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At the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference at NYFW, there was a panel including the Fashionista girls, Susie Bubble, Phil Oh, Bryanboy, and myself, and we talked about-WAIT FOR IT-the future of fashion blogging! Pretty RANDOM topic, if you ask me. There's a video but I'm too afraid to watch it because I probably said some stupid things. But! If I were to paraphrase, I would say we mostly talked about:
-Discretion when it comes to accepting gifts or freebies.
-Advice to new bloggers. (Which mostly came to: write about what is interesting to you. What works for one blogger doesn't always work for another, and writing about the exact same stuff that a popular blogger writes about will go unnoticed since someone else is already doing the same thing.)
-A blogger's place at Fashion Week.
-Hey, remember when we all decided we were the greatest people ever and that blogs were the new everything? Me neither! The media likes the story but it ain't no big thang.
-We can't predict the future of fashion blogging. The same way no one saw it coming, no one knows where it will go.

The big difference between bloggers and journalists isn't the fact that we're using computers. I mean, Cathy Horyn and Lynn Yaeger have blogs, lots of critics write for, and a number of editors, including Hamish Bowles and Andre Leon Talley, write blog posts; but it's not the same as my having a blog - the difference is experience. It's not remarkable that we're using the internet!!! but what most people are pointing out - with me, mostly, since this doesn't apply to the other bloggers that were on the panel - is lack of experience. I haven't gone to journalism school, I haven't had any internships, etc. And I'm 13, which, oh my God, I can't tell you how excited I am to outgrow that number. This, honestly, is what I think is the future of fashion blogging, or at least part of it. The same way teenagers can start a Flickr account and be noticed by a magazine, or a band can start a MySpace and be picked up by a label, blogs will act as jumping-off platforms for people that want to work in the industry.

When I started Style Rookie in March of 2008, only ElleGirl and would write about blogs. It wasn't a big media thing and having one wasn't an affiliation for Fashion Week, it was a nice circle of ladies and occasional dudes who supported each other and often found themselves saying "Thank you for this post! None of my friends get my feelings about ______." Then some of us started taking opportunities that had arisen, and I spent some money on a Hussein Chalayan dress, and then all of a sudden it was like, JUDAAAAAAAAAAS.

Which is, you know, bizarre. Allow me to direct you to this epic Dave Eggers essay.
So now my inbox and comment section are full of "Can you critique my blog? Can you tell me what to do to get invited to shows? How do I get my blog recognized in the industry?" which isn't a bad thing, I guess (other than the critiquing thing, which's about you and your thoughts. No one is able to tell you what to think or how to explain your thinking to others.) Now blogging is a full-time job for some people and in some cases a segway into the industry but I guess that's the way it goes. And it's sort of a bummer, especially because now I'm far more aware of the number of people that read my blog, and when I take this into consideration when writing a post I feel pressured to sound smarter or fancier when mostly I just enjoy writing journal-like streams of thought (my blog has always been a virtual diary) even though I'm supposed to be writing grand reviews because a newspaper or magazine told whoever to expect that. That's a problem with my own outlook, though, and I still enjoy blogging. A lot. And, thankfully, it doesn't have to be a job for me. When it starts to feel like one, I'll stop.
But I don't think anyone is saying blogs are the equivalent to magazines, or inexperienced bloggers like myself are the equivalent to journalists, anyway. Still, there is nothing wrong with having a range of perspectives. I think fashion is important to discuss.

Which brings me to this recent Isabel Marant quotation:
“For me, fashion shows are not for the public, they are trade shows for the press. It’s time for the press to understand the collection and then spread the information. That’s more interesting than just the image. Everyone wants to be first. It’s too too much. There should be privacy and mystery. There is no excitement about anything anymore as everything is available immediately and all the time – you don’t have to wait for anything. I don’t like the idea of being flooded with image and information. I don’t belong to the generation of spending time on the internet. I think it’s too fast and too fake. It’s like going to a museum on the internet – where is the pleasure? It’s sad because everyone is running after everything, but after what? Everything is too quick. There is no room in your heads for all this information. No one retains anything.”
I think that when it comes to fashion shows being online, it's exposure for a brand. I think that a customer deserves to see the show and get to know the world of that label. I like privacy and mystery too, but there's a fine line between that and exclusivity.

