Spring 2010

There were a number of shows I had a lot to say about but I didn't really post about shows the day they went up until like...the last 2 days of Paris. So I hope you have no homework or are really bored at work because this is probz one of the longest posts ever (and once it's over you will feel SO inspired you'll run out of your workplace and do a jig in the street. That's right, a JIG.)

Proenza Schouler
Ok, I use the word "cool" a lot to describe things I just think are fun or funny or rad or whatever..but the other definition of "cool" is, y'know, chill~ and hip~ (is that what kids say these days?) and that I've never really cared to be such. But Jack! Lazaro! BUDDIES..Proenza this season was pretty much the definition of cool and I so want to go there. Built-in sleeves tied around the waist, what were undoubtedly some of the best prints of the season, faded hair dye (so rad, must try?) And I love that this is a collection that is so undeniably Spring/Summer WITHOUT USING MIAMI ca. 1997 PRINTS! Bravo!!
Really Santa Cruz in the 90's (since I totes know what that was like) and summer camp, too, with the bungee cords and backpack buckles on the waist and tye dye (I'm sure they could've made even Teva sandals look cool.)
PS, look farthest on the right in picture #2 will DEFINITELY be in about EVERY editorial EVER for the next half year, just sayin'.

celinephoebe i love you
Take one look in my closet or room (except that would be creepy) and you'll know I'm a maximalist. I love layers and keeping EVERYTHING and wearing too much jewelry.
But God was this collection perfect. Clean cut lines, which I want you to say out loud with emphasis on the c's and t's to get what I mean. The PERFECT shades of nude and brown (and in leather form! gee wiz) and a teal-blue-the color I made today in art class-leather skirt that may find its way into my dreams tonight. I just really can't find anything wrong with any of the looks...so clean and simple and one of those collections that once I remember it during school I can't let it escape my mind and I run home just to look at the pictures (nerd alert.) I shall welcome you back with warm, nude-leather clad arms, Phoebe Philo. Love 4evz.

Christopher Kane
Not many people have been flipping out over Christopher Kane this season but I really do think I like it more than any of his past collections. The inspiration was the film version of Lolita and I am so happy he didn't do any of the Japanese Lolita clothes or any kitschy yellow-and-red-lollipop stuff and instead created a collection that was about the innocencce of youth but was also sort of eerie and disturbing. I like how the fabrics distort the gingham and that the makeup was clean in a very vulnerable way. The colors are also really great and the cuts feel slightly (but perfectly) "off." I haven't been this excited about seeing what a young designer does next in a long time but I am itching for Fall '10 already and declare this the beginning of my Christopher Kane obsession! Meh meh heh meh heh heh.

Hussein Chalayan
I wasn't really feeling the first part of this collection. It felt a bit too.. uh.. "summer! beach!" but my favorite parts were the floppy sunhats with flip-down shades! Now that is pretty awesome. Lady Gaga, you should wear them. Oh wait you already ripped of Chalayan so YOU ARE NOT WORTHY.
Then these navy mermaid sculptural dresses came, then the nun hairnets (the show was in a church) and HANDS! I really love the hands on and in the clothes. I think it's interesting how they seem sort of urgent and creepy and the idea is very much like the motion-stopped-in-time obsession Hussein Chalayan seems to have.

What is happening! Ever since the Ghost World collection Luella has just gotten better and better, then last season was really random and this season is a bit too cohesive and just sort of boring. Cute, whatever..the looks aren't ugly or unnatractive but a heart-cut out at the collarbone and polka dots and bows all in easter egg colors...so kitschy and cutesy and kind of blah. These looks don't represent that very well (these are my favorites, the florals and cotton candy and Luella deVille poof dress) but the rest is kind of disappointing. Major sadface :((((( I have to go cuddle my jacket from SS09 now so I don't feel guilty or lose faith...

