he believes in beauty

I had Bjork and Gwen on the mind yesterday morning. (Better quality of Venus here but the embedding is disabled, grumble grumble.)
Bindis, braids, t-shirts, semi-sportiness, something slightly off kilter. Also, how lifechanging are both of these songs and videos?

Thrifted Gap tee, mesh marshmallow (meshmallow?) Comme des Garcons skirt from last year's Barney's Warehouse Sale, and Jil Sander sandals (Jil Sandals?) for the sportiness, and a tiny sweater (hand-me-downed) just seemed necessary. The bindi came from a set I got for Jul (this kind) a few years ago. Unfortunately I had to wear boots instead of sandals to school. That's funny, weather! I don't remember granting you permission to shed your dandruff all over my beloved fall leaves! It was pretty perfect for the first night of Hanukkah, however.

My friends told me the patch is from Girl Scouts but I wouldn't remember because I was a horrible Brownie and really lazy and would just ask my parents to buy a couple boxes of Thin Mints and then feel disappointed in myself when the other girls proudly accepted their CD holder wall-hangings and I was stuck with a dopey stuffed animal. I still have that stuffed animal. And probably the Thin Mints, somewhere, too.

Seriously though -- Brownie patch on a sweater!! Why didn't I think of that? I need to find my sash and rip off all those bowling patches. That was the other thing I did as a Brownie.
The ladies at Pamflet (which I've written about before here) had a bit on the Just a Girl video in the new issue which I happily received in the mail in the other day. More favorites bits of mine are on boys not crying, nuns and nuns in culture, vanity, indie boys-to-men, and, yeah, a spread on fashion bloggers, and I'm in it, but I genuinely like the issue! Nuns and vanity! Looks like it's going to be their last issue for a while but they'll keep fighting the good fight online. Still, I recommend a print issue. It's barely $3 and you can buy it on their site.