And-TWIST!-I also hate the fastness of the Internet! And the fakeness! I like buying my magazines and zines and having special stuff I can hold in my hand! And this Internet, it makes the already fast fashion very very fast! And it's scary and a lot of it feels very unauthentic and sad. And fast.

But, in five years, the iPhone will be Oldy McOldster from Oldsville, Oldesota. And tumblr then will be like xanga now. Who knows where fashion blogging will be. Point is, things are changing.


Caddy said...

Tavi, great post with some great points! :)

Blogging should be fun and people shouldn't feel pressured about it.

And I agree with you on the whole still reading magazines and stuff. I feel the same way about books vs e-books. Though admittedly when it comes to fashion I subscribe to just one mag and get the rest of my information off the Internet since foreign magazines can be really expensive or unavailable where I live.

Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

Tavi, I appreciate this blog, this moment in your life, narrative voice development, prose style, awesomeness, for exactly what it is. You are wonderous and these posts brimming with your streams of consciousness, temporally removed references and pretension make me smile and give me the warm fuzzies inside for the existence of your unique aesthetic product.

proletkult said...

totally agree!

Rosa said...

This is quite a mature discussion. I very much agree with your ideas about blogs and how people perceive to attract attention rather than express themselves. Nice going :)

Mii said...

I don´t know what is situation in the States but in my country 70 % of journalits have no journalism schooling. So that´s not what separates bloggers and journalists ;). In my opnion u could be journalists already. And when u turn 18 I´m sure u r more professional than many journalists. U deffenetely don´t need education for that if u ever wanna do that as a job. You write so well already.

Have a chill sunday. Greetings from Scandinvia.

blukats said...

I think it's less about accepting a "gift" and more about what is written after that. It's not just fashion bloggers, it started long before some, as yourself, were in the spotlight. It's the whole paid blogging and more about ethics in whole on the internet. Kind of unfair they pointed out the fashion part of it, but if you and others can keep your heads togther and hang in there, keep it real, I think more than anything at least shows that not everyone in blooging is false. Maybe it's more up to readers to learn a bit how to discriminate?

Yup on the fastness part, and that now everyone spends the night looking at and posts their favorite photos from there an hour later...where's the originality now? Makes it hard to know what to post.

Tavi, the reason I keep reading your blog and comment and rooting for you is that you keep saying you are thirteen and it's not gone to your head. Here's to a very happy fourteen for you!

blukats said...

"Blogging"...I so need to go to sleep.

Unknown said...

oh Tavi you're a bright mind.

Oh blogging will always be fun and if people has problems with it well we can't control that. But am happy for you. Really. There are so many 13, 12 year olds out there doing blogs but you're standing out. Maybe because you know what you're talking about and you're not just the regular this-is-what-i-wore-to-get-coffee. know what i mean.

And you're def not a kid who's trying to sound like a 40 year old woman.

People like you cos you're real.

I am Denise Katipunera

Unknown said...


i hate it when some point out your age too. Like, you shouldn't be taken seriously cos you're 13? But please stay young Tavi. Don't grow old yet. It's fun being young.

Soren Lorensen said...

the times they are a-changin'

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Anonymous said...

I suppose that discussing the future of fashion blogging is as pointless as discussing the future of any other thing - rock music, indie music, fashion (ha!), cinema...We can predict, but these are just the things we suspect might happen. I mean, there's always a possibility that sth completely unpreditable happens, some sort of trend out of nowhere that will change the way we see & do things. But then, again, discussing the future of fashion blogging is better than not talking abou it at all.

Passport Smiles said...

The evolution of fashion blogging/ future of the internet in general is something very fascinating and exciting to me. When I was your age (totally understand why you can't wait to turn 14!), I was like you, except I just had my fashion magazines, in my room, collaging. So, I think it's so great that you can channel your ideas onto the internet and share so much information. What a wonderful opportunity! But the fast pace is overwhelming, and it makes an already rapid industry even more rapid. But we will see what the future holds!

