we love you conrad

Note the dog pee in the bottom left.
Today I tried to dress like a date from the 50's, thinking of Kim McAfee and Winnie Cooper (I know Wonder Years is 60's/70's, but just that whole Winnie and Kevin dynamic, ifyouknowwhatImean). Roller rink, ice cream, lovebird barettes, and how to tie a tie for your fancy date skirt.

Goody barettes, Repetto shoes.

Thrifted sweater, Girl Scout patch from troopmoore on ebay, Blood is the New Black tee, and skirt fr0m the 50's sent to me by PollySue's Vintage.

I went on an insomniac's ebay rampage the other night, searching vigorously for girl scout patches as inspired by the hand-me-down sweater I wore last week. I had forgotten I'd bought them til they came the other day. It was very pleasing, and I concluded that I make good decisions late at night.

I wish I'd also gotten the Pancake Breakfast and Random Act of Kindness ones, but my need for cheese is covered by the Girl Power in the upper right. Also, did you know there is a Girl Scout patch for basically every occasion imaginable? At a certain point I was expecting to see "The Mafia Takes Teamwork" or something, but this also could have had to do with whatever time it was.


Nicole Elena Robertson said...

The ice cream shirt is straight up perfection.

Brittney said...

The ice cream and patches go well together. :)

I swear, I looked at your blog earlier this evening and then bam, another post. I like the outfit posts. :)

Kate Rose said...

this is seriously bugging me...every time I don't know what to wear I get inspiration from your posts! gahh! your brain is so chock full of sweet,sweet style...
this came just in time, I've been dressing muted and prim all freakin' week!

Anonymous said...

wow i love your pink sweater and your shoes are just adorable!! Also I am so jealous that there is snow, beautiful white snow where you are. I have only seen the snow twice, I guess thats what you get for living in Los angeles.


"coy" colleen said...

oh i love bye bye birdie - the entire song list is playing through my head right now :)

Anonymous said...

I love your t-shirt ♥

Rachel said...

gorgeous shoes

Anonymous said...

Loving all the pastel colours. Your t-shirt is amazing x

Anonymous said...

pastel colours amazing ♥
your blog is great !

KARLITO said...

How ironic, I won Agent Lover's contest by saying my Wilderness Girl's patch (obvs, I'm a d00d) would be a "El Viejo Peludo" patch which, literally means, the hairy man. haha
I made a paper patch for it but your Roller Skating patch puts it to shame.

Unknown said...

lovely patches!



Unknown said...

great colours, cute look


Marlena said...

love love love this outfit! <3 That skirt especially, I'm a sucker for bow motifs *.*

And now that I think of it, my vest could really use a few of those Girl Scout patches...

Lucy in the Sky said...

I know you hate hearing this but YOUR OUTFIT IS SO CUTE! love love loveeeeee. I'm digging that sweater + tee.

EFFIE said...

i love the pink sweater, it's so cute! :)

zoomslow said...
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zoomslow said...

The longer skirt and black tights work really well with those shapely shoes! And I like your girl scout patches - I collect Emily the Strange badges :-)

kate cait sith said...

Good lord, that eBay store is a treasure chest.

Unknown said...

Hi dear!!

very cuteeee post!
Lovely look <33

so perfect *


The Clothes Press said...

Love it! Especially the shoes- they are pretty wonderful. It is a really great outfit though. :D

Sandra Azwan said...

that is so cute....

agata said...

the color palette here is soooo lovely, i'm in love with that skirt, and the ice cream tee is such a perfection.

boyunso said...

you look so cute :))
love this outfit!! ^^


Pastels= a polite f**k you to winter. Love it

Katherine said...

Haha I love that you're wearing girl scout patches! I think I need to break out my old brownie vest :)


Nolita said...

Everything looks so cool and vintage!

FB: Nolita Vintage Shop & Blog

Antonia at Swedish Love Affair said...

I like the patches and I'm looking forward to see how you style them!
You look great, too.

Kind wishes from Sweden,

Alexi Frest said...

I love your pink cardigan with the Roller Skating sign.

Darya Antonovna Papko said...

Looks great!!!


Agita said...

that skirt is sooo lovable, looks cute on you as well :)


Chloe Tweeny said...

those badges are really cute. especially the roller skating and daisy day ones

Anonymous said...

Lovely skirt!
P.s. I'd been wanting to find some reasonably prices patches to diy my denim jacket with and these are perfect.

