I Caved In And Bought Miu Mius And They Came In The Mail: A Tale in Three Parts

I said, "Oh." TO BE CONTINUED.

I said, "My." TO BE CONTINUED.

I said, "GOD!!!!!!"

~The End~
I caved. After four (five?) dreams about them, a persuasive essay for my parents to justify my spending, and lots of arm-flailing in stress over whether or not they were sold out, they are mine. The good thing about being this obsessed with clothes is that I feel pretty certain that I will love mine all my life. I'll need a million storage units, but that's okay.
Hand-me-down shirt and bag, dress sent to me by Fred Flare (thanks Jen!), Miu Miu collar from the boutique and shoes from Bergdorf Goodman (ugh, I'm going to reread my persuasive essay to make sure I'm not crazy for being so obsessed with that collection.)

They are my middle school graduation present to myself, which is pretty pathetic considering the non-milestone middle school graduation is. You go and listen to a bunch of speeches throwing around words like Excellence and Community and Opportunity and Effort, all capitalized, and then you get your diploma and refrain from throwing your stupid cardboard hat in the air ("eye injuries," they say,) and then you leave. Or you leave and then buy yourself Miu Miu clogs and decide they'll be your special Now We Are In High School shoes, probably much to the disgust of your peers, but you try to justify negative feedback with misanthropy, well aware that this will probably result in incurable bitterness that will last you your whole life, but not caring. Um, it'll help me get through high school?

Perhaps you are wondering, WHAT'S SO SPECIAL ABOUT SHOES? Let me tell you: this is what's so special, perhaps! Tomorrow is my last day of Jezebel posting, but I can't say that'll make for more going on here. Summer means I have more time to blog but I also feel less like doing it, because I have entire days, every day of the week, to spend entirely at the library, or making things, or whatever. Until school starts, posts here will be less frequent, but the content will be more inspired. It's not fun to write when you don't feel like it, and reading posts that are obviously forced and uninspired and bored isn't fun, either. Like, during the school year, blogging is the most convenient way to be creative, but I have all this time now to really delve into it. Hope all your summers are going swimmingly! Get it? Swimmingly? Cuz it's summer? I need to go to bed.