P.S.--love the Oldy McOldster from Oldsville, Oldesota.

HighStreetJudges said...

Spekaing of the future. There's a question I, √e wanted to ask you for quite some time. Where do you see yourself in the future? Blogging all the way? Do yuo have some dreams of writing in a magazine (like you did in POP, congratulations by the way, loved it) full time, or maybe becoming a stylist, with your unique sense of style( I mean you just look at something and there you go "this would go great with... that rodarte skirt or smthing), or maybe, I don't know, I was just curious, and by the way, youre roght, it is scary how fast fashion has become in more than one way, kinda makes me think of the times of Marie Antoinette when a new day ment a new hairstyle and basicly a completely new wardrobe, for that one day

Gem said...

This is a great post. Thanks for the link to the Dave Eggers essay, it was amazing.

jenn. said...

Hope you don't feel too much pressure to sound smarter etc - remember, people started reading your blog because of your voice; ignore the numbers and carry on. It's possible there are people who read for different reasons, but one would assume those who come back and read every post are here because of your writing style (me included.)

Fashion IS important to discuss. I don't understand designers who look down on blogging etc - it's free goddamn press! It's critique! I don't care how big a designer you are; that's always appreciated, surely? I might only be 3 years into a design course (eek this time next year i'll be close to graduating...) but I'd appreciate free press and critique as a designer, from people other than tutors and friends (biased..)


Soup Maniac said...

tumblr is already like xanga! OVER EET.

also i love your stream of thought-y posts. think on, please :)

Anonymous said...

Write like you always do, that's the reason people were attracted to your blog in the first place. For someone who knows nothing about fashion, you have made me a little less unknowing.

Because of the whole pace of the internet, to be honest that's the reason I don't like things like twitter and had a stint with tumblr but it got to a point where I wasn't truly appreciating the beautiful images everyday so I had to leave. I'm trying to slow down the internet for myself, look at less things.

Erin said...

I personally don't like the internet in some ways, yet I find myself addicted to it. I don't like it because people can HIDE behind their screens and pretend to be something they are nothing like, and no one has to find out the truth.

I think that blogs would be so much better if they came from RAW TALENT. Not pretending and hiding. Pretending and hiding isn't much of a life, no?


meowsk said...

Oh I am glad you feel the same way about the fast paced ways of the Internet. Sometimes I can hardly keep up with it all and miss my slow paced life. The saddest part is the excessive waste created by our insessant appetite for new technology.

Your posts are always so insightful and very much look forward to them.

Sonia said...

You're right. That's the right outlook I think.

The Interwebz is a bit scary. It's so... open. And big and exposed and very very very fast.
I don't feel like I've been enjoying the warm weather we're having, because I've been too focused on all the a/w shows on, even though I won't be wearing them for months. How weird.

Anyways, I like this post. It's like listening to the Comme des Garcons wearing friend I don't have. Wonderfulness! :D

Isabel said...

Thank goodness for this. If I see another comment on here along the lines of "TAVI, I love you! I'm 13 too! Please critique my blog/start a blog with me/check out my blog!" I am going to vomit.

Seriously kids. If your blog is good, then its good. Nobody can make it good for you so quit asking for advice.

Jem said...

i hate the "fastness" of the internet too, i love my magazines, zines, and books. yet, at the same time i love the accessablity of it. so i geuss their is not win-win situation.

Liza said...

I love your blog Tavi!!!
I make a wish I will mett you. :P

Emily said...

I really really like this post. Especially the last little bit. Everything changes too quickly, and it's only speeding up. Pretty soon nobody's going to be able to handle it...


iris said...

"That's a problem with my own outlook, though, and I still enjoy blogging. A lot. And, thankfully, it doesn't have to be a job for me. When it starts to feel like one, I'll stop.". I especially loved that part. Not because you'll stop :-p but because of your honest thoughts. That's a priority for me. Always.


Anonymous said...

