Thursday Three

1. These Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges that came today in the mail are, how do you say...SICK AS HELL?
They are so 70's. They are so comfy and soft and nom nom nom. They are so Loopholes You Can Stick Any Ribbon Through (I really want to try those twisty thingys you use to tie bags at the grocery store?) They are so perfect at showing what a great feet model I am. And the clompy factor on these is huge, what with the height and flopping ribbons, it's the kind of clunkiness I was so drawn to when I watched the video of the Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 show. Maybe I should also wear a giant afro with these?

2. I have a mild obsession with Prada lookbooks. I tried to go to Kinko's once to have one of the images printed on big fancy paper to hang up on my wall, but the girl working there was chomping on a Twizzler and staring at me like I was nuts for wanting to PRINT AN IMAGE AT KINKO'S MY GOD HOW STRANGE. Then she said something about copyright and I said it was for personal use only, and then she was all "why do you want a photo of a girl and an octopus anyway?" and I was all WHAT DO YOU CARE THIS IS KINKO'S PRINT MY IMAGE ALSO DO YOU HAVE ANY MORE TWIZZLERS I'M KIND OF HUNGRY.

Then I blogged about it, and hoped she would never come across this blog where a photo of a girl and an octopus does not elicit angry Twizzler-chomping or staring and is, in fact, welcomed! As are photos of girls with rainbows, and girls blending into buildings, and giant shoes on a beach, and - what's this? A Prada lookbook in my possession?! How lovely! Thank you, Prada! I shall sleep with it under my pillow every night in the hopes that I will wake up to rainbows and giant feet. Well, not giant feet, because feet tend to be ugly and smell. But rainbows! Chandelier dresses! Yeah!
IMG_3826 IMG_3831 IMG_3830 IMG_3828 IMG_3822 IMG_3825
This was the collection I initially disliked but came around to. Maybe I came around a little too much, as those chandelier shoes have been in my dreams, and this is unhealthy. Usually hearing the inspiration behind a collection makes me like it more because I know where the designer is going, but the idea of hallways and corridors confused me, in this case. Then this video came out, and every magazine and their mom was using the crystal dress, and I was like ANGUISHHHHH *changes Twitter background to the rainbow photo right above.*

These are my favorites, but more are in this Flickr set.

3. I have been very busy doing some room cleaning! Still! Except now I have shelves! From Ikea! They were on sale! You do not care about any of this, however, but I still felt like playing Selby and taking a few pictures of what I've arranged so far. It feels so fresh and nice and nice and fresh. Plus, some of these things are fashion-related and therefore relevant?

Yes, I am that person.

Self-explanatory, and maybe my favorite part of my room.

I have taken pictures of so many of these books and magazines to write about on here...and never gotten around to it. ACK! (When you click the photo there's a list of them.)
To think that I've accumulated all this within the amount of time I've accumulated all this is frightening. Who wants to get a pool going for Amount Of Shit I Will Have Bought By The Time I'm Fifteen?

My Lulas get their own shelf, though, mainly because they are they're own world. This is where I get really Teenage Girl On Tumblr Who Posts Sofia Coppola Stills And Photos Of Perfumes With Macaroons. But, that's okay! Because I enjoy it and feel like a fairy!

That is all. Goodnight!