Laura said...

Mafia badge... you're so funny.

Noumia's papers said...

Nice skirts ! I love your shoes too.. And the badges are very funny and originale !



Anonymous said...

Bye Bye Birdie is such a good play. Nice choice of inspiration and I was obsessed with the Wonder Years especially when it replayed on Nick and Night ahhh those were fun times.

Ana Paula Camargo said...

Tavi Dear,
a BIG HELLO from.......... BRASIL!!

You are showing herself very romantic, female, sweet and at the same time so misterious to me! Like the ladies should seem!

I LOVE pink. That color makes everything so fresh, so easy, so lovely, don't you think so?

I loved also all the accessories and details you chose!

Stay in the Peace of God!!
You and All the Style Rookie's Fans!!


Yajaira said...

you look cute..

cancercowboy said...

très chic. bet your time traveling date would've turned out quite nice ^____^
i like the Planetarium patch. anyone knows what one had to do to get it?

style meerkat said...

Ice cream ? cool! Beautiful skirt... nice outfit ^^


Offbeat Follies said...

cute look! I am almost compelled to dig up my old Brownie sash and see if I can salvage the patches ;) but I need them to cover up a hole in my jeans. LOL

Anonymous said...

i was just gonna compliment you on your shoes.but man.Love those patches specialy the planetarium one. great icecream tee and ohh the shoes.would love if you could check out my blog.listening to the kinks 'sunny afternoon'


lovely outfit!

visit my blog


Ruth said...

Somewhere, over the rainbow
Way up high
There's a land that I dreamed of
Once in a lullaby.
Somewhere, over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams
That you dare to dream
Really do come true.

Nice outfit!

reminds me of that song

davidikus said...

I most certainly like the colour scheme!


narita said...

I love those patches and the look is incredible.

Eager Enid said...

dear tavi:

you are awesome & i wish i was this cool when i was your age. midwestern girls rock!!

Allie said...

"Bye Bye Birdie" references = the reason I follow your blog

WendyB said...

There's a Valentine's Day badge?!

M said...

Hey, I love your blog! it would be awesome if someone stopped by my blog now and then. :-D



Death By Shoe said...

Aww I love this! Such a cute dress!


favio said...

You kind of remind me of some kind of parallel universe, dystopian-futur-past kind of roller girl who serves ice cream cones that make you chipper and happy, except your ice cream cones make you more of a misanthrope and deadpan like Daria, and the pee on the ground just adds to that affect.

Unknown said...

Nice outfit :) I like this one very much .
You're very lucky to have Repetto shoes, they're very expensive. I live in Paris and they have some everywhere, and I'm getting a pair soon, FINALLY :)
The gold ones are a very nice choice, I want dark blue ones :)

Nai nai said...

Nice look!

Bailey Faye said...

The first picture is really cute. I want to be her >_<

And now I basically HAVE to buy some girl scout patches :] I was a Brownie scout for sometime..I'll have to ask my mom whatever happened to all that..

Yay! I'm glad to be checking out your blog once again!

-Bailey Faye

To The 9's

Paige Rhianne said...

I love the photos such cute little bits and bobs.
Nice blog :)


SMD said...

...oh yes we dooo...we love we Conrad...haha i remember that from Bye Bye Birdie! Anyway, adorable outfit, i really love the 50s vibe. ooh I've always wanted to use my old girl scout badges for something, good idea. I don't have very many though, because i wasn't the best brownie. What the heck is daisy day? Pancake Breakfast? That is the best girl scout activity ever :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!!! I've been channeling Bye Bye Birdie so much lately!! My heart skipped a beat when I saw this post!

Melissa said...

oh my! i have that girl power badge like for real hahaha...i guess i should start pinning my old badges on my sweaters!

Sam Harvey said...

i can't top that.

alfheidurerla said...

You are a genious


"the mafia takes teamwork" patch. genius. the ice cream shirt is also genius. teh 50's look is great for you :)

Tori said...

I have all those patches on a hideous powder blue windbreaker! <3

bastard1 said...

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Sootjeelina said...

Awesome, I love the ice-cream colours on you

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Sootjeelina said...

Awesome, I love the ice-cream colours on you

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

MartaPalczewska said...

nice pink cardigan! :)


Unknown said...

i love your site even if mine is at the opposite, Stéphane

Anonymous said...


style meerkat said...

love your blog

The Holly Rivers Show said...