I can definitely appreciate your comments on this! One must understand that times have changed...whether ppl like the one you quoted like it or not they must be able to adapt of risk leaving the fashion industry (and sales for designers!!!) in the dust!


| nb |

Check out my blog "Pursuit of Paris"! Blogging from Marseille, France about fashion, life, & humanity...a perspective often forgetten about in fashion!

Pursuit of Paris

fashionfletcher said...

Wow Tavi this is a great post. Very mature. You are so right we all mist be different . This was so inspirational. thanks, girl. I wish you the best! Come visit my blog!


Nancy said...

stimulating bloggers like magazines or clothes go beyond fashion and retain their energy and interest no matter where the next fashion whim lands.

Emma said...

What a wonderful post. You brought up some great points. I think that every blogger hopes to have as much success as you, and that is a good thing to strive for. But, like you said, it should not be work. If someone feels that they have to squeeze 5 posts a week to "be noticed" I think then the blogger's passion and opinion is just cut off to please someone that may never come across their blog. Being 13, like you, I would love to have had all the experiences that you have had. But, their are a lot of years ahead and reaching by goal to be a fashion critic or editor should not have to be so fast, and right now. This ties in with the internet being fast and all: I think some bloggers feel that, when looking at other bloggers' overnight success that they will be invited to the shows just as fast. And, when they are not, they feel discouraged. So, time and the influence of big bloggers really can weigh down on the whole overnight start thing.
I am so glad that you have had all of this luck and success being you deserve it. Also, by this point, you most definitely an experienced blogger. Good luck with everything in your future- whether continuing in fashion or not. Oh, and of course, enjoy this moment. I am sure that you are having the time of your life. You are a great writer.
Just while I'm at it: How'd you feel about Kawakubo's rendition on the infamous "Lumps and Bumps" collection of spring 1997. I think I liked fall 2009 better but this was really amazing,too. I mean cloth intestines? That's just a-m-a-z-i-n-g!


I totally agree with everything you are saying Tavi! xo

Tavi said...

Just us-I really do not know what I want to do in the future.

Emma-My Comme review is coming!

And re what lots of people said: I hate how fast and not special everything is too. But, sometimes, there are things like the 1903 film of Alice in Wonderland or an X-Girl fashion show from the early 90's on youtube, or a thread on The Fashion Spot of old Jil Sander ads, or book cover archives, and THAT is when I love the Internet. With access to all this information, you'd think it would make people as a whole smarter, but I think it more easily makes people lazy.

Unknown said...

won't endeavour to unserstand why bob dylan's on this post, but man, I love him.


Something that I think is really particular to fashion bloggers such as yourself is emphasized by your outfit post! It's a glimpse into a personal taste that is completely un-objective. Bloggers and Journalism have different purposes. Journalism is so suppose to provide some sort of objective perspective that is the mandate. Yours on the other hand is totally personal. Maybe the popularity of blogs it is not so much that the just the industry is changing but that on a larger scale there is not the same appreciation or appetite for "objective" info, which is just another construct anyway? Yes things actually change, thank goodness!


Something that I think is really particular to fashion bloggers such as yourself is emphasized by your outfit post! It's a glimpse into a personal taste that is completely un-objective. Bloggers and Journalism have different purposes. Journalism is so suppose to provide some sort of objective perspective that is the mandate. Yours on the other hand is totally personal. Maybe the popularity of blogs it is not so much that the just the industry is changing but that on a larger scale there is not the same appreciation or appetite for "objective" info, which is just another construct anyway? Yes things actually change, thank goodness!


Something that I think is really particular to fashion bloggers such as yourself is emphasized by your outfit post! It's a glimpse into personal taste that is completely un-objective. Bloggers and Journalism
have different purposes. Journalism is so suppose to provide an objective perspective, that is the mandate. Your blog on the other hand is totally personal. Maybe the popularity of blogs it is not so much that the just the industry is changing but that on a larger scale there is not the same appreciation or appetite for "objective" info, which is just another construct anyway? Yes things do actually change, thank goodness!

WendyB said...

It's certainly true that the Internet does no justice to product of any kind.