Nina Ricci
Wait, lemme get this straight. This company fired Olivier Theyskens, responsible for THIS:
and THESE:
So they could get a more wearable designer, aka THIS:
...Okay. The only part I really liked about the new collection was the styling, and that isn't even the designer's doing. This is definitely more wearable than Olivier's Nina Ricci, but it's wearable you could get at Forever21 for way cheaper and what will look like the same quality (seriously, these materials do not look very nice.) And not "you-could-get-at-Forever21" in a "they will easily knock this off ASAP," but meaning the majority of these designs are things their team could or already have come up with even without any runway pictures to copy off of. You can't justify a hundreds and thousands dollar pricetag with mid-calf leggings and frilly cardigans and some pieces that look like they could have been done by Hannah MacGibbon (if she even made Chloe frilly and girly as we all know it to be and will buy it as.) The shoes are blah (what is so great about a hole in a wedge when most designers were on that incomplete-shoe thing a few seasons ago?) and it's all just so bland. SUCH a bummer. Miss you, Olivier <3 style="font-weight: bold;">
John Galliano
HOLY HELL, GALLIANO. Dior may have been :( but my GOD, you sure know how to give a gal a hernia.
So fun and dramatic and nuts. I want to go here every day and I want the whole collection right now. You need to look at every single detail and look picture from this collection and take it all in..
galliano face love
The makeup! The nutjob headpieces! To do: pin dead flowers and newspaper to my head.
The shoes! Magic. Why have these not been getting much love? They're right up there as my favorite shoes of the season with McQueen and Rodarte.
So DIY and fun, yknow? Tags on your jacket and what looks like saran wrap flowers and the newspaper on your head. I have not one complaint about this collection besides the fact that it is not all sitting in my closet right now. LOVEEEEEE.

miss missoni
90's rave girls with polygamist woman hair and makeup!! I love that this is an extension off of the Fall 09 collection as opposed to something entirely new..I'm not ready to say goodbye to the amazing print mixing and layers quite yet. And the sleeves tied around the waist show up again! Super great.

Balenciaga was very Nicholas Ghesquiere-for-Balenciaga-y since it was so futuristic and geometric and such. But nothing was really mindblowing which makes me sad because since Spring 09 things have gotten less WOW over there. I don't know, not much BAD, just not much GGGGGGREAT. But Tony the Tiger isn't the one buying Balenciaga, so I don't know. A lot of the dresses will look great in editorials, though. Herm..

Nicole Miller
The COOLEST prints. It's like when you have lots of different blues and greens on your paintbrush and you look really closelys at it and can see all the different little swirls. And it's like a whirlpool inside a nebula that's, like, skating on Saturn's rings...so basically I can't talk about this collection without sounding stoned? Yeah k got it, moving right along then...

Peter Pilotto
pilotto pie
Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos do the BEST prints. They weren't as great this season as they were last Spring or Fall 09 but I like how the patterns interacted with the shapes of the dresses a bit more (first dress on the left is INSANE) and that the top and skirt on the far right seem to mold into each other.

How was Miu Miu SO good and Prada so..meh? The concept was apparently hallways and corridors but the crustal ponchos and weird peplum and palm tree prints do not translate that at all. I don't know dudes, it was just sort of blah. And I don't know what was with the shoes that Francisco Costa did at Calvin Klein last season only way better or fake toenails.
I loved, however, the prints of people on the beach, just definitely not the prints OF the beach, which looked like they came out of a resort collection. The weird vintage-ish coloring of the people-on-the-beach print is really great, and I LOVE how in white it looks sort of creepy and almost like snow. The other print here is cool too though I can't tell what it is.
But other than these and the sunglasses, the collection did not feel even like Prada and I have lost a great deal of sleep worrying about this. At least Miu Miu was fantastic but..blerg. Herm. Hee. Haw.

cut piece
I love that it's in collaboration with Yoko Ono, that the dresses were inspired by her Cut Piece, that the models cut the dress of the chick holding the scissors above, and I'm SO bummed I was back at home when this show happened in NY. The swirly shapes, ethereal fabrics and black vines twisting around the legs are made of dreams, btdubs.

