now we are 14

Well well well, I turned 14 today! Later I will put on the outfit I wore to take photos - I actually liked my outfit for the first time in a while, probably because I was all "screw you it's my birthday!" so wore what I really wanted to wear and, for some reason, lately, I have been resorting to formulaic and pretty things that I have to talk myself into not finding boring. I went straight to Sophie's house today though, and we watched Empire Records and ate junk food and had cake. So I shall post this photo of Maggie Rizer from Yohji Yamamoto's Spring 1998 campaign-ribbons seem appropriate for a birthday.

(Photo removed as it violated Blogger's "Terms of Service" [adult content! Racy!] so uh oops.)

13 was an unbelievably good and lucky year and I hope 14 is good too. It doesn't mean I can write very intelligent sentences late at night, however, so, sleep well!