Sailor Jamee said...

as always, your writing and perspective blows me away! i have a fourteen year old brother, and the thought of someone his age-ish being this intelligent is incredible to me. anyways, here's what i think about "the future of fashion blogging." let's say for the sake of the argument, that fashion blogging or even the internet didn't exist. you'd still be in your room reading pop magazine, making collages and making weird hats. am i right? those who have a deep passion for this industry will evolve no matter what technology or lack there of we have in the future. the internet and blogging just give us an opportunity to share our thoughts with others. which is great. but if we really want to work and otherwise be involved in the fashion industry, we'll find a way to do it with or without fashion blogging.

Chloe Tweeny said...

the thing that blows my mind is how you at 13 are able to articulate your thoughts the way you do. it's very fascinating. you really have some good points

Anonymous said...

You're an extremely intelligent girl, never feel pressured into writing what you think others want you to write. Because the truth is, we read your blog because we like what YOU want to write! Forget the magazines and continue using your blog as a sort of personal diary (that everyone can read!). Thank you for being a huge inspiration to so many "blog rookies" out there!

Sarah from The Etiquette Cult

Brianna said...

You are a really smart girl, Tavi. It's so impressing, the way that you write things that are so intelligent, and make people (namely, me) get sort of addicted to your blog. Thank you Tavi for reassuring me that a 'just-starting-out-fashion blogger' like me can get noticed by the fashion industry.
Keep writing in your virtual diary, Tavi! Everyone looovvves it!
- Bri

melissa rose said...

preach sista.

Alison Hartford said...

Loved the post - I agree with you completely. I'm sure it gets tiring justifying what you do, but I don't really see that anyone can have anything against you. I hate seeing references to "13 year old fashion bloggers" in articles.
Thanks for the link to the Eggers article; it almost made me cry. He's so smart and talented.


I am new fashion blog starter and I love my blog whether people read or not. Its what i like to do.

I love that you wrote this blog its really inspiring.


I am new fashion blog starter and I love my blog whether people read or not. Its what i like to do.

I love that you wrote this blog its really inspiring.

SaLuff said...

Don't change your writing style just because you have more readers. We are readers because we like you just the way you are.

Also, people who fear or dislike online media only do so because they either don't understand it or are getting left behind. People who were in those "exclusive" circles are getting excluded in the online world - and they don't like the feeling.

Camilla said...

I didn't like you, but now I do. You're young, but have good perspective. I envy you, but still want to be your friend.

Melissa said...

i was in attendence at the IFB conference!!! I actually went to that panel- it was the only gig i showed up to.. i have to admit that i first heard about you that day, like that time you arrived on stage, introduced by jeanine! LOL.

But your amaazzzingg! I sat right next to your mamma, #nostalkerish ...
keep writing, you will do soo well on your SATs!!!!

check my blog, i also created a short video, its under "ny fashion week 2010"

peaceeee and jamba juiccee


Parisbreakfasts said...

I don't know -it's not 24 hours since I saw my first real Paris show and it went sooo fast.
What? 10-15 minutes, just a glimmer of what took so much time and effort to produce. The figures moving to the music down the catwalk are nothing like the flat paper doll cutouts on
Something is lost in translation.
Backstage, the 60+ makeup tables strewn with ribbons and lipsticks, hair on the floor, racks jammed with empty clothes.
All very ephemeral...
That's fashion however it's translated IMHO

Tanya Lee said...

so true.... and it's really inspiring!

Marie, Chérie said...

You have a point there; I sometimes even have a bad feeling when I haven't checked my daily reads for some days, you know... But then I feel like; hey, this is just thoughts. Fashion thoughts etc., it's like when you dont read the newspapers for a couple of days!

Dmitriy said...

screw you for being so awesome... now you are going to post up my favorite artist and one of the most amazing performances of all time?!!! pshh, you are too much!!! speaking of the IFB conference, I was in attendance, and its a good thing I have a great memory!

“theres always someone also who really loves seinfeld.. as well as dead dolls well as prada”

i couldnt have said it better myself!!!!

how does it feel?! oh bobby, and oh Tavi, you just keep doing what you doing

Neekoh said...