Viktor & Rolf
viktor rolf uh

"Cutting back...literally!" Oh, ahaha! That's clever!
Viktor, Rolf, I love you guys, and I love your wackiness, and I feel like the biggest Scrooge in the world...and even though I know it's fun and magical it still just feels really tacky. I think the hole in the dress and slit through the blue tulle (sidenote: the blue tulle dress totally has to be photographed against a black wall at some point in its life, SO ORIGINAL I KNOW) are cool but when it comes to the more wearable pieces of the show, viktor rolf
the concept doesn't really translate (besides this one sweater that had holes in it) and it's kind of Hannah MacGibbony (geez I keep picking on her! But seriously..) if she used more color and ruffles. I don't know, I know the first pieces will look great in editorials but otherwise it's just sort of kitschy and gimmicky and blergh.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label
I love the kooky garden party, the shades of pink and nude and gray-ish green, the cane and hat and model on the right in that last picture. The styling is really inspiring too. The article about V.Dubs in the last issue of T was also AMAZING and must be read by everyone ever and the world will become a better place.

Phew! That took forever. More reviews are on my Pop blog, as well. And this should sit here at the top of the page until I have already taken and can stop worrying about the upcoming Constitution test on Friday. Apparently if you fail you get deported and can't get into college and Satan will smite you. Or so I've heard.


superawesomeman said...

a quick comment on the lady gaga thing.
i was bitching about how she ripped off that bubble dress a few weeks ago, but apparently she didn't?
they tried to get the dress but it was on display or something that made it unavailable i don't really know so she asked if she could make her own. so she really didn't do much wrong. not sure if this is true, but idk.

Sheik-Chan said...


I can't breathe. GORGEOUS OVERLOAD. O___O; I myself am too lazy to keep up with every new collection but I love that you...are not me and seem to know every single thing that comes out.

I want everything. Prada..ehh...kind of depressing. I want Missoni...and Balenciaga. I love McQueen...aghh and Rodarte. So much..love in this one post.

Overwhelming, completely overwhelming. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I love this post. You make comments about collections that I wouldn't even think of.
I forgot about Olivier Theyskens getting fired. I mean who cared about Nina Ricci until Olivier came around. Remember the feathers? He is extremely talented and will see him again soon for sure.
Thanks for posting Hussein Chalayan. I love the surrealism with the hands. Clever.

Keep staying awesome =]

Sheik-Chan said...

Good luck on your constitution test!

O.O Ganbatte~!! (Good luck! In Japanese)

Anonymous said...

WOW. long but totally-worth-reading it-twice post!

Chloe said...

I'm kind of sort of totally in love with that collection by Celine. Holy shmoly.

SO. said...

hahahah god that was insane and i loved every moment of it. and yes, you should not update till you have already aced your test. that was honestly the most glorious thing ive ever seen. all those photographs of the most amazing designers to have ever been conceived!!! thanks man!

loaf. said...

WOW! Love John Galliano= AMAZING

Unknown said...

My fav has got to be
Proenza Schouler ! The clothes are bright, vibrant and are actually wearable !

fashion child said...

i love your take on all the shows!
i actually liked all of viktor & rolf's ball gown things, and didn't like the more 'wearable' pieces. funny that... lol


Anonymous said...

Ok, Style Rookie. I just saw you in the Alexander Wang Spring 2010 Video. You are the bomb.

Daphne said...

you did a great review! made me laugh out loud several times + look forward to the rest of the collections. Good luck on your history test!


JT said...

TAVI! I am amazed by how much effort you put into that post. It's funny, today I had an instant urge to stop what I'm doing and find some pictures of those fierce Nina Ricci boots...you fulfilled my hunger for them! LOVE YOUR BLOG! Keep up the good work

C A said...

i love Prada but those shoes are a fatal mistake, it looks like shoes to wear in strip clubs (sorry for the honesty); Galliano did it very well, he's an eternal perfect and original fashion designer, he's my dad!!

Link me, follow me
@ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

Peanut Leigh said...

wowww!! im impressed! this is a great take on all the shows, fantastic!!

