resort favorites part three

These favorite looks of mine didn't fit into my other collages, so here we are (the other collection would be Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony, which I wrote about here):
Givenchy The whole collection was sort of the Alejandro video/Frida Kahlo (cited by Riccardo Tisci as an inspiration) and I want everything. I would love to see detail shots for this one. Everyone knows "resort" is a sucky name but if the girl that owned this whole collection* and went on vacation to an island she would live in a hut and paint and read and mix potions and burn incense and call in to work sick every day for the rest of her life.

*and anyone who owned this whole collection would wear nothing else, because they'd have no reason to not be satisfied with all this loveliness, and because owning these clothes would make them the kind of person with a niche. Like how a cartoon character always wears the same thing, or like Margot Tenenbaum.

Stella McCartney STELLAAAAA! STELLLLLAAAAA! Okay, now that I have the obligatory over, HOLY HELL. Seriously, STELLLAAAA. I'll stop. But, um, marry me? The lace is perfectly balanced between being detailed and simple. The flowers are the greatest kind of florals because they look like intense paintings as opposed to that playful repeating print. And the colors. The whole thing sounds like a dreamy sigh, smells like spring rain, and feels like the luxurious, non-sick kind of bed-in day.

Lanvin This looks like the kind of collection you'd have to see in real life, but hey, looks awesome enough. This picture is the greatest thing ever:

I want Alber Elbaz to photobomb my school picture next year.