I know you get this all the time, but I just love how wise you are. If only grown ups could see the world with your maturity...
Anyway, I agree with everything you've said. Everything down to the whole buying magazines thing. There's really no substitute for tearing out a pretty page and posting it up in your room to inspire you, now is there?



Christine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christine said...

Awwe hun,

I really liked this post.

I must say though, it really kind to feel pressured to sound smarter or fancier because of your fan base. What sucks more is to look at your writing and think "this doesn't sound like me." I'd imagine that they liked what you were writing from the beginning, why change a good thing? It becomes a question of writing for the masses versus yourself. If this is a diary, you really shouldn't care too much about what other people think (or will think.) You're sweet, and 14 is definitely an age to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

Great ideas on blogging. Was thinking about quitting but I am addicted apparently.

Keren, rhymes w/ Heron said...

Hey Tavi,

I'm a long time reader and first-time poster (not the flyer, 2d paper kind of poster, oh jeeze homonyms....)

Anyway! I just thought a post on how fashion can be considered more art and design rather than advertising!

Have you taken your little tuchus to The Cooper-Hewitt? They are doing an exhibition on Rodarte!

Or have you visited the Smithsonians in DC? They have a whole lot of information on designing outfits for first-ladies and what it means to design for a presidential setting.

I just think a post on museums and fashion could be SO current!

Warmest Regards,


Keren, rhymes w/ Heron said...

Also, sorry that the last post was/is riddled with stream of consciousness grammatical errors... I AM in class... and am pseudo-paying attention, pseudo-blogsurfin'....womp womp.

C. said...

you are always amazing!

Anonymous said...

love the truth of this post, and mostly the part you answer Isabel Marant.

All i have to say its that maybe its fast & fake, but its the connection to the forgotten world, to the people who dont have the opportunity to buy a magazine with the information that we all wait. Some of us have only blogs or fashion sites to get informed.

well, thats all i wanted to say.

Paloma, Argentina.

Efren Avila said...

Things are definitely changing. Great Posts for all those aspiring Fashion Bloggers, etc.

♥ MADISON thing

Lady Danger said...

tavi you are refreshingly unpretentious and your intelligence is so understated and wonderful.

i think you would love, if you don't know her already, the photography of Viviane Sassen, my blog just did an interview and she has some great things to say.
Lady Danger for Improper Opera

zoomslow said...

Phew! I must have clicked on the right link - the font is so tiny now? I guess you're trying to take the emphasis off the number of comments and stuff, which is fair enough :-)

About the 'pressure' thing... I can can only speak about my own experience... I discovered this blog before all the hullabaloo [?] of your first NYFW. Admittedly I was directed to you with something like, "check out the clothes this kid owns" - or some such. But anyway, being interested in fashion, I thought I'd have a look.

I remember seeing all of these words, editorial images, pictures of a small chick etc etc... I thought WTF!! Then I watched the video of your ABBA dance, then the "Rei Kawakubo - H&MMMMMmmmm" and it all clicked!

Finally here is someone (regardless of age, gender etc.) who is involved in an open, honest dialogue with fashion. Here is someone interested in a thoughtful, creative and most importantly "fun" interaction with fashion. I <3 how you "lust" for certain garments, and I <3 your excitement at being able to obtain some of these garments. OK, so sometimes you are given stuff - but I trust your judgement and intelligence in being able to dish and deal with all that.

People will always, always have a winge about stuff - but I think that if you always follow your heart (I know that sounds pathetic, but you know what I mean right?), then your ship will always steer straight, or should it be your car, or is it your path that will be straight...?

Daniel Reeves said...

The correct spelling is not "segway." It's "segue."

I hate to be so anal because you write better than I do and you're 5+ years younger. Still...

ólöf said...

I like reading your make some excellent points and have a great way of sharing thoughts. I like that it's still a hobby..not a job..not a duty=)

keep writing and I will keep reading;)

Shauna said...

You should try picking up Bob Dylan's book, Tarantula, if you haven't. It's a fun read.

And xanga's a surprisingly good photo server. But I guess I wouldn't be caught dead blogging there though. Yikes.