{uninhibited fashion}

hlb said...

the christopher kane dresses really remind me of op artist bridget riley, this painting of hers, 'squares' especially:


also, the model with the shaved head at the westwood show is called lisa, and she was a contestant in this years UK big brother.

hayley x

Stjarna said...

i love Proenza Schouler, was the best shows of Paris FW i mean!

zoomslow said...

Thanks for all of this visual and textual goodness, Tavi. Your effort is much appreciated. I especially like the Chalayan “Hands” – they remind me of some of those wonderful pieces by Elsa Schiaparelli in collaboration with Salvador Dali. And I totally agree, the Peter Pilotto dress on the left is INSANE! :-)

Best of luck for the test :-)

FionnualaWho? said...

Hunny! you're blog is AMAZING, truly insperational.
Exactly the type of thing im into!
Please please please please check my blog its only new, but you know!
The way I found out about you was in an Irish Magazine it said you are an uber-talented 13 year old fashion blogger, and the fashion houses latest muse! Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

I so agree with Christopher Kane. I am a devoteee!!
Follow me, your're far too cool . . .

who cares said...

I agree on the balenciaga thingy, it's just become, well, boring really. Nothing exciting.
I love the Viktor&Rolf clothes - especially the orange dress with holes in it.

Emily said...

i agree with almost everything that you reviewed. the one exception being balenciaga -- i feel like there was way more color than in past seasons and i loved the muted neon colored stripes. nevertheless, you're a genius. haha :)

Karl Lagerfeld said...

But do they do children's birthday parties?

Fannah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fannah said...

Nina Ricci.. was.. what? Leggings? If there's anything in the world of fashion I hate more than leggings right it's.. no.. wait.. what?

For the rest I pretty much agree with you, though I liked the Viktor & Rolf season alright. Their drama pieces have in every season, to my opinion, been better than the wearables.

Anonymous said...

Freaks and Geeks!!!!!! Love it!!

Soren Lorensen said...

the toes coming way out the front of those beige shoes god I could just throw up

Anonymous said...

eposically loved the candy hair colours and white gloves, I could reamble on about every other aspect I loved, but I think I'll just do a jig , as sugggested.
p.s. Love Freaks and Geeks cartoon thing, I am enamoured by early 90s T.V. madness!

Edwina Bulfrage said...

Okay I dont really understand Christopher Kane at all, I didnt like this collection, I thought it was dowdy and boring, like a collection inspired by that rhyme "miss mary mack" but without the black? Vivenne Westwood- wow- ! Peter Pilotto, very pretty, I like these dresses, they remind me a little of Rodarte in the way that they're draped and the patterns but yes, incredible! I enjoyed the Balenciaga show, I think its exciting that Nicholas Ghesquiere can jump from beautiful elegant draping & nudish colours & lace brasserie to futuristic stripes that look like an andy worhol painting stuck in static on tv....I love it. Anyway, you were right- epic post...good on you, inspired me to finish my homework for tonight....ha ha

Cassie said...

All good...apart from...ARRRGH HORRIBLE BIG BROTHER CONTESTANT IN THE LAST PICTURE OF vivenne westwood red label.

One of the only things I fault Vivenne Westwood on is her choice of models...who don't get credibility anywhere else in the fashion world...or in general...pamela!

I did a blog up of some of the designers I loved for 2010 S/S at


Emma said...

Ahah! I read the whole thing and pretty much agree with you about everything. my favourites were the galliano shoes


Lori said...

love the Sam Weir gif!!!!!
nina ricci's worst move was letting olivier go.

Richard Kilroy said...

i get really defensive over fashion when lady gaga comes into the equation. I'm like a child that won't share it's toys, it's like "stop playing with them, they're not yours, you don't love them, you're just using them to make everyone love you . STOP IT"
So long as she never wears the chalayan ss07 dresses with the built in hydraulics and robotics, which i can imagine she would for a tour. I beg that she doesn't take that fashion moment away from me.

Iva Messy said...


