toe-ronto. GET IT? TOE? (i don't know either. it's late, okay?)

IdeaCity, which I attended last week, was really ridiculously inspiring. I dunno when the talks will all be up but maybe then I'll post a few favorites and my own. Because it was REALLY RIDICULOUSLY INSPIRING.

My regret with my talk was that it was so off the cuff -- I wish I'd spent more time figuring out what I wanted to say, because some people said it seemed like I wanted to take over Sassy or take it away from its creators (what? Aiiieee!) and I'm not sure if everything I said about feminism threaded together the way it did in my head. (Um, this is probably all lost on anyone who wasn't there, but oh well.) The thing with feminism is that it's important to me, and I really want to write about it and be a part of the discussion and learn things, but I don't have a set of principles I'm sure of, and sometimes find myself being contradictory, and it's confusing. So, you know, working that out.

Anyway, one major highlight of the trip was hanging out at the Worn (which I previously wrote about here, as one of my favorite magazines) offices and then doing some walking around with Anna and Isabel. Hard at work with the Wornettes:

Fancy button-making! Know who gets those buttons? OH, SORRY, NOT YOU. Unless you subscribe to Worn, that is! And so, SUBSCRIBE. BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME. MORE AWESOME THAN YOU. (I know it's hard to say no to such charm and charisma. This is why I should never go into advertising.) (Oh, did I mention I reviewed a book for Issue 10? Well, I did. So, yeah.)

There were these really disturbing singing bear things and they harmonize together and are cute and creepy, simultaneously.

Then Anna, Isabel and I went to Kensington Market. I think this place was called Exile? We didn't spend too much time there, though Anna was taking a good long, serious think about this dress thingy:

And now, outfit time:
Anna is very Annie Hall.
Isabel is very Desperately Seeking Susan on top and then Doc Martens on bottom.
Also, what the hell? I can never find jeans as good as these two's!
For a while I've been meaning to make a post about my favorite bloggers, which will take a long time, so I'll do these now. Anna is hilarious and witty and responsible for introducing me to wonderful things and is also a highjacker of my thoughts because I'll be thinking about something and then go to her blog and she will have articulated everything so PERFECTLY. Isabel is really good at executing teen angst into outfits which have so much CHARACTER and I know I can always go to her blog when I feel uninspired and lazy and she has, like Anna, turned me on to the greatest movies and music and whatnot through her blog. Yay, the internet, etc.
Hand-me-down top, skirt by Risto Bimbiloski (same guy responsible for those nebula shorts!!)
, Hayden-Harnett bag, Happy Socks from, American Apparel shoes. (FTC disclosure: the skirt, bag, and shoes were sent to me by the companies.)

We walked the streets of Toronto a bit more and the next day I hung out with Anna at the conference and then we went back to the hotel my parents and I stayed with and ordered pizza and watched Daria. One of these days I'll move to Toronto so we can do this all the time.