resort favorites part two

Cool colors, electrifying warm ones, beiges, and flowing liquidy shapes.

Alexander Wang (1.) (Written about in part one.)

Calvin Klein (2, 5, 12.) (Also written about in part one. And that limey yellow is like the day time version of this look from Marc Jacobs Fall 2010. They have both made their way into my dreams.)

Balenciaga (3, 10.) The colors and prints in this collection are all too much. In the good way, of course. I know that when I talked about Bottega Veneta in my last post I was all "it's great because they cut the crap and get to the main details!" This collection isn't necessarily the anti-thesis of that, and the details aren't crap, but they're special in a different way. I need detail shots, though.

Bottega Veneta (4, 7.) HOLY HELL, see what I mean about the sense of color? The series of looks in the style of photo 4 made my jaw drop when I looked at the slideshow. Anyway, expanded upon in part one.

Celine (6, 9, 11.) Part one, again, but 1) THAT BAG! and 2) the side detail in photo 6 is so clever and cool and the kind of thing that would elicit a wink from another Celine fanatic, in a way more wonderful than someone complimenting an obnoxious monogram bag.

Zero + Maria Cornejo (8.) I can't get over the way the side sort of falls out of the arm. The whole collection is so perfectly earthy and Cornejo-y.