Mallory said...

reading your take on all the collections was awesome enough; but the sam weir gif just put the awesome-level over the top & into... space. or someplace else extremely high.

Lily Bonesso said...

I was doing a 'skip' about Mark Fast (http://chaosanddancingstars.blogspot.com) maybe cos im English but you've got me jigging too now! yay that's my excerise for today!

FutureLint said...

Have I been sitting in front of the computer too long when you write "JIG" and I see "JPG"?? Anyway, I'm gonna go JPG in the streeeeetz.

Anonymous said...

The hands on clothes thing that Hussein Chalayan did in this collection is kind of similar to Comme des Garcons fall 2007 RTW except hands closer to breasts rather that hands on hips. Don't you think?

Unknown said...

Just to clarify something also,

you commented about Hussein using Nun-Hairnets as it was a church...they were actually wigs designed to look like a brides veil for the wedding pieces which were the last 3 or 4 looks of the colllection...not related to the venue or religion. :)

Komal said...

bahhhh this blog never ever ever fails to exceed my highest expectations. btdubs, i completely agree with thing about Nina Ricci, its sad when designers forgo creative talents for the sake of commercial success...not unlike muscians.


Meg said...

ah i'm so happy i've finally found a blog about fashion that helps me understand fashion! love it :) thanks!
xo Megara

English Rose said...

Blimey mild comment overload here. Mine may be a slight essay because you left me with a billion things to say.

Proenza Schouler - totally agree about that far right. These front-row fashion finders are so predictable these days. And definitely third one in from the right too. I'm loving the weird 80s Back To The Future vibe going on here what with the mildly irridescent dresses and such. But TERRIFYING MODEL ALERT. The hair may be cool but the expression on green-haired girl's face may give me nightmares. Just saying.

Celine - really? I'm not so sure about the colection, it feels as if they're trying so hard to look effortlesly tailored that it bores me, and some of the styles jam weirdly. But I am also in love with the teal skirt. And that divine creation to the right of that, it's like waitress and school teacher and Red Light District all thrown together in a magical bundle of fashion-love.

Christopher Kane - just finding it kind of like - meh, you used to blow me away and now I'm not so sure.

Hussein Chalayan - nothing. will. ever. beat. AW 2007. Although those hand sculpture things are crazily cool.

Luella - When I saw this collection my heart audibly screamed "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" (deep breath. if hearts can take deep breaths. Probably not.) The witch hats enchanted me and I was in love but a couple of years later and I'm trying to find something quirky and original about the collection and I just can't. Ah well, like you said at least it's pretty.

Nina Ricci - equally confused.

John Galliano - God if I was a French lady with far too much money and far too many cats I would live in his clothes. He is such an amazing man, he is so ridiculously theatrical but that's what made me love fashion in the first place. And the shoes. Oh, to be a shoe.

Missoni - I am finding this collection very blah, don't know why.

Balenciaga - totally agree here, another blah if I'm honest. And even though it was trying to be different with the geometricness insted of romanticism, I still felt like: hey, you are trying to copy Rodarte's I-expertly-throw-together-loads-of-strips-of-material-and-it-looks-immense thing and FAILING epicly. Bring back the bovver boots!

Nicole Miller - I adoooored this, especially the net thing above the dresses, I know it's been done to death but she manages to make it look fresh.

Peter Pilotto - Is he gay? If not do you think he would ever conider marrying a fifteen year old?

Prada - DISAGREE. I am in love with their collection and could not say why! Don't know what the hallways thing is about, though, to me it's like Barbie Goes To Italy and stops off at Brigitte Bardot's house on the way. Okay that sounded like complete bull heh but y'get me. Or not. Either way.

threeASFOUR - Ashamed to admit I'd never heard of them but wowee is this a goooorgeous collection, I am in love with those crazy stirrup leggings far left.

