot.com/ xx

zoomslow said...

Like, I just got it! Thank you :-))

Unknown said...

Lovely tiara with sweet jewelery.
Great concepts and ideas as always. Thanks for sharing and regards from Utopia blog this days with a portrait of a Lady :)

20thCgirl said...

I had no idea blogspot url's had a sell by date! Weird.

I <3 the bewitched necklace

IT Tips said...

and I love it. Irrelevant piece of information: I studied crreeative writing in Sheepwash, Devon.

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elenoir said...

I've just bought some vintage Polly pocket rings...your post made me think about them!
Your gorgeous as usual.


dear diary said...

Tavii! I wanna meet you!!
And I'm from Barcelona!!!!

Marlena said...

naked lady collar + sweetheart tiaras = FLAWLESSNESS <3

And I thought my cardigan looked familiar when I bought it! That's one of my favorite blog posts by you! Yes, I definitely think it's a sign that we were destined to be ~internet twinz~ ;D

Alina said...

What a cute collar! you are very interesting and extraordinary!

Amy Mashburn said...

Aaaah I totally went to high school with College Girl! She's in like a ton of stock photos in random places on the internet, and I almost peed my pants when I saw that you wrote about her! I posted it on her facebook, hahaha. I don't know if she's a fan of your site, but she should be because you are awesome. And I wish I had gone to high school with you.

M.L. Kenney said...

Hey Tavi! I've been lurking around your blog for awhile now and I wanted to say. Um. Hi. *twitch*
Anyway, I was wondering if you knew anything about the former plus-size model Crystal Renn. She used to be a size 12, and was applauded in the modeling industry for being so comfortable with what some designers consider a "fat" body. (Ridiculous. Duh.) Anyway, she toned up to a size 8. And although she'd been in the industry for years, it was only when she dropped her dress size that she got on the cover of Vogue (recently). What's your take on this? I'd love to know. Thanks and have fun with ALL OF YOUR CLOOOOTHES.

Kim Ngan said...

:-o That collar♥


Lisa and Kirana said...

what a lovely combination between that cute socks and that shoes 100000 thumbs up for it tavi!


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