nyfw outfits part 1

Things are a little busy around here, in many ways! Fashion Week is good for dressing up though, and it's not like I'm keeping up with the pace of it anyway, so these are from last month.

With wifey Arabelle. Look at us little twee trolls! Awww. I am also taller than her now when I wear clunky shoes. (Sidenote: Teenagers are really funny looking, I only just realized. Like the other day I was staring at this kid who was standing next to my teacher and they were the same height but one was so obviously an adult and the other was like an overgrown 10 year old. This is not a trait specific to him, we are all like this, except the seniors who I confuse with teachers and have facial hair, ew wat cut that out/off.)

This outfit was pretty Romance Was Born heavy, with the leggings and scarf they sent me. I was thinking about crayon colors and childish things. The t-shirt is thrifted and the lumpy shirt is Comme des Garcons and was sent to me by beso.com.

The bag (thrifted) and leggings are so perfect together. Gap shoes, thrifted skirt, and Happy Socks.

Belle is a hair goddess.

Thrifted shirt and yellow slip, blue sheer skirt sent to me by American Apparel, and Miu Miu collar. Going for eccentric granny vibes.

THIS HAT IS GLORIOUS. My pal Laurel gave it to me and I can't get over the perfect mermaid/elf-ness of it. When I wear it to school the security guards are all "NO HATS ALLOWED" but that rule has to do with gang signs and I'm pretty sure I'm not in a gang of elf mermaid grandmas. But if it exists, how do I become a member?