Viktor & Rolf - but I love it! But I love them! But...but...oh I don't know, I'm so divided here. My weird nostalgic loyalty from when they did that amazing life size doll thing remains, and I find my self loving the structured jacket with awesome lilac tulle. Not sure about that orange one though. Yikes. I do COMPLETELY disagree with you about the 'wearable' stuff though - I think it's so gorgeous, I'd wear that any day and feel like royalty. How can you call those stunning silk trousers bleurgh! I'm in love, but I get what you mean when you look at second left witht he jersey draping. But THE SHOES, oh my. An that gorgeous make up...overall I love it.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label - Eccentric English never gets old and she does the best mix of structure and freefall out of most of the designers in my opinion.

Jesus sorry that was a bit far, love your blog though and generally so jealous of you! Keep being amazing xxx

miss unkon said...

Eee I am so loving the looks at Christopher Kane and Viktor and Rolfe too!!
Great one Tavi

Unknown said...

a very good overlook, love your comments, so clever and personal, love that... if you wanna see the new book of testino in rio, check here: www.spotmag.blogspot.com

love u!!!


Emilie said...

A few things,


I liked Proenza Schouler/Baliencaga/Nicole Miller/Perter Pilotto

As for the rest I remain either unimpressed or undecided.

I completely agree about Celine, while I think you pull sick looks together and that layering can be awesome, I am far more inclined towards minimalism and was immediately drawn to this collection. The nude palette also owned.

I cannot figure out which Christopher Kane look I like the most. As of right, I suppose it is the eighth out of the ten looks. The cutouts on the skirt and the gingham combo is sweet. The fifth look is a variation on the eighth but not quite the same.

I had posted about a dress from Baliencaga because, like you said, the prints were cool but not mind-blowing. Your comment about the editorial was extremely insightful. These dresses serve as excellent building pieces but they need something else...they aren't that impressive on their own.

The moment I saw the pictures you had posted of the Peter Pilotto collection I (admittedly before I read the text) was already drawn to/studying/admiring that first dress on the left. A lot of thought clearly went into how the colors were to be oriented and mapped out in relation to the structure of the dress. It is so awesome. I love the color combination. The grey is the core and the red skirts it. The blue-green-yellow perfectly balances out the ends. Love.

I guess the long post merited a long comment haha?


wow, I just found your blog and it is amazing. Such lovely photos and great thoughts. You are so funny too! Great job =)



Wild Keiki said...

Seriously great post, dear. I agree, the nina ricci shoes? not so great. Shoes are becoming such works of art! Like the McQueen ten inch alien-esque numbers? Yea, we need more of those.


Moonshadow said...

Congratulations on Blog of Note! You've done a very nice job with the fashion reviews. :)

Weston Andrews said...

Oh my lord girl you do a mean fashion week review! I love it! You have super talent.

Désirée Ramialison said...

Nice blog ; and I agree, the Celine collection this season is perfection.

Louise Bowers said...

Shame the shoes look like the model stuck her feet in a dumpster.

Unknown said...

wow wow wow i want it all xxxxx

Anna said...

Wooow! coool like blog posts^^Goody lucky~~~~

Antonio Bello said...

You are the beeeeeeest!Goody lucky!

Anonymous said...


"world of fashion celebrates a 13-years-old"
"only 13 years old and already a style-icon: fashion blogger tavi gevinson from chicago is the star of the american fashionscene. designers have their photos taken with her."

what a joy to open the newspaper and see this! the article in general is about fashion blogs "revolutionizing" the fashion world.
did you know about that?

Unknown said...

Daaaaaaaaaaamn. I really liked the Nina Ricci collection, especially the fourth photo, with the curvy dress, very classsique and sheek. I am literally hanging off your every word Tavi, brill.

Unknown said...

Parrf, I couldn't edit the last comment, but boohoo. The Victor&Rolf collection is sooo contro-
Love those guys.

Tabby said...

tavi, i hate you
i have so much work to do but now i cant think of anything but clothes and them shoes!



india flint said...

well, that certainly saved me money buying a magazine!
Satan can go and smite the sack shoe instead.