I would be your 1950s style date Tavi! Ice cream + tee shirt= delicious!

Come visit me www.thefashionturd.blogspot.com

Tanya Dempsey said...

Kevin and Winnie!!


November Grey

Renee said...

I thought I was sort of in love with 60's style, but you made me adore it in under a minute. Love that outfit to death.

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Adorable. Again.

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are fantastic!
They look like character shoes, only gold yellow. I want.
Sadly, my character shoes are merely black, as is the standard. D:

theceelist said...



Niko's view said...

You are so inspiring !!


Okiem Pająka said...

Great blog!:)


Anonymous said...

We love your ice cream T-shirt ♥

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Tonio said...

What you´ve done to your hair! loved it!!!
I´m of thos who have submited work haha... well I´ve introduced my character, SAN, The Lovely San!!


Every one is invited! she is so cute!!

style meerkat said...


love you

Rafael Franco said...


Really cute outfit. I love the t-shirt. The sweater and the skirt looks incredible together.

kisses from Brazil*


Caroline :) said...

i love this!! did u find all these brooches on ebay? where they very expensive?? i love the whole retro feel of it tho (duh hahah) great post <3


Anonymous said...

This seems like a pin you might be into Tavi...


Ella said...

Sick patches, I'd love to start a collection of them. xo Ella

Alex said...

I think attempt is successful. I like the most ice cream skirt)


Maggie said...


Ich habe ein Gewinnspiel auf meinem Blog gestartet!Würde mich freuen wenn du vorbeischauen würdest!

LG(liebe Grillfleisch) Mag


princeska said...

i have a cardi just lyk that and i luv it

missroycereed said...

Love it!

soumy said...

you are a true bum, you're not in 2010 and in 1970 old witch, you have 13 years to 80 years. Evolve, change, do not go wrong please do because if you put on some nice clothes you'll be beautiful.

thftmnstr said...

your pretty t-shirt is interesting for me

fairy on acid said...

I soo love your patch!

Please visit and follow my blog!


f said...

Your shoes are fantastic!!!!!

Giovanna said...

Very cute color palette Tavi!
Boho Market Blog

lealovesit said...

I love the ice cream top and shoes
way to much....:)

Tara said...

incredibly charming. I love the colors. it's got a nice later summer vibe, rollerskates and popsicles and sunny afternoons

and bye bye birdie! I haven't seen it in forever. I sang songs from it in an afterschool broadway program in elementary school. memories memories. love that film

one of my favorite outfits of yours by far. and I'm in love with your girl scout patch collection! patches are wonderful. currently I have a Hard Day's Night one but I haven't found the suitable location for it yet

I think I regret joining the girl scouts solely because the brownie scout uniforms and patches. they're rather delightful really

Bella said...

Hey Tavi! I think your just really an inspiration (I know, how cheesy). Your the reason i started my blog www.thatscoolbeans@blogspot.com I just liked to thank you! Also wondering if one day you could dress up as Audrey Hepburn? She's my idol. Thanks again! Bella. P.S if you could check out my blog that be so great!

Anonymous said...

Great patches! I love your Repettos! xxx


Anonymous said...

Thank you for making me remember Winnie and Kevin. I loved that show. Oh, that's so many years ago now!


Tavichka, dear

Glad to see you have your blog back.
The dog pee note is adorable. I had a wonderful poodle for 12 years.

What kinda dog you have?

Hope you're keeping warm, dear.
Wishing you wonderful holidays.



Emma Roya said...

Ooooh you are so so sweet. Have a marry Christmas, sweetie.

Kisses from Denmark

Sienna & Aubrey said...

digging the pastel colors

Unknown said...

pretty bedges and nice outfits as always :)

Ru said...

May I adopt you?? X3

Kimberz said...

Perfection! This outfit is quietly beautiful, if I could I would wear this creativeness with an outfit every day I would. Who needs sparkling trends when you can look this magnificent?


Purple said...

Love ur blog <3

http://theangels-fromhell.blogspot.com Follow !

JIM Designs said...

Bye Bye Birdie is one of the few musicals that I love!

JenStar145 said...

Love Love Love :)

Anonymous said...

Ha no way I have those hairclips, I had them 2 decades ago when I was a child ^^


Unknown said...

Lovely shirt! I wish you would come back to your regular blog, Tavi, though Rookie is also an awesome invention!


Unknown said...

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