Diane said...

I think we should just enjoy the beauty of the situation. It's all part of globalization and it doesn't happen only in the world of fashion. I'm referring to this fastness, it's happening in all fields. Let's just wait and see.


Krismaria said...

All is true. You are very clever

Leah Sullivan said...

Thank you Tavi for the advice, and the inspiration :)

Miss Hulk said...

1.Thanks so much for this post, as usual you were very insightful.
2.I was looking at a Disney 2000 yearbook yesterday, and it had this whole section on the future and how we would all have to have computers only they would have more info, and they'd be smaller, and we could control everything in our house with them by being like "turn off lights,"
I'm onto you Disney, I'm onto you.

tanya_v said...

My name is Tanya and
I live in Russia. Russian people are more interested in fashion and have more style than American!I love fashion more than you! You are not a professional at all and you can`t make any critics at the great brands,as I think. Not schoolgirls,but experienced people should say their PUBLIC word in fashion. You said Marni has copied the dress, but Consuelo Castiglioni COULDN`T DO THAT. My advice to you is: learn more and then teach the world to dress!

Steve said...

Oh man, do I know about having real magazines! For me it's not just having something physical to hold (though that is good), but the act of going to a store and seeing a big rack of magazines and being like, "too glossy", "not glossy enough", "I don't like this typeface", and then choosing the one I like the most with all the authority of a voting-age American (and then the cashier looks at me all strange when I ask for my sticker)

It's not just fashion, but everything that has a cheap internet equivalent. A lot of people get all smug and say, "magazine, ha! Why would I read that junk when I could get the same info on the internet, 10x quicker, for free, and not have to leave my home safe from all the evil peoples outside..."

Sorry for the rant, but I'm always paranoid about the internets killing my print media!

Anonymous said...

lol movie)

Nicha said...

Thank you SO much for posting the link to Dave Eggers essay! He not only sums up my thoughts on the topic, but references 2 of my all time favorite artists (Haruki Murakami & Julian Schnabel).

Cultivated Ah Lian said...

Lovely post!

I like the fact that ure only 13,have a strong personal style and am passionate about something so adult.
I'm from Singapore and most 13 yr olds here are still holding mommy's hands.

Best wishes!

Heidi said...

I want to concur with Nicha, and everyone else who loved that you posted Deva Eggers thoughts on the subject of selling out.

Such refreshing words that need to be said, especially in this era of bloggers becoming Blog Stars, or Super Stars, or Sell-Out Stars.

I deeply appreciate your constant insight that you share with all of us on a regular basis.

You deserve all the success you desire. The world is your oyster!

~ Heidi

paanie said...

i like what you said about writing about your genuine interests instead of aiming to create a blog that will gain notoriety. but i have to admit that staying true to what you believe and want to blog about becomes harder when you start to compare yourself to more famous colleagues.

Anonymous said...

This post is encouraging. Thank you.

Unknown said...

this is great!

Alecca Rox said...


Hari K said...

Couldn't agree more with you!

I'm Greek (like AleccaRox from the above comment) and here in Greece, suddenly everyone has just "discovered" the Greek blogs!!!

I can imagine how you must feel and as I was invited to talk about fashion blogging at GirlsGeekDinner some days ago, I really couldn't say much more about fashion blogging rather than the fact that it's a new reality...

Don't know either where it will get us, but at least we have to try to not get too over-excited about all the sudden attention, and focus on writing about the fashionable things we still love in our lives!

Maria Bonita said...

I like your Simplicity and I appreciate the fact that you didn't turn pretencious.

I´m following your blog from Portugal.

Julianne said...

I really liked this article. I think people in the industry miss the "power" they thought they had through the excusivity.And now they feel threatened when they realize they are not so powerful... even though they still are in some ways(i.e. magazines are still super influencential but some journalists seem nervous about the power of bloggers).Hmmm does that make sense? probably not.

julianne :)

Robert Davies said...

you're such an inspiration. hitting the nail on the head seems to be a very common talent of yours

samantha said...

you don't need to get fancy, fancy got boring and that's why so many people love your blog. it's apparent that the way you write is the way you speak and it's like having a little fashion guru sitting on your computer desk spouting out endless wit and insight. you could write about ANYTHING and i would read it, really. as for the kids asking for blogging advice, you don't owe them anything.

creativegirl said...

