wooden striped braided nebulae

So much to write about Toronto! So much tiredness to fix! But until then, an outfit from the trip:
comme des garcons top, risto bimbiloski shorts, happy socks from tobi.com, pierre hardy for gap shoes. /ignore hair wtfery.

Basically just doing the old different prints/same colors thing here, but HOLY HELL DO NEBULA CLOTHES MAKE MY DAY. They are by/were sent to me by Risto Bimbiloski, aka, Evil Mastermind Who Will One Day Rule Us All With His Magical Shorts. I didn't even wear these to the astronomy session of the IdeaCity conference on purpose. But then Edna DeVore started talking about the insanity of hubble telescopes and how freaky the universe is and I stared at my shorts and got all scared.
And I normally can't stand wearing shorts or pants but these are surprisingly comfy and the shape is beautiful (one of these days I'll get a profile view.)
I started to write something about how nice summer is but deleted it because it's a million degrees and I have a million mosquito bites and summer is so easy to romanticize when you have homework to do but then it comes and you don't do all that creative stuff you anticipated and you're kind of like OH WAIT, ALL I'VE BEEN DOING IS SITTING ON THE COUCH AND FALLING ASLEEP, AND NOW IT IS FALL; SHIT. And then you miss your mosquito bites! And wish you were sweating buckets in your living room as opposed to gym class! And you realize that watching people be annoying on Two And a Half Men is better than having to witness that kind of annoyingness in real life! And then you remember that you have those awesome nebula shorts, and you don't care about the other stuff because I HAVE NEBULA SHORTS MUAHAHA.