o sisters let's go down

Girl by Band of Outsiders' Spring 2011 collection made the down-to-earth and simple seem otherworldly. The fabrics were light and airy, the nature-inspired prints barely there in shades of pale green and brown, and when draped in a style slightly Grecian, evoked the mood of a kind of Atlantis. It all reminded me a bit of this clip from O Brother Where Art Thou. The water, the trees, using that nature environment to get somewhere kind of spiritual and immortal...

This being Band of Outsiders' first Girl collection, and having to strongly differentiate it from Boy and Man, Scott Sternberg was aiming for the ultra-feminine. He left behind the pink and frills often associated with girliness and went for a very stripped-down and bare version. Also, Girl? Man? Boy? I am now waiting for Pet and Grandma and Second Cousin's Hairdresser's Roommate's Niece's Cat's Original Owner.
So ethereal and pretty and misty. Seeing that the brand could go in a direction opposite of preppy was the most exciting to me, but the women's clothing for Boy were also great. Perfect summer camp vibes. The shoes! Someone somewhere on eBay has to have a really weird club kid version of Teva sandals, right?