"spencer tweedy is a photographical genius" -spencer's suggestion for this title

Rodarte for Target longsleeve (FTC disclosure: I received clothes and compensation from Target for my collaboration with Rodarte for Target.) Vintage leather dress. Thrifted purse.

This amazing photo (Film! Unedited! Like the good ole days when I wasn't alive!) was taken by Spencer when we drove to his cottage with our buddies and his family, only to have very little time at the cottage itself. Too many Culver's stops. And Wal-Mart, where we all took a completely non-awkward family portrait. Golly, we may be just about the handsomest family in all the land. Also at Wal-Mart, Dana and I bought Spencer a hot pink maternity shirt that said "Mama needs a time-out," complete with an illustration of a martini glass. I think he secretly hates it because he still hasn't worn it out, but is afraid to tell me in case it hurts my feelings or insults my maternity wear sensibilities.