This Little Girl Dreams... said...

it's about damn time they made you part of blogs of note. Congrats.

by Sutton said...

i agree with everything you said! proenza schouler never stops making me drool.... its love love love! follow me, link me!


Grace said...

so cool!!!^^

Leah said...

i always love luella, this season is really nothing new for her but still pretty, and christopher kane is fantastic here, i love all the gingham and sheerness and shape of the skirts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


talia&lilyrose said...

Wow Wow Wow , the hussein Chalayan & the victor &rolf show are my favorites but they are all superb !!
talia ...

Wolf without a Soul. said...

i fucking love those john galliano shoes, much love coming from, I WANT THEM.
check out my blog.

xx. A

Barbies4Sale! said...

Congratulations on your "Totally Stylin", blog of note. Did you happen to catch the Barbie Fashion Show - New York Fashion Week?

Raymi Lauren said...

prada's pigtails are adorable. they kill.

Samyra said...

Cute blog.
Please check my new one:

Anonymous said...

Love your picks and review...FABOOSH!

Hilary_Couture said...

OH MY GOD! I'm feeling like Alice in Wonderland!
These clothes are so incredible... adorable... magic!

I like Missoni very much... not 'cause he's italian like me, but 'cause I visited his factory three years ago... soooo interesting! :)

All these clothes are very beautiful.. I love creative and I love draw creative clothes.

Oh.... Nice to meet you Tavi, I'm a future fashion designer, a new blogger! :)

Please, visit my site:


is a new blog.... I hope of extend it!!!


Oh I'm forgetting....

You are incredible! :)

mohammed said...


mohammed said...


Kay Richardson said...

I wore a hat the other day, made from dog hair. It was very coolio.

Anonymous said...

Always be sincere, even if you don’t mean it

Ashley said...

Love your runway reviews.
John Galliano's collection was magic..the drama, the makeup, everything.
Also I'm getting ridiculously obsessed with Prada's lucite / chandelier shoes.


Stephanie's Process said...

I like to think of you as my awesome little sister. I don't have any brothers or sisters..but if I did, I couldn't ask for one more awesome than Tavi!

Mimi said...

Your blog was chosen "Blog of the month" in the current german glamour issue.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say the newspaper in the hair thing is totally fabulous.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster said...

Well done!

* * *


Kenzie said...

OH MY GOD. when i followed you i totally didn't realize you were tavi! but this is awesome, i'm 12, and i love high fashion, so it's nice to hear the latest stuff explained by someone near my age. love you! ♥

Anonymous said...

i didn't get to read the entire review (you weren't kidding it is tl/dr lol) but i completely agree about the decision to give olivier the boot @ nina ricci. i could not believe how underwhelming the collection was. i really hope he we see more from him soon.

Loly said...

Viktor & Rolf is very amazing.

Mackenzie said...

This is an amazing post. The photos are amazing! I really like seeing your personal take on a lot of these looks... you have inspired me to explore my own wardrobe for new looks!

Mackenzie J.


Heather said...

i loved Galliano the best. the shoes were amazing. i would die for the gems and the turquoise color on the Pradas... but seriously? velcro on heels? and does it have to be so obnoxiously noticable?

Alaya said...

Always LOVE Luella. The classic pastels with a twist are so FIERCE!

Courtney O. said...

i cant even believe how much a i agree with everything you said. i've yet to be able to read any commentary on the shows that most recently occurred, but i read every one of your damn comments. you sneaky girl! stop being right and making me agree with you!

Courtney O. said...

i cant even believe how much a i agree with everything you said. i've yet to be able to read any commentary on the shows that most recently occurred, but i read every one of your damn comments. you sneaky girl! stop being right and making me agree with you!

Anonymous said...

Whaa de girl in the blue shirt is sharan thats a girl i know so funny she's on your blogg
btw I love your blog!

With love nicky,

Anonymous said...

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Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I just wanted to give you a big old Ozarks CONGRATULATIONS on blog of note. Take a bow and enjoy your moment in the sun.

Have one terrific day!!!

michelle_ said...

this is COOL !!!
i love ninna ricci's collection very much . the nude peep toe booties are superb .

