oh my god an alpaca

Thank you for all the kind and supportive emails re my last post, which made me decide that I officially have The Most Awesomest Readers In The World. Let's all have a tea party where we talk about the 90's and Japanese street style and Freaks and Geeks, yes? *the little less-than-three symbols, because if I actually typed it out, the html would be messed up, and I refuse to resort to alt+3, because that heart is so myspace*

Anyway, apologies for the slow-down in posting, I have been a little busy pretending to clean my room but actually listening to the Pixies:
this is where i keep the crap.
PHOTOGRAPH THIS, SELBY. I cannot see my floor. Except in a couple places, that I have memorized in my head, so I know where to step in case of fire hazard/when I get up in the middle of the night and my lights are out and I can't see anything and I'm on my way to the bathroom when my Spock bobblehead randomly says "You are being highly illogical" and I freak out.
this is where i keep the other crap.
Please note: empty glasses from days before, overflowing trash, fake cigarettes for when I want to scare Sheba because she once had a dream about me smoking and it freaked her out. Hyuk hyuk hyuk.

This is, in fact, how my room also looked a couple months ago (I am obviously very progressive!) when Tommy paid a visit from Canadaland to photograph my space and me for Vogue Paris. I panicked and mostly shoved everything into a corner, but he was very pleasant and understanding and worked around my Heaps of Important Junk. Then we ate leftover pizza and talked about blogging politics (because we are srs bzns) and The September Issue and Hamish Bowles in drag.Some of my Junk is on a shelf.
Some of my Junk is organized in a creepy homage to Bob Dylan. Some may even call it a SHRINE. But that would be creepy. So we do not call it that.
scans via
Anyone wanna email me a translation of the article/leave it in the comments? Because that would be lovely. ETA: I have a translation now, thanks!!
Thank you, Tommy and Vogue Paris!!

Speaking of Paris, a little rundown of outfits from couture week:Untitled 3
pictures via Cafe Mode and Grazia
What I wore to Dior and Armani. The usual mixing-prints-of-the-same-colors, blah. And comfy orthopedic shoes. Also this coat makes me feel like a ghost, which is quite lovely. Also I had to take off the hat to get in and out of the car.
Comme des Garcons coat, Topshop tights, vintage t-shirt (gift, but you can barely see it anyway) and shoes (Salvation Army), Stephen Jones for Dior hat. And Prada skirt, which I bought on eBay after posting about that collection and deciding the universe would be sucked into a black hole if I didn't own the lipstick skirt. After which, my father reminded me that the universe does not, in fact!, revolve around me, and my closet, and, consequently, I cannot buy any more clothes for a couple months. Wah wah.

You can kind of see the colors better here, or, Some Other Excuse For Posting This Picture Because I Sometimes Brag About Things:
Only one of my favorite pictures ever. Also, I will have really good stories to tell my grandchildren, when I live in a house like Grey Gardens and my hair is about the same color.

What I wore to Chanel, as documented by Hanneli (who is like..the nicest person? ever? and also owns all of my dream shoes?)
Vintage sweater and shoes (both Salvation Army) and hat (gift); Hussein Chalayan dress (via Opening Ceremony); H&M tights. I wanted to wear the dress because it matched my robot alien hair and then mix the fuzzy black textures of the sweater and hat (and shoes, though the fuzzy factor is less severe in that case.)

Untitled 4
Two pictures (from Grazia and Tommy Ton for style.com) pieced together because I forgot to ask my dad if he could take one when it was light out.
I find the second picture so amusing, especially the version with my dad in it, har har. ONCE AGAIN, I AM SO SRS BZNS. My moleskine is full of secrets.

Anyway wore this to Givenchy. I wanted to wear these vintage sunglasses that make everything look pretty and 70's movie-ish through them. Unless somebody is Anna Wintour, I think wearing sunglasses indoors or when it's dark out is kind of d-baggy. And I wore these both indoors AND when it was dark out! But we all know I am a d-bag anyway, plus they're Givenchy, so it seemed approps. Built the outfit around them and the tortoiseshell. Vintage coat and sunglasses (both gifts) and skirt (via Salvation Army), Tin Tin t-shirt (can't really see) was a gift from a swap with Isabel, Yokoo chain, Jonathan Aston red tights and Pamela Mann blue tights (both via MyTights), and Comme des Garcons shoes.
These are all colors I consider to be "fall colors," so I guess I tried to balance that out with the brown. And then lipstick (Chanel) to balance out the red shoes with some red on top.
The tights work by putting on one pair and then putting the other pair on only one leg (over the first pair) and tying its other leg in a knot around your waist. The second pair kind of awkwardly fell down at some points, BUT, awkward can be very fun, especially when it makes other people uncomfortable, and I am spiteful like that.
And with Hanneli, with whom I can speak Norwegian and feel cool and stuff. Heiiii Hanneli. Du ma sove med ett oye apent. Jeg er Proenza sulten.

Well, this was about the most narcissistic post ever! On an unrelated note, all this snow outside needs to leave, like, now. Two months ago it would've been exciting, but now it's just like the weather gods are Jay Leno and the snow is the punchline to his joke, which he always repeats, like, twelve times.