resort favorites part two

Cool colors, electrifying warm ones, beiges, and flowing liquidy shapes.

Alexander Wang (1.) (Written about in part one.)

Calvin Klein (2, 5, 12.) (Also written about in part one. And that limey yellow is like the day time version of this look from Marc Jacobs Fall 2010. They have both made their way into my dreams.)

Balenciaga (3, 10.) The colors and prints in this collection are all too much. In the good way, of course. I know that when I talked about Bottega Veneta in my last post I was all "it's great because they cut the crap and get to the main details!" This collection isn't necessarily the anti-thesis of that, and the details aren't crap, but they're special in a different way. I need detail shots, though.

Bottega Veneta (4, 7.) HOLY HELL, see what I mean about the sense of color? The series of looks in the style of photo 4 made my jaw drop when I looked at the slideshow. Anyway, expanded upon in part one.

Celine (6, 9, 11.) Part one, again, but 1) THAT BAG! and 2) the side detail in photo 6 is so clever and cool and the kind of thing that would elicit a wink from another Celine fanatic, in a way more wonderful than someone complimenting an obnoxious monogram bag.

Zero + Maria Cornejo (8.) I can't get over the way the side sort of falls out of the arm. The whole collection is so perfectly earthy and Cornejo-y.


Anonymous said...

J'adore Celine!

Kirsty said...

ooh ooh i loved balenciaga too the peach and blue combo is soooooo good. surprised how much i love the resort collections this year!

Hannah said...

def feeling the liquid shapes and balenciaga is beautiful, although does resort still really hold much significance?

Amy said...

I love the colours and shapes but I really like balenciaga espically the shoes :)

Sootjeelina said...

Cute stuff!

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Love that 3rd dress!

Brianna said...

Love the bright Celine bag!!!

green eyes don't lie said...

I like this post!
I'm loving the Celine-bag! (:

Mysterious G.,

Sanam said...

LOVVE those outfits :) and great review tavi! :D.Ox


madeleine said...

Well, very well edited.

Nicely done.

firefly said...

I love the first Balenciaga dress. The pattern is amazing.

Sam Harvey said...

and you don't need boobs to wear them. flat chisel chest rules!

Annie said...

adore the acidy limey colours.

walrus said...

i liked 2,8,and 10 because their practical, but the other ones restrict one's movements so real women who wear them cannot acomplish anything. hard to believe thses are the favorites of a femminist, eh?

Emilie ! said...

Ah! you gotta love resort! clothing with a meaning is woonderful, but it is so refreshing to just not have to think and coo over the pretty colours and shapes :)

Emilie xxx

thwany said...

love the simplicity and elegance in everything

WendyB said...

Interesting...nothing really screams "resort" or at least resort as I think of it.

Robin Humphrey said...

love the yellow bag!

Metka: Matka said...

hello tavi
I just set up my blog - it's in polish, but feel free to visit it
when it comes to your fav designs i love the balenciaga's shoes and the Zero + Maria Cornejo dress is genius in its simplicity
best wishes

Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

aaahhh the celine bag.

Sleepingviolet said...

Love the green in the bottega ventega outfitts :)

Artemis said...

Love the Celine and the Bottega Veneta.


MrJeffery said...

love your picks!

Cupcakes are fashion ! said...

Alexander Wang is the best :D


SheWritesaLot said...

Tavi, I'm not really that in to fashion but I read your blog every day just because it's so cool and you express yourself so well. So please don't take this the wrong way - but you site is beginning to take forever to load because of all the images. Please don't EVER stop posting them - but is there anything you can do to make it load faster. I'm on high speed and I'm still waiting for your images from the last post to load. And I've already read today's post AND typed up this comment.

Keep up the good work! I've linked to your blog several times and sent my readers here to see just what can be done with a blog.


Viki said...

wow! i'm with balenciaga, the colours are awesome. I think the coolest is the one from the 7th photo, i love this green! :)

Francesca Robertson said...

love everything alexander wang!

F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

Elizabeth Faraday said...

yes, i feel the same way about balenciaga too! they do have really special details, which is good to see!


Unknown said...

Great post thanks!
-the diary of a belgian stylist-

brightlightsbigcity said...

I loved that celine look too the side detail is just so unexpectedly whimsical...

MissKimmy said...

loveeee these colorsss

XO Kimmy

Contact said...

wonderful choices, although i have to admit i marc jacobs, chris benz and stella really caught my eye!


Anonymous said...

gosh ! fell in love with celine's blue-grey dress! absolutely adorable elegance. wanna sew it to order.

Suzannah said...

Love number 12, nice and simple!

For more fashion and other stuff head to my blog. I've just started it.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures
my favorite outfit is third from the left to the right.
so cute!
love poppy

Anonymous said...

Great picks! I love look #3 and #7(:
I am not to crazy about #4 though. The blue and green look good together but the pattern and shape of the top is akward and unflattering, then again I do LOVE the over sized short. Over all great post!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy said...

I like these pics! check out some of my pics of the resort collections in my collage!

Sylvia Etc... said...

love your collage and the fresh spirit of the 'liquid' theme

nothing said...

great post!


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Anonymous said...

I like the liquid, but sometimes (in Calvin Klein's instance) I feel like it all looks the same and it's too "boring".

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zoomslow said...

I like 5. It holds a perfect balance between simplicity & complexity. The subtle colouring helps bring this quality to the fore.

Abyssinia said...

I loved the Zero + Maria Cornejo collection too! It gets me excited about changing season...which in Northern Japan takes a loooong time.

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

I can't help but think I'd feel like a real, grown up lady if I wore that last dress.

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