back to the future

"Classics with a twist!" Retro futurism! In fashion, all those cliches have been done time and again, but I think that Nicolas Ghesquiere's collection for Balenciaga was the only one as of recent to elevate these concepts to a level that was more refined and thoughtful. "Retro futurism" didn't mean the Jetsons, and "classics" didn't mean camel coats or button-downs. They were elements of home-living and domesticity that were brought into the present with what has now become Nicolas LongName's signature futurism aesthetic. He said his goal was "to ennoble every day objects." Mission accomplished. Ew, that makes me think of Tom Cruise, which makes me think of him jumping on Oprah's couch. And we don't like to talk about that here. So instead I will say, "A+"! But that makes me think of school, and it is the weekend, so we don't like to talk about that here, either. Gosh, is there a reason that there isn't a way to say "GOOD JOB" without being reminded of something terribly disturbing? Well...I guess I could always just say "good job." So, um, good job, Nicky G!
(Why do I think this much about these things?)
ANYWAY. Futuristic classics! Right!
Untitled 3
On the far left and far right, updated versions of quilting. The texture on the nude dress reminded me of doilies or lace napkins, and a simple wool sweater was brought into the future with bright green, sort of geometric threading (which really makes me think of that one lily pad game from Zoombinis. In a good way!)

Untitled 2
The shoes (which were totally killer) were the greatest indication of this - oxfords or loafers or a wood-looking material elevated with geometric shapes and of what looked like minerals (and whose patterns and colors reminded me a lot of Snood. WHY IS THIS COLLECTION THE SUMMARY OF OUR FAMILY COMPUTER'S ACTIVITY FROM THE YEARS 2002-2005?)

The closing looks were WORDS. Lots of em. Some looked like newspaper or tabloid headlines, and some were in electric clock fonts. In a few looks, they were attached to and appeared to be pouring out of the skinny-legged pants, and in others, were printed on ninja star-shaped marshmallows held together by their corners. I couldn't figure out what this was getting at, but have a feeling it has to do with bringing communication to a new medium.

HA. Yeah, that's all I got. As a look, I dig it, though.
Untitled 4

There were then pieces that weren't so obviously on the same wavelength as the collection's concept when broken down, but still felt just as modern. Palettes from Spring were updated, grey coats like the one below were simple as silhouettes but calmly assertive. Same goes for the textural pants mixed with humble striped sweaters.
Untitled 6
Also? That dress next to the lil orange number? Needs to be styled with sheer Rodarte AW10 pants? Because it would look pretty and what I say goes? GOOD.