Posting here has been mighty infrequent, partly because I have a bajillion outfits and photos from trips and show reviews I want to post but I don't even know where to start. How ridikalous is that! Or is that MadTV sketch where the dude kept saying "ridikalous" really old by now? Too fourth grade? Do you liiike Mike n' Ikes?
So, these specific photos out of my large inspiration folder seemed to fit together really well and shall serve as Spring and Summer inspiration for me. Hopefully things will pick up here soon and I can actually post my pictures from Tokyo as opposed to staring at them blankly and thinking about how much time it would take to move my hand to the mouse.

The mood here is kind of sandy, fraying, paper mache, squinting your eyes, cold and sunny, scratchy, nude, beige, muted aqua, white.
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I saved these photos half a year ago so if any of my sources are misplaced, please let me know!
Miu Miu Fall 2009 campaign, Dazed and Confused monster mask, Kate in The Face, Burberry and Calvin Klein (both Spring 2010), 1999 Juergen Teller/Venetia Scott dream team, TRY, Miu Miu in Pop Fall 2009, and Self Service.