No Make-Up Week and cute stuff

This week is no make-up week on this here Internet! I'm coming a bit late to the party, but consider almost every outfit photo on this blog a contribution. To quote from the event's page,
"The philosophy is this. Make-up is great. It is a powerful tool, a way to express yourself, your mood and interior life. But, when you can’t go without something, it loses it’s spark.

A study online claims that 8 out of 10 women prefer their female colleagues to wear makeup and the same number of women said they would rather employ a woman who wore makeup than one who didn’t. Because of these expectations, I think it’s hard for any woman to have a good relationship to make-up."

I do the occasional lipstick or eyeliner because of the addition it can make to an outfit, but on days when I'm not into my skin, I'm tempted to cake on all that foundation stuff. I usually don't because I'm lazy and don't have much time in the morning, plus something about it feels too mask-like and makes me uncomfortable or kind of suffocated. What're your make-up musings? *Points to audience like member of Zoom cast*

This outfit was supposed to be a really obvious combination of light and dark and somewhat cartoony, what with the hair bow and dino boots and bunny bag.

Sweater from Salvation Army and Miu Miu fabric. The creative director at Prada was super cool and sent me a couple things in this fabric which matches my dog and his too, he said. My dog is always nicer to me when I wear this in my hair, but I don't know what it's actually supposed to be.

Alice + Olivia dress worn as skirt, Hide boots.
I was given this skirt when I styled Alice + Olivia's musical guests for their SS11 presentation (more on that later!) and I'm obsessed with how tear-crinkled the fabric looks. When I biked to school it got kind of dirty and murky at the bottom, but I'm really into it? Recently I've been less careful about my clothes' cleanliness because I like the idea of a closet full of lived-in and well-loved clothes. I will maybe regret taking such poor care when I have to sell all my stuff because I went broke after investing in a documentary about the history of the Snuggie, but that is why I am mentioning the documentary idea now. What do you think? Is it a wise business move? And would you be willing to fund it?

Dino boots! The designer gave them to me when I visited Ra in Antwerp (again, more on that later. Ra is awesome and led to me sitting in my school counselor's office a few days ago explaining why I wrote "live in a creative commune" under "Future Career Goals.")
Brand: Hide
Pros: They're comfy, remind me of the Greek god Hermes and of dinosaurs, and I of course love absurdity. They're also easy to clean, like dirt from bike riding.
Cons: So far no problems, but we'll see how they hold up as time goes on.

Are there any other components of a product you guys would like to hear about for when I try this freebie review format in the future?

This BAG, my lord. It's so cute and creepy and reminds me of something one of the Gashlycrumb Tinies might've owned. And I can't wait for how it'll look when it's all old and worn.

Brand: sent to me by Mandy Coon
Pros: Uh, it's adorable? I mean, button eyes! I carried my giant ass, calculator-containing pencil case around in it all day, if that tells you anything about the practicality. It's incredibly well-made with impeccable stitches. And there are some details that most people probably won't see but make it a bag that is a luxury bag, like silk lining and patches of fabric on the inside of the ears (as in this beautiful clipart.)
Cons: The length of the handle, because I feel like bunny bags should swing easily over the shoulder and not be carried daintily by the hand. The chain heightens the irony of a black leather bunny bag, but takes it a bit too far and makes the bag less versatile (the leather can't just be black leather, it has to be "punk" black leather) and more trendy (specifically, the one of Spring 2009 when everyone on Tumblr was posting photos of studs from Jak & Jil.) I wouldn't really care if the chain was detachable and there was space to add your own handle, but I struggled to tie my own gray string on there and had to adjust it all day.