Lysken said...

I really like your blog Style Rookie! I just stumbled across it and i was like, "woah! This girl is just like me! She loves fashion!"
My favourites are Missoni and Viktor and Rolf. Awesome stuff!!!

Samsara said...

How are you so insightful, stylish and charming at such a young age! I am officially your fan.

Ashley Preininger said...

Oh my goodness all of these lines are amazing - I think the designers really brought it this season. The only line that I didn't really enjoy as much as the others was Balenciaga. It looked a little too futuristic and scrappy for my taste. Other than that I absolutely adored everything. Check out my blog sometime, its about affordable fashion, and I want to move into more high fashion articles like this one. http://ashleyp10oda.edublogs.org

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Amy + Ava said...
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lexi said...

O M G Z major love in the galliano and Hussein Chalayan collection. the flip down shades are amazing and the hands i still haven't gotton over!!! omg. anyway, i love your blog. love it lots. unfortunately, i have one do and it gets no views :( sorry to vandalize on your blog with my advertising but here we go. check out my blog! http://www.wantneedfashion.blogspot.com/ please it will be worth your time. thanks tavi!!!

lexi said...

oh and did anybody else notice that the newspaper headpeice says GALLIANO as the headlines??? must love the attention to detail. OmG

Helen said...

wow, how on earth does one walk in those shoes! crazy!


Green Stone said...

I LOVE the Viktor & Rolf red dress!

Anonymous said...

Weren't the Viktor & Rolf ones amazing!? I gasped.

Jade (ceylonjade.blogspot.com)

Mahogany said...

You are a fashion dynamo gfriend! And yes...getting rid of Olivier was totally jumping the Haute Couture Shark! The house will be reeling from that move for a while.

Jenna said...

Galliano is MAGICAL.


Trains and Sewing Machines said...

the cutting back thing is hilarious! I love it

Bisous, Court said...

Your the coolest little dude.

I wish I was this bloody fashion savvy at 13. Instead I was running around with pantyhose on my head (had short hair also) trying to compensate for my lack of locks.

Im Courtney from Sydney Australia 21, just wanted to say hay, and keep rocking that style little lady!


AMIT said...

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Mandate of Heaven said...

Great Post. Loved the sack heels. Amazing!

Tayla said...

You've probably heard this a billion odd times but i am truly a fan. im curious; how have you gotten to know all of your designers so well? I envy you for your pure passion of fashion.. i've always wanted to start a blog but i stumble on my toes because it seems that you've got this field already covered. i could rant on an on but i wont, haha. i'd love to get a response from you.

Anonymous said...

I just wrote an article on my blog today about similarity of Alexander McQueen shoes and shoes of one german designer named Joey Love. The guy has designed almost the same shoes as Armadillos in 1995... Now when i saw Nina Ricci shoes i can tell they are also the same as one i saw made by this german guy. That's almost unbelivable designers copy like that one from the others...

Unknown said...

very interesting,

in the Viktor & Rolf section, the top left dress was worn by Katy Perry hosting the MTV European Music Awards,also top middle, worn by Lady Gaga in a Elle photo shoot.

look it up.


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The Aestheticist said...

I feel so much more creepier than I did twenty seconds ago when I went through your old archives and felt creepy about it.

But then your sidebar does say for when you are bored and I was alll lyke: I dooo hayv nothing tooo doooo.. (in that voice from Alice in Wonderland. Maybe it's a caterpillar?)

Turns out this was a bad idea because I had this really great thing going where I didn't have to deal with the truth about Viktor and Rolf's spring line. And now the facade is melting. BUT I WILL LITERALLY BATTLE YOU IF YOU DIDN'T LIKE THE FALL LINE. To look like Attila the Hun in seven inch platforms is all I've ever wanted... I'm mocking it but it was great?

ANYWAYZ I GTG. It's actually like 2am and I can't sleep.

I just want Olivier back so the world can be whole again.

Izumihiiiflower said...


Anonymous said...

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