I'm a newish reader and I dig your wit and insight. I love that you are young, working hard, going after & doing what you love...The fact that you are is enough advice for anyone!
& afun coincidence - u put bob dylan's like a rolling stone up...I did the same via "life Lessons"
Have a good one :)

Lasse said...

Well written! I feel more or less the same way as you do.

I made mistakes said...

This is brilliant, hilarious, and wise. Can't believe you're 13 :)

devaneante said...

Hi Tavi,

I really like this post.It was honest and authentic.
Sometimes the fastness of internet scares me, and it's good to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't appreciate it.

The blogs gave the power of opinion to a big audience and change the fashion industry. The future, nobody knows... Let's just wait and see.



devaneante said...
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devaneante said...
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Anonymous said...
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Kokorokoko said...

ha ha Oldy McOldster from Olsville.

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

Very interesting insight into blogging in general. Oh - and I love that you have a photo of the geeks from Freaks and Geeks in the sidebar. Love that show.

Lavi said...

you are quite amazing. surprising to me that you are just 13 years old. quite a mature mind you have.

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Heather Feemster said...

You are a brilliant & hilarious girl with incredible insight. Change scares a lot of people and the new blog sensation can be very threatening to those on the inside. You spoke the truth to blog from your heart, enjoy it for the sake of enjoyment and let the chips fall where they may. As luck would have it you've been spotlighted for good reason, you are an amazing writer (at 13!) and that's just a fact, genius will be noticed. Thank goodness for your blog, I'm loving it.

Miranda Valentine said...

I absolutely agree with your point about the fine line between mystery and exclusivity. What is so amazing about fashion blogs (and the conversations they create, zip zip zipping over the interweb) is that they are, finally, democratizing fashion. Everyone is allowed a voice.

I too prefer old school print-on-paper, and the elevated fashion spreads, the luminary stylists. We can have both, yes?

Yes we can. (While perhaps not his original subject when first uttering this phrase, I think Obama would totally approve of its use here).

Kootenaygirl said...

I enjoy reading your blog and getting your perspective. I also love your candor. Keep doing what you love to do because it shows in your writing and it's the reason we all keep coming back to read more.
But please spell segway like this: segue. Please and thank you.

i.c. blogspot said...

I agree completely. You've made several valid arguments which fellow bloggers (new and old) should take into account. As for myself, who is a newly developed blogger, I joined because I saw the value of creating an online scrapbook of ideas and inspiration.

Like many areas of the fashion industry, with technology it is easy for a segment or market to become saturated almost overnight. Thus the lucrative appeal, exclusivity and originality diminishes. The Isabel Marant quote addresses a similar discussion I brought up on a recent post on my blog, in regards to Scott Schuman suggesting that fashion shows may soon be available to the public via the purchase of a ticket. Where is the exclusivity? As you mentioned, there is a certain level of romance to physically holding a fashion magazine in your hands. That disappears with the abundance of information readily available (legal or not) on the internet. There is too much information and its virtually impossible to retain everything. People will tire of that product, collection, or ad before it reaches print and paper.

This may be how people felt during the industrial revolution. There is a surge of change occurring. You can either throw out your whale bone corsets for the loosely fitted shift dress or hold onto to your axe and shovel for traditional farming... but either way that steam train is coming. Which will it be?

I can only hope there is a little traditional romance in the destination.

Adoggo/Chris said...

This makes so much sense to me in several ways. I am happy to see you sucessful in what you do here on your blog. You may have heard this thousands of times( of course youi have) but your a major inspiration to me. I myself am a fashion blogger starting from the group up, and you give me encouragement to keep going. Who knows what might happen right? Originality is key in the idea of life itself, it's about being ones own person. So keep op the good work will you? Thanks so much for inspiring so many people out there Tavi! - Leofashionista xxx

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