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Well, high school has sufficiently managed to take over my life. I am still figuring out how to manage all this "homework" you people speak of. When you kids on Tumblr were stressing, you really weren't kidding!

Thankfully, I really really like high school so far. Which is why I am actually sad (sad!) to be missing these next couple weeks for a few moments of insanity. Today my dad and I are leaving for Antwerp, Belgium as we were generously invited to Stephen Jones' exhibit at the MoMu (and you can bet I will be wearing that bow hat, WEARING IT LIKE NO MAN OR WOMAN HAS EVER WORN A BOW HAT BEFORE, GODDAMN.) It should result in some wonderful photos and lots of exciting stories, too.
Speaking of the bow hat, the new issue of Pop has come out, which means my article about couture week in Paris is out, which means I can now transfer my fangirling over to the blog. So many photos and stories to come, but for now I am kind of obsessed with this photo my dad took when I was talking to John Galliano backstage:
Anyway, then we will then be headed to Fashion Week in New York, yay, etc. I'll be tweeting/blogging the event for and hanging out at Barneys, so follow them and all that, and also stop by and say hello!

I also recommend heading over to Opening Ceremony at 35 Howard Street where some of my clothes will be for sale. I love them and would wear and have worn them all, but we have a rule at my house about closet space and some things have to go. Other things at my booth will be brand new donations from when I was working on my Bat Mitzvah project, Clothing With a Cause. My entire portion of the profits from the clothes will go towards the same organization I used before, STAND. Go back and read my post on CWAC or the post I wrote about it for the Pop blog and then buy something and feel good about it.

All this craziness means that I will really suck at email for the next few weeks, so apologies in advance. Now might not be the best time to write me and expect an urgent response.

Now that you're done reading about all these important events that are vital to your own life, enjoy this